Australia’s New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe

@TurnbullMalcolm #RaceTraitor

A Goy that thinks he just might possibly have Jewish heritage, Malcolm Turnbull is potentially the worst prime minister Australia could ever have throughout its history.

Australia’s New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe

Pictured Right: HJIC / Australian Prime Monster Malcolm Turnbull . . . A full on philo-Semitic arse-kisser.

Unusual for these days, Turnbull actually lives in his own electorate on the shores of Sydney Harbour. One of the wealthiest areas in Australia, it’s a region of Sydney that contains a concentration of Jews higher than any other area in Australia. We are talking about an enclosed area with massive fencing, gating and private security rivalling the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. If you do manage to get in and you are clearly not a Hebe, you will be picked up by the security and handed over to the state police, who will then grill you until they can prove that you are an anti-Semite, throw some Kosher charges your way and holocaust your arse in the local court. That’s Turnbull’s friends; that’s Turnbull’s neighbours; that’s Malcolm Turnbull all over.

So, can you imagine Prime Monster Turnbull refusing to do the bidding of Israel? No and neither can I. Australia will soon be at war with anyone and anything that the Jew points its fat greasy sausage finger at. Pro-Jewish laws will be created throughout the land, and the Hebe will be elevated to the status of a fat Golden Cow for the prostrate Goyim to worship.

Former Prime Minister Abbott was planning on bringing in twelve thousand nogs from Syria – which itself is bad enough. Turnbull however, understands and accepts the Jewish mandate to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Goyim and turn the land over to Gross Israel. For Australia, that means the importation of thousands upon thousands more Sand-Niggers and Africoons in order to appease both the bleeding heart lefties and his Jewish masters.

Yes, Turnbull is Libtard. A Kosher Conservative that can please the Marxist Left and the Kosher Right all in one philo-Semitic package. Militant Sand-Niggers wont know whether to hug him or to shoot him, as he bows to an increasingly Gross Israel’s demands for war and he imports ever more of their fellow Rag-Heads to speed up the Muslim takeover of Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull is the puppet Prime Minister that the Jew has been salivating for. A wannabe Kike, he is their HJIC (Head Jew In Charge). His reign will forever dispel the false dream that peaceful and democratic political activism can ever restore White Australian Sovereignty. The racial demographic of Australia is about to drastically change, and by all the dictates of the anti-White Libtard and of Jewish Revenge Policies, the White Australian will disappear in a holocaust of Mud. Australia has entered the era of the Bloody Racial War, and we CREATORS will lead the way. We will grow and with our White Racial Loyalist Brethren, we will unify White Australia under the WHITE RACIAL CREED OF CREATIVITY and together, WE WILL WIN this RACIAL HOLY WAR.

For Total White Victory!