Rev.Dr Joe 2017.03

To Reverend Cambeul and my Brothers and Sisters of the Church of Creativity,

Racial Greetings my Brother,

Received your E-Mail and 9 photos.

I am getting harassed on all ends. The mail room is tampering with mail and using bogus reasons to reject mail for BULLCRAP and the JOG’s agents along with it. Our people all over need to flood the director of ODOC with E-Mails because this White Man is being discriminated against by liberal Zionists who oppose anything White Racial Loyalists read.

Maybe with a White N.Y. President in the White House, the Whites will rise once against in the U.S.A.?

(Reverend Cambeul) I hope all is well with you and Nigger. AS for me, I’ll never let these Government whores break me. My hate for them runs deep.

The Brothers in the Florida Prison System have grown strong and numbers are running at several hundred across the state. I am proud of my achievements there. No wonder they got rid of me. They saw what was going to happen!

I am glad our brothers and sisters in the struggle for White Rights and White Religion are angry at what is happening to you and I. It makes me proud to be part of an organization and a Church that is only for us. That’s why I have been a CREATOR for all these years, HONORING BEN KLASSEN and never forgetting to practice and put into action our GOLDEN RULE.

Well my Brother, next month I’ll need some money, so remember the 3rd of every month, send it. Any other time, the JOG will confiscate it.

Take care and Stay White.


Rev. Dr Joe, P.M. (Elect)