Thumbscrew And Rack

In order that the White Race may never forget (or forgive) the bloodthirsty and criminally brutal means by which Christianity clawed its bloody course across the face of Europe, I am going to review the cruel instruments of torture they used to carry on their nefarious methods of gentle, persuasion. I also want to show what a hypocritical, cruel, brutal, and two-faced teaching it really is. Christianity has blatantly billed itself as a teaching of love, of charity and kindness. Let us look at the scene and find out just how kind and loving they were throughout the Dark Ages, throughout the more than 1500 years when they held the power of life and death in their cruel hands. Although this is a long, long story, I believe we can best summarize it and get a fair idea of its brutality by examining their ingenious instruments of torture.

I have a set of eleven volumes of Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll’s books in which he incisively and relentlessly exposes the lies, frauds and tortures of Christianity through the ages. Colonel Ingersoll (1833-1899) was an American lawyer, orator, lecturer and writer, and was outstandingly brilliant in all those fields. He says, “I did not really appreciate the infamies that had been committed in the name of religion until I saw the iron arguments the Christians used.”

All these instruments of torture as seen by Colonel Ingersoll have been on exhibition in New York City. They were arranged for inspection in a hall at Sixth Avenue and Twenty-third Street. These instruments of torture were not replicas or facsimiles of the originals, but the originals themselves, brought from Europe, where they had been put to use breaking bones and tearing the flesh of human beings. We must also remember that these perpetrators were not savages, but supposedly civilized White men whose brains had been inculcated with the “loving” creed of Jewish Christianity. Their tortures were inflicted not on their enemies but other White men and women when and if their beliefs were even so much as slightly variant from those of the “official” dogma of the church. We might in this respect be reminded of the “official” dogma of the American Medical Association today.

Here are some of the instruments Colonel Ingersoll described :

1) The Thumbscrew. Two pieces of iron united by a screwing device at each end to mechanically bring the irons together. The inner sides of the iron were armed with small spikes and protuberances to prevent slipping. Colonel Ingersoll says, “The man who would not recant was not forgiven. They screwed the thumbscrews down to the last pang, and then threw the victim into some dungeon, where, in throbbing silence and darkness, he might suffer the agonies of the fabled damned.”

2) The Collar of Torture. Imagine a circle of iron on the inside surface of which were a hundred points almost as sharp as needles. This persuasive argument was then fastened loosely about the throat of the sufferer. Every time he or she moved, the throat would be punctured by these sharp points. After a while the tortured throat would swell and finally suffocation would end the agonies of the hapless victim. Their crime ? Perhaps they had not confessed belief of a hell in the hereafter.

3) Scavenger’s Daughter. This iron instrument was shaped like a large pair of shears, if you can imagine handles at both ends, with another circle of iron just above the pivot point. In the upper handles the hands would be placed, and the feet in the lower. Through the ring near the center the head of the victim would be forced. In this condition he would be thrown prone upon the ground. The strain upon the muscles produced such agony that insanity would usually come to the final relief of the victim.

4) The Rack. This was a box similar to the bed of a wagon, with a windlass at each end, with levers and ratchets to prevent slipping. Over each windlass went chains. One set of chains was fastened to the ankles of the sufferer, the chains from the other windlass to his wrists. As the priests, divines, clergymen and other saints began turning these windlasses and continually increasing the tension, the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, spine of the victim were all permanently dislocated as the sufferer lay there in a screaming sweat of agony. The clergy usually would have a physician standing by to feel the pulse of the sufferer. Was it to save his life ? Yes. For the sake of mercy ? No. It was simply so that, like the savage, they could prolong the torture which might end too soon with death.

5) The Iron Crown. In this instrument again appears the deadly thumbscrew used to tighten an open iron band about the head. In the lining of the band were a series of iron knobs. As the thumbscrew was tightened, the iron band about the head would tighten, slowly forcing the knobs into the skull. The iron crown was often imposed upon Christian martyrs on their way to execution.

6) Hanging by the Thumbs. This is pretty well self explanatory. A variation of this was hanging by one thumb, tying a heavy lead weight to the victim’s feet to increase the pull, and sometimes putting firewood under the victim and ending his torture by burning.

7) Fearful Eliza. This is a chair, similar to an electric chair, in which the victim was lashed down. The spikes in the seat would prevent the victim from slipping out, to say nothing of being extremely painful. Sometimes additional heavy weights were lashed to the victims feet as he sat there contemplating whether he should or should not believe the story of Jonah and the Whale, or whether Joshua really did stop the sun for a day.

8) Mouth Openers. This was usually inflicted on what the church called “blasphemers.” It consisted of two small iron plates. These were inserted between the upper and lower teeth and spread apart by turning a thumbscrew. (Again those damned thumbscrews. I am beginning to realize the deadly origin of the “putting the screws” to somebody.) Once the jaws had been pried apart these loving Christians then had a variety of other goodies in store for their helpless victims. One was to pour molten hot lead down the throat of the sufferer. Another was to seize the tongue with iron pincers, and the tongue was either slitted or cut off.

9) The Trinity. This was a three part group of torture instruments of which the above mentioned pincers were a part. The other consisted of an iron mask that was put on red hot. The third was a metal chain, called a scourge, that looked like the skeleton of a snake. Sometimes a fourth instrument was used in accompaniment to these, namely a perforated iron spoon, for dropping hot lead pellets on the naked body. This combination of gentle persuaders was in its time of material service in stimulating the worship of the heavenly Trinity in whose loving name they were applied.

10) Branding Irons. A number of these were common, among which the letter “U” predominates, which in several languages stood for “unbeliever.” In this museum in New York Colonel Ingersoll tells about, was also exhibited the little coal stove in which the branding irons were heated, along with the bellows.

11) Executioners Swords. These were of numerous types and sometimes highly ornamental. The blade was some two feet, nine inches in length and two and three-quarters inches in width. The handle was made to be grasped by two hands. The condemned was tied down in a chair with the head bowed. An expert with much practice could sever the neck with one blow. The swords were sometimes of Damascus steel of fine ornamental quality inscribed with pious verses such as : “When I upraise the fatal knife God give this sinner eternal life.” Or “Oh God, this sinner to thy kingdom take, that he may taste of joy, for Jesus sake.”

12) Large Iron Boots. These were put on red hot and then filled with molten lead.

13) Wire Mail Mittens and Hose. These were heated red hot and put on the victim to extort confessions.

14) The Spanish Gag. Used to prevent prisoners from screaming while undergoing torture. One species looked like a bell slit into sections. When thrust in the mouth a spring was released which spread the sections and distended the jaws.

15) The Iron Brank. This was a full head mask, heated before putting on the head of the victim. It had funnels at the orifices of the ears for convenient introduction of hot lead. It was highly recommended by the Holy Inquisition.

16) Breaking on the Wheel. A bed made like a corduroy road with the cross pieces about six inches apart. The victim was laid along this bed and tied down. The executioners would then smash down a heavy iron wheel at those points of the body between the corduroy cross pieces, breaking every bone in the body.

There are at least a dozen other horrible instruments of torture described by Colonel Ingersoll but I do not further wish to exhaust the reader with this gruesome inventory. These instruments, I do however want to remind the reader, were genuine used relics on exhibit at the New York museum, and had been used countless times on who knows how many hapless victims. There were thousands more such instruments of agony left behind in Europe and its churches. Some of these were used as recently as the nineteenth century. Undoubtedly they would still be in use today, if the power of the church had not been broken or diminished.

There are two reasons why I bring all this up. The first is to expose Christianity for the brutal, cruel fraud that it is. I never again want some deluded idiot ever to bring up to me the claim that Christianity is a teaching of love, kindness and compassion. There is no other religion in the world that has inflicted more anguish, suffering and confusion on the White Race than has Jew-spawned Christianity.

The other reason is that before we can ever build a sensible, constructive movement for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race we first have to clear the White Man’s mind of all this horrible Christian delusion. We believe the best way to do it is to tell the brutal truth about Christianity – expose its gruesome history, analyze its fraudulent teaching, destroy it, and replace this pervasive swindle with a sound racial religion based on the eternal Laws of Nature.’sBible.pdf

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