Reclaim Australia Rally – Adelaide

Note: The Reclaim Australia (from Islamic extremism) Rallies are an event organised by pro-Multicultural, pro-Israel, anti-Islam populist groups. Of that list, we White Racial Loyalists (WRL’s) are anti-Islam only. The rally organisers are not WRL in any way whatsoever! However, as we WRL’s do agree with the reasoning behind the rally, a large number of us did attend in support – albeit in a low key manner. After all, it wasn’t our rally – but we do have an interest in its success.

So … Went to the Reclaim Australia Rally on the steps of SA Parliament House in Adelaide this morning. The state government must have ordered the coppers to keep people from joining the protest, because when I arrived half an hour before scheduled kick-off, there was only one way in and out; and they soon closed that off as well. Nevertheless, good to see that all of our WRL friends that attended managed to push through the groß unwashed. The Reds are claiming a victory – as they always do – but the numbers were roughly even.

There was one incidence of violence when the Reds tried to storm the police lines. A number of us ran down ready to plunge into the scuffle if need be, but the police held their line. One Red was arrested. After all, if the police had not been able to keep spotty faced filth at bay, it would have been seniors and children that would have been at risk from severe injury. Better us than those that have no chance of defending themselves.

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As copyright has been mentioned by others, I took some of the photos, and there are others where I am included (making it fair for me to use), but were taken by other people. I claim no copyright for myself.

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