Zoophiles love and have sex with animals. Will the world ever accept them?

Zoophilia, from the Greek ζῷον (zṓion, “animal”) and φιλία (philia, “friendship” or “love”), also known as bestiality, is the practice of sexual relations between humans and animals, or a preference or fixation on such practice. … en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beastiality

A few years ago, I watched a documentary about these “zoophile” sickos. The documentary finished with me thinking it fortunate that states and countries that formerly didn’t have any law against the sexual abuse of animals have realised that it is something that requires legislation, so new laws to prevent beastiality have been added to the books.

However, although beastiality is somewhat of a minor problem, the really big problem is paedophilia, of which society is on the verge of legalising – and with it, every sexual perversion known (or or possibly even not known) under the sun.

Every year the age of sexual consent is reduced and “cultural” standards come into play in the courts. By “cultural” I mean Muslims, Jews and the primitives of whatever religion they claim to be, stating that it’s part of their cultural prerogative to marry a little girl and knock her up. There are also activist groups which are considered legitimate in the eyes of the Global Elite, who advocate children’s sexual suffrage for their own admitted pleasure of having sex with children. Worse still, the chief advocates of what the Global Elite consider to be the legitimate groups is the homosexual community.

This is how the laws have changed and will change: Prior to the fifties it was a crime for two males to have homosexual relations. More often than not, those found to be committing homosexual acts were arrested and forced to spend time in prison (probably a sex holiday camp to them). Sometime during the fifties, psychiatrists were able to get the wider community to accept that homosexuality is not a crime. Instead they began treating it as a mental disorder, which meant that convictions for homosexuality dropped, understanding by the gullible set in, and the road was paved for the next step.

Remember that the change from deliberate criminal act to mental disorder did not happen overnight. Psychiatrists started their crusade for acceptance of homosexuality right from the birth of psychiatry. There are also other factors such as the general acceptance of the subject of homosexuality in the home via the entertainment medium of first radio and the picture theatres, and then television. With the constant hammering at the populace by Hollywood’s homosexual advocates and politically minded politicians eating away at the judicial system and in the political field, homosexuality was eventually accepted as a mental disorder. Once taken out of the hands of judges, decision as to whether the perpetrator of homosexual acts was a sicko or not was in the hands of the very ones who had been advocating for the acceptance of homosexuality for fifty years – the psychiatrists. Within ten years of the psychiatrists taking over the role of judge and jury in all matters homosexual, they were able to force the various governments to first drop laws designed to prevent homosexuality and then the various homosexual advocacy groups came out of the woodwork to enforce their new-found right to public displays of flagrant homosexuality – and until the rise of AIDS in the 1980, promiscuous homosexuality. This meant that the wider community grew to accept – if not like – homosexuality within the community.

By the 1990’s, those who chose to identify themselves as homosexuals had more rights and privileges than the greater heterosexual community. Children as young as ten were being taught in schools that homosexuality was a legitimate lifestyle choice for them, and providing they keep to the safe sex methods of wearing a condom, they could start immediately or as soon as their bodies felt comfortable with it. Some schools go to the extreme of having boys pair up with boys and girls pair up with girls to spend a week in pretend homosexual partnerships. Some teachers choose to bring in sex toys in order to lighten the mood and make the sex lessons more fun for children by having the children practice the fitting of condoms with their mouths on simulated male sexual organs. As sick as all of this is, it is normal practice in schools to ensure that children are not only aware of sexual health issues, but they are aware of what they think are the joys of sex in all its weird combinations.

Meanwhile, the community is being conditioned to accept that children are having sex at younger ages via the media and entertainment industry. Politicians are being pressured by “community standards” to drop the age of consent to ever lower points. And unsurprisingly, psychiatrists advocate that paedophilia is not a crime, it’s a mental aberration which they believe only they can treat. Meanwhile, the psychiatrists who  began by advocating paedophilia as a mental aberration early on, have switched to the next phase of advocating paedophilia as a legitimate lifestyle choice and a form of sexual liberation for children.

The sickos of the beastiality crowd are in the minority, but beastiality advocacy is riding on the back of the paedophilia advocacy. I believe that if both are not legalised by the tick of the same political pen (bearing in mind that state and federal governments in the US and Australia are currently trying to activate hate-crime legislation that will make it a crime to discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientation – which is an all encompassing label that also includes paedophilia and beastiality), then beastiality will be legalised within ten years of paedophilia.

So the question in the title, will the world ever accept beastiality or “zoophiles” as they call themselves? The answer is yes. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the slow but sure erosion of fundamental morals will ensure that.

Think I’m wrong? Check out what a reporter at the Miami New Times has to say on the subject: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2009-08-20/news/animal-instincts-zoophiles-love-and-have-sex-with-animals-will-the-world-ever-accept-them/1

Next time you think about minority rights, remember the innocent children and animals that will undoubtedly get hurt because morality is being cast aside in favour of the sick and degenerate perversions of the minority.


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