About Liberty, Chaos & Organized Society

– By Ben Klassen.

Only in a well-organized White Society, structured for the protection and advancement of the best interests of the White Race, can we hope to survive and prosper – Ben Klassen

In their Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews congratulate themselves that they have entrapped and enslaved more unsuspecting goyim with their catchwords of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity than any other concept. They further smirk unto themselves that each one of these words contradicts the others, and that none of these concepts are workable in the real world, yet by throwing them out to the mobs, the Jews brag that they have caused more turmoil, revolution and chaos than they have with any other deceptions in their multifarious bag of tricks.

If this is so, and history amply confirms that it is, let us take a close look and analyze these booby traps more closely.

The word “liberty” has had great appeal to the masses for ages. People want to be free and the words liberty and freedom are synonymous.

How free is free?

The word itself is an absolutism. To be free means you have no restrictions on your activities. As soon as there are restrictions on your activities and someone else can tell you what you can and cannot do, you are no longer “free,” right?

Yes, I would say that is a reasonable conclusion a logical person would arrive at. It also then follows that being free, such person has no obligations, no responsibilities, no duties, no rules, no guidelines, no laws they are bound to follow or obey.

It sounds great, from the Libertarian point of view.

Now let us get back to the real world. At what stage of life do we arrive at such an ideal state of milieu ? As a three year old toddler ? As a ten year old ? A teenager ? At 21 ? As a 30 year old parent ? As a grandparent ? When you are dead and laid to rest ? The fact is, at none of these. The toddler has any number of duties and obligations with which he must learn to cope. (For the sake of brevity, I use the word “he” throughout as also an alternative for the word “she,” and the word “man” applies equally for the word “woman.”) The toddler must by now be “potty trained,” must learn a comprehensive vocabulary of new words, must learn table manners, must learn to keep himself and his clothes relatively clean, must learn obedience to his parents. The list is endless. Many of these obligations and a passel of new ones extend on to the ten year old and the teenager. As an adult of 21 more duties and obligations are added to the list, such as having completed or continuing higher education, earning a living, planning on marriage, and a number of others. Parenthood involves even more. Parents must not only be able to establish and maintain a household, but must also have provided for a decent income, be a role model for their children, provide for their education, and a host of other very real obligations and responsibilities, many of which extend on into becoming grandparents.

Added on to all these are any number of civic duties, such as paying taxes, trying to keep the local, state and federal government in check, and dealing with such governments’ demands, whether we like it or not. After we are dead and buried, we still have some arduous responsibilities, not the least of which is having left a reputation and track record to which our children and grandchildren can point with pride. Also, before departing from this world grandparents have a responsibility to leave the environment, their country and their society in as good or better shape than when they entered. This they owe to their children, their grandchildren and their future progeny. So, how free are we when we enter this world, when we leave it, and the time in between ? The answer is only an irresponsible idiot would try to shuck all the obligations and responsibilities that are incumbent with living. But even try as he may, such individual is far from being “free.” As a child he may try to rebel against authority, but it will avail him nothing. He will be chastised and he will be punished, and life will only be extremely difficult. As an adult, he may try to ignore the responsibility of earning a living, but poverty and misery will be his lot. He can neglect the responsibility of supporting his family, but loneliness, isolation and guilt will be the consequence. He has the freedom to ignore, or even violate the law, but he will suffer the penalties of heavy fines and/or incarceration. Certainly, there will be no joys of “freedom,” and liberty will not be his reward.

Let us now picture a scenario in a world about which Libertarians love to fantasize and eulogize, a world in which everyone is free to damn well do as the spirit moves them. In such a world there are no traffic laws. You can zoom down the highway or the street of a residential neighborhood at 90 kilometres an hour. If it so tickles your fancy, you can also do this in the left lane any time you please. After all, nobody is going to tell you where or how you can drive, nor is anybody going to tell you that you have to have a driver’s license, nor a license plate on your car to identify the vehicle. How long, do you suppose, you would stay alive ? Or even if you decided to comply with all the traffic rules, but the rest of the irresponsible yokels need not, how would you like to venture forth into traffic ? As a true Libertarian, you are also, of course, free to dump your garbage anywhere you please, such as on your neighbour’s lawn. On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks to this kind of liberty. Your neighbour is also free to dump his garbage on your lawn, and undoubtedly would do so in retaliation. He may also utilize his freedom to fire his gun in your direction.

A true Libertarian is also free from taxes, and to spend his money as only he pleases. This means that no roads, bridges or schools will be built, unless a congenial private group can get together and do so voluntarily. But, again, there are numerous disadvantages to this arrangement. By joining such a group you are thereby already surrendering some of your precious freedoms, of course, and then, too, there is the unpleasant likelihood that other freeloaders, who never contributed to your group, would also use your roads and bridges. There is also the difficulty that such roads would not connect with some other independent group’s arrangement and would go nowhere. There would, of course, also be no schools, no government, no law enforcement agencies, and no laws. As such, there would also be no police protection from thieves, murderers and other criminals. It would be every man for himself. In fact, it would be utter chaos and anarchy, and let me point out that anarchy is the most cruel and tyrannical of all forms of government.

Do such situations exist in the world ? Yes, most decidedly, and more and more countries of the world are drifting into despair and anarchy. We read about the various negroe “republics’ in Africa. In one single edition of a recent mainstream newspaper the present status of three such countries was described. On the west coast of Africa there is Liberia, a country that was founded as early as 1822 by the United States to accommodate freed slaves. Its constitution was modeled after that of the U.S.A. In the intervening years, how has Liberia fared ? On July 29, 1990, Liberian soldiers forced their way into St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, designated as a Red Cross Center, and slaughtered an estimated 700 displaced civilians. More were shot shortly thereafter at the John F. Kennedy hospital and elsewhere bringing the total casualties in one day to 1000, which constitutes only one fifth of the total in the war so far.

How are these countries faring ? Let us look at Sierra Leone, for instance. In Freetown, the dilapidated capital, roads amount to no more than a maze of potholes, electricity shuts off daily, hospitals lack running water, and most telephones are for looks only. Corruption in government runs so deep that the International Monetary Fund (mostly funded by American taxpayer money) has finally shut off aid. In short, the country is in a state of anarchy, chaos, famine and corruption, as are almost all of the negroe republics of Africa.

Let us look at one more such republic more than a thousand miles to the east, in the heart of Africa. Uganda has all the physical attributes of a beautiful, prosperous country, once described by Winston Churchill as ‘The Pearl of Africa.” It has an ample supply of water and fertile land, and the climate is generally warm and sunny. Properly organized and developed, it could be one of the most prosperous and beautiful countries in the world. There is one major problem. It is populated by negroes. The consequence is that Uganda is mired in poverty, wracked with hunger and starvation. Young children walk around with bellies swollen from hunger, and from the effects of a host of worms and other intestinal parasites picked up from dirty drinking water. More than 700,000 civilians have been killed in the ongoing slaughter. Ugandan soldier-thugs have destroyed thousands of schools, looted clinics and hospitals, blasted roads, rail links and power stations, the handiwork of previous White Man’s contributions, into useless rubble. This by no means encompasses the turmoil, anarchy, chaos and the proliferation of civil wars that are going on in the Dark Continent.

But Africa is not the only continent in turmoil. Even our ancestral homeland of Europe is disintegrating into a bedlam of anarchy. Yes, despite all of the technological advances of the last 50 years, most of the world is facing chaos and starvation. Not only in Africa, Russia and most of the formerly communist countries of Europe, but also in Central America, South America, and the U.S.A., most of the major cities are wracked with crime, anarchy, unemployment and poverty. The fact is, as we race into the future, the whole world, it seems, is going to hell in a hand basket. What is wrong ? Can the White Race be saved ? We Creators believe we have some cogent answers. In the first place, for a society to survive and prosper its whole foundation for such must be based on a sound and intelligent philosophy. This we have not been getting. The Jews, our deadliest enemies, have done everything possible to mislead and confuse the White Race.

The same Jewish conspiracy that tossed the catchwords of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity into the French mobs years ago and threw that advanced country into chaos, rebellion and anarchy, is still with us and at it today. It is still plying the same con game to most of the world, although the facade of the format has changed, seemingly. Today, with the Jews in firm control of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, they are pushing democracy, American style, and pushing it down everyone’s throat, whether they like it or not. The fact that the Jews are putting so much fervor behind their promotion of democracy should in itself raise a red flag and alert us to its disastrous consequences. What is wrong with democracy ? Well, just about everything. The core of the problem is that, along with Jewish Christianity and Communism, it is a Jewish promotion that bodes ill for the White Race and is designed to converge more and more tyrannical power into the hands of the Jewish power establishment. Like Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, it is a Jewish fraud.

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Here is how Jewish democracy, American style, works. Seemingly, the people are led to believe that because they are allowed to vote, they are governing themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ask, for example, the Germans. For years they have had democracy shoved down their throat. In private, most of the Germans I (Ben Klassen) have talked to have told me that the six peacetime years under National Socialism and Adolf Hitler were the finest, most prosperous and most glorious years in their history. Supposing they, both East and West Germany, wanted to vote in a Nazi government tomorrow. Under their “democracy,” do you believe for a moment they would be allowed to do so ? Not a chance of a snowball in hell. Things are not really much different in the United States itself. With the money, the financial power, In the hands of the Jews, and the newsmedia and the propaganda apparatus also in their hands, the Jews are able to operate their “divide and conquer” technique so expertly that the people never realize how effectively they are being fleeced, robbed, manipulated and enslaved. With the two-party system the Jews have all the necessary leverage they need to put their very own stooges into positions of government and keep out any meaningful opposition to their nefarious designs. As a result, America now have a president that is a toady, a chabez-goy, a stooge for the Jewish powerhouse. We have a congress that is completely at the mercy of the Jewish manipulators. This applies equally to the governors, our state houses, to City Hall and all the way down to the lowest level of local government.

Whereas the original Constitution strictly limited the powers of the Federal government, and reserved most of the rights (education, voting procedures, etc.) to the State governments, the Civil War of 1861-65 changed all that. The Federal government, taking advantage of the naked power of its armies, has ever since used brute force to override any and all rights the states had in all the areas proscribed in the constitutional agreement. Then, as now, the Federal government rode, and now rides, roughshod over any rights the states or the people have reserved unto themselves in the 9th and 10th Amendments. When in 1956 the State of Arkansas did not want negroes to enter into and louse up their High School at Little Rock, the Federal government, completely under Jewish control, sent down 10,000 troops to ram their fiat down the throats of the local citizens. When a few years later the University of Mississippi did not want a negroe enrolled in their college, the Federal government in short order deployed 20,000 Federal troops to force this one goddamned negroe into an institution where the local people did not want him, and had every constitutional right to reject him.

Being in full control of the propaganda apparatus, especially the electronic boob-tube, and having convinced them of the one-man one-vote virtues, they are daily being slopped with the claim of how free they are in America, that they are all equal, that they should accept the negroes, the Mexicans, the Indians, the Jamaicans, and a slew of other dark races as their brothers. (This is where the “Equality” and “Fraternity” dosage comes in.) Meanwhile, the White Race, accepting all this Jewish propaganda as the “will of the majority,” peacefully acquiesces. The White Americans are further told that it is their Christian duty to help the needy, and thry must subsidize all these parasitic dark races at home and abroad, whether they like it or not. This is the essence of democracy, that great and magic Jewish concept.

Let us make one thing clear. We Creators are not talking about bigger government. On the contrary, we are for less government, not more. We envision a government that is smaller, imposes less, much less, in taxes, and interferes less with our lives. On the other hand, our kind of government, based on the White leadership principle, is more concerned with those duties a well-ordered government is properly constituted to perform in the first place. The first duty of such a government is to protect our life and property. Secondarily, it would also provide those orderly facilities such as roads, bridges, harbours, airports, schools, law and order, coining of interest free money, and several other necessary accoutrements that are incumbent upon a prosperous and well constituted society. The big difference between the present parasitical Jew-dominated society and a Creator-oriented society is this : our kind of government will be based on the Leadership Principle, headed not by Jews, but our own White leaders whose overwhelming religious zeal is not to rob and destroy our White Race but to protect its integrity at all costs, and to work for the sole benefit of our own precious race. The primary goal of such government will be the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and expunging the cancerous alien dark races from the body of our society.

Meanwhile the White Race is being mongrelized, decimated and destroyed in a deliberate war of genocide, not only in the United States, but on worldwide basis. What can we do about it ? Are we helpless to reverse the trend now fully set in motion ? The answer is : there is much we can do about it. In fact, we can solve the whole problem resolutely, once and for all time. The first prerequisite we, the White Race, must have is a firm, positive and militant philosophy and programme of our own. For too long we have been led around by the nose by our enemies, who have imposed treacherous, destructive, alien philosophies upon our thinking. Among the most invidious and deadly of these have been Jewish Christianity, Communism and Democracy, all of them of Jewish origin. Before we can take any meaningful constructive action, we must throw overboard into the trash heap of history those degenerative ideas the parasitic Jew has imposed upon the White Race. These include, besides Jewish Christianity, Communism and Democracy, the ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. In their place we must instead promote those positive lessons that Nature has taught – ideas that were basic and valid from time immemorial and will be so unto all eternity. Some of these ideas are as follows.

Lessons of Nature for White Survival

1. We must recognize and separate our own biological species, our own precious White Race, from that of the dark races.

2. We must recognize our natural enemies, namely the dark races, of which the Jews are the most vicious, treacherous and deadly. Delenda Est Judaica !

3. We must recognize that our most important mission in life is the survival, expansion and advancement of our own kind and that we must make the world safe, not for democracy, but for the future of our own progeny, for all time.

4. Instead of accepting and succumbing to sick and degenerative Jewish ideas such as Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; Jewish Christianity, Communism and Democracy; race mixing and the promotion and subsidization of the scum and the dark races, we must have a complete revolution of those values we hold dear, values that are promulgated by the White Race, for the best interests of the White Race and the White Race exclusively.

5. To do this, we must have a clear, consistent, comprehensive creed and programme of our own, based on those values that are in our own best interests. Such a creed and programme must embrace such key values as Racial Loyalty, White Racial Teamwork, Racial Purity, the Leadership Principle, the practice of eugenics and the upgrading of our racial species, and many other vital concepts as set forth in our own Natures Eternal Religion, The White Man’s Bible and other religious books of Creativity.

6. We must realize that whether we like it or not, we, the White Race, are embroiled in a deadly racial war, a war not of our making, but contrived and orchestrated by the worldwide Jewish network. We are now in the precarious position of being exterminated, a crisis that is coming to a rapid climax. Unless the White Race soon becomes aware, aroused, organized and militant, we will soon be an extinct species.

7. We must also realize our own worth – that we are Nature’s Finest, and also we must recognize our own strength and resources. Aroused, united and organized the White Race is the most powerful force on the face of the earth.

8. We must realize that we cannot save all of humanity, and that we have no obligation to do so. We must get our priorities straight and save our own precious White Race in accordance with the principle of Triage.

9. We must now muster and mobilize those forces we possess and wage an all out war to destroy our enemies and save the White Race from extinction. We must mobilize and polarize around one powerful, comprehensive and militant creed to save ourselves and our future progeny. That creed and programme is Creativity and Creativity exclusively.

10. We must realize that we are now in a dire and crucial crisis in the life span of our race, and we must dedicate ourselves to winning this crucial battle for White survival at all costs, no matter what the price or the sacrifices required. We are Nature’s Finest, and in accordance with the Highest Law of Nature – survival of the species – we must and we will use any and all means to secure the survival of our species. The end (White survival) justifies the means (any and all means deemed effective and necessary). Rahowa !