2. Rev. Cailen Cambeul

My Awakening
By Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E., C.A.
Co-Founder of the Creativity Alliance

Before you begin to read, remember that we do have Greek and Italian Creators within the Church, and I am honoured to call each and every one of them Brother or Sister.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul

Born in 1969 of Scots parentage, I was naturally raised to be proud of my Race and Heritage. And for this reason I’ve been despised by muddyCULTuralists where ever I went. I remember in 1977, when I was a little seven year old sitting up the back of the class listening to my school teacher’s friend tell us about his native Hong Kong. When it came to my turn to ask a question I asked if everybody in Hong Kong had a flat nose like him. (His eyes weren’t really slanted enough to make that much of a difference to a child.) The question was met with shock and horror from the teacher, her slope-head and the rest of the class. How dare I ask such a question! For the first time in my life I had been accused of racial vilification. Now, any muddyCULTuralist reading this would be bound to say my question contained racist overtones and so I received my just deserts. WRONG! The question was an innocent one from a child in search of knowledge and should have been answered in a factual and truthful way. Instead of doing this, that muddyCULTuralist teacher left a seven year old with the realisation that, even if a question seems fair, you must keep your mouth shut when it comes to race. i.e. Other races because White people don’t count.

Meanwhile I went home, spent more years watching television, learning that if you want to be cool you had to be either a nigger or non English speaking White – unless of course you were German. In that case you were either ridiculed as Colonel Klink or Sgt Schulze (both Jews), or you were a rampant Nazi trying destroy everyone and everything you could lay your hands on. And it was obvious where those who did speak English and looked White came from, as they were always telling the audience how their Kike Kulture was superior to anything from Europe, as all European culture is supposedly a creation of the Jewish people.

I saw all of this, albeit vaguely, and while childishly entertained, it still didn’t seem right. Not by a long shot.

So, by the time I was seven years old bringing home school notices demanding we make regular donations to poor unfortunate starving children, I was easily dissuaded by a simple phrase from my parents, “The money is for black kids; think about poor Australian kids?” The next day I told my friends (all the while making sure I wasn’t overheard by school teachers) about the money going to black kids. My friends seemed to think this was the right thing to do, while I saw it as nothing but deception.

Soon afterwards my family left South Australia and relocated to Victoria, where my awareness of racial matters went up a notch. Shortly after starting school there, I was harassed by a Greek kid, calling me Aussie Punk and Skippy. So I retaliated by calling him a Wog. Whereupon the Wog stabbed me in the arm with his lead pencil. Only then did the teacher intervene. Once the teacher found out I’d called the kid a Wog, everything changed. Even though he had cast the first racial slurs, the Wog became the victim, and I was the bleeding criminal with a black pencil dot tattooed into my arm. That was 1979 and I was only nine years old.

Another influence was my father. It was through him that I learned that the only way to beat a bully was to stand up, never back down; fight and win. And that’s the way I have always been. I don’t care what: Whether it’s just some loud mouth, a libtard screaming “Nazi!”, a thug nigger calling itself Big Black Whatever, a Jewish Supremacist screaming “Holocaust!” trying to have me locked up for telling the truth in history, or a fat, half-witted Muslim neighbour playing the race-card to get its rocks off … I will never back down.

I have fought and lost a few, but won a helluva lot. In the process I’ve received a my fair share of injuries. Here listed are those beginning at age 17 and continuing into my 40’s:

* Snapped and chipped teeth – numerous occasions.
* Bashed over the back of the head with bottles – numerous occasions.
* Kicked unconscious – numerous occasions.
* Fractured ribs.
* Fractured hand.
* Fractured wrist.
* Fractured ankle.
* Fractured left arm.
* Fractured right arm.
* Fractured top jaw.
* Fractured eye socket.
* Head injuries with blood coming out of ear.
* Broken nose – numerous occasions.
* Internal injuries with damaged bladder.
* Stabbed in the arm.

Still, I refuse to bitch and cry and claim to be a teary-eyed victim. What’s more, I am a White man and as such, do not even rate a rung on society’s ladder of political correctness. I am the unrepentant oft-accused “Nazi” or “White Supremacist” that rejects PC dictated personal guilt for the alleged crimes of my people. As such, I will never back down. Society can shove its ladder of political correctness where the sun doesn’t shine. We White Racial Loyalists follow our own moral codes, and we pursue our own justice.

Bring on the Day of the Rope.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church of Creativity South Australia.

About Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.:

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E. (Pontifex Maximus Emeritus) was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1969 of Scottish parentage. A former outlaw biker and soldier, he served for a number of years with the Australian Regular Army, eventually leaving the army to work in warehousing logistics and IT industries (See Creative IT World).

Marriage: Reverend Cambeul was once married with one child – a little girl who was kidnapped as a baby. He never saw her again. This awoke in Reverend Cambeul a loathing for state bureaucracy and cemented in him a life-long hatred of the liberal minded and Politically Correct. Channelling his natural aggression, he began to get active and to seek out other like-minded individuals.

Creativity: A White Racial Loyalist and staunch atheist for all of his life, Reverend Cambeul cut all ties with his previous life and joined the World Church of the Creator in 2000 as the W.C.O.T.C. Contact Point. In 2003, he was one of the founders of the Creativity Alliance and was elected as Pontifex Maximus – “Highest Priest” in 2009 by the Guardians of the Faith Committee, for which he dutifully served seven years, resigining the position in 2016. He was the fifth Pontifex Maximus to serve the Church and the first to reside outside the United States since the Church’s founding in Florida by Ben Klassen in 1973.

Having led the Church in various capacities since 2003, Reverend Cambeul currently serves as Church Administrator for the Creativity Alliance and as Regional Coordinator for the Church of Creativity South Australia.

He is presently single and lives alone with his dog, Nigger.

Reverend Cambeul can be found on Creator Forum.
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