Thoughtcrime: Race & Intelligence

Thoughtcrime: The Study of Race and Intelligence, and the Jews’ Furious Reaction

By Brother Sturmkrieger97 | Racial Loyalty News Forum | 21 February 45 AC,10128.0.html

Recently in Sacramento, California, a high school student made a science project suggesting that race and intelligence do, in fact, correlate. The student, part of the school’s elite HISP program, examined the 508 students in his program, and listed the statistics as 312 White students, 104 gook students, 80 spic students and 12 nigger students. After providing evidence pointing the lower intelligence held by the niggers and muds, the student concluded that it was justified that the HISP program was “racially dis-proportioned.”

A fairly reasonable observation for us Creators. The White Race coming out on top in terms of intelligence and creativity, while the niggers and muds can barley keep up. But despite this student’s work, the student soon found himself or herself in the maw of the behemoth known as the Judenpresse.

The outrage came crashing down on the student not long after the project came to public light. Immediately, the school removed the project and I assume the student will face some sort of disciplinary action. Meanwhile, a school spokesman says that they will be making moves to bring more “diversity” into the HISP after reviewing its statistics.

What’s to learn here? Well, it’s something us Creators are far too familiar in dealing with: breaking the bonds of Jewish mind control. This student merely suggested that niggers and muds had lower intelligence and therefore they didn’t belong in an advanced education program. That was enough to earn the student threats from comments on the articles relating to the subject and a berating from his school district for “racist thought.” Not to mention the media harassment on the student and the student’s family. Imagine had he or she hit even harder, and suggested the niggers and muds were dragging White nations like America down and needed to be shipped back to their home countries. The student probably would’ve had his or her name revealed and had his or her life and livelihood threatened.

From this seemingly small high school project, us Creators can once again see the effects of Jewish mind poison on the White people of the word. Rather than acknowledge the student’s findings, which some White people did, a majority of them descended on the student like a pack of hungry wolves. This should move us Creators to keep up the fight against the Jewish-controlled education system not only here in America, but across the world (as I assume this same thing would happen if a student in another White country made this suggestion).

Here’s an article on the subject:

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