Rev.Dr Joe 2020.10

From Rev.Cambeul: I was talking with PM Joe on the phone this morning. Some mail is being blocked going both ways into and out of the prison. The prison is committing a crime by their own standards, by not notifying PM Joe that mail has been rejected.

* Mail that is Rejected with a Notification is labelled as a Gang Threat – In relation to the World Church of the Creator/Matt Hale

* Disallowed Mail: Photos of known Creators, pictures with Church Logos, use of the name Creativity Alliance
Sometimes the pictures and mail get through – the decisions are entirely arbitrary

* Mail Rejected without Notification is in relation to the Creativity Alliance’ disavowing “Matt Hale and his copycat World Church of the Creator”
Press Release: The Creativity Alliance is Not a Terrorist Organisation

* And any mail seeking information, or contact information for whistle-blowers regarding illegal detention in the Oregon Gulags

Following is mail he sent just prior to calling me this morning (my time).

Quote from: Rev.Dr Joe, P.M.


My captors are not allowing my emails to you to go through. More harassment by the JOG.

I received the picture of Ben. Thank you.

I am well and will speak to you soon.

I am not being notified of any rejections – but mail has been rejected.

They are denying me contact with religious leaders.
(Which is illegal under US Constitutional Law and State Prison Regulations.)

Well take care brother.

Rev.Dr Joe, P.M.