Nature’s Model Or Organized White Society On A Global Scale

Throughout Nature there is intensive organization. The ways of Nature are replete with systems and logic that have a striking similarity, on a small scale (in microcosm), or on a vast scale (macrocosm). For example, the atom (in microcosm) has a very similar arrangement to the solar system (in macrocosm). The atom has a nucleus around which revolve satellites, such as electrons, protons, neutrons and other sub-atomic particles. Holding their orbits in place forces similar to those in the solar system come into play – gravitational forces, centrifugal forces, magnetic forces, and others. The similarity of the functioning of the atom and the solar system has been recognized by scientists for years and is not a new idea. Not so well recognized is how living cells have organized themselves into viable collectivist societies that bear a striking resemblance to the White human society on the face of this planet earth. By studying this similarity, we will find it very profitable in terms of answers as to how we can improve our own organized society. We can learn much from Nature, who is, after all, the master-planner and master-organizer or all time. When we make this comparison, we must remember that cells organized themselves into collectivist organizations millions of years before the White Race evolved the idea of forming a collectivist society for its own mutual benefit. The cell organization, therefore, is far ahead of us in both time and experience and has done a much better job.

And what a marvelous, fantastic piece of organization the human body is ! Imagine organizing the billions of human beings now living on our planet into one smoothly functioning organization where it would be all for one, and one for all, no rebellions, no wars, no waste motions, every one cooperating for the best interests of all. It would be tremendous ! But imagine governing 25,000 such populations at one time in a smoothly running entity. This is what your marvelous body does and at the same time can reproduce itself and transfer that wonderful ability and organization to the next offspring, and the next and the next. The fact is it has been fantastically successful and the system has worked for millions of years. Quite a record, isn’t it ? Well let us observe and let us learn from the Master-organizer of all time – Mother Nature herself. To start from basics, we find that all life is composed of cells. Some creatures, such as amoeba, germs, bacteria, etc., are one-celled. The human body, on the other hand, consists of over one hundred trillion cells, more or less. That is one hundred million million, a number so vast it staggers our imagination. If we consider that the total human population of this planet at four billion people, which it already has surpassed, then there are 25,000 times as many cells in an average human body as there are people on the face of this Planet Earth.

One outstanding characteristic of all cells is that Nature has given them an unending urge to divide and multiply and produce more of their own kind in the face of all other competition, in the face of all hostility or opposition. Whatever form cells take, whether operating singly or banding together into a multi-trillion cell society like the human body – the objective is always the same – multiply and expand – make more of your own kind. The form they choose is based only on how they can do this best. Let us remember this fundamental urge of Nature – to multiply and expand your own kind – for it is the supreme basis of all life. All creatures of Nature, whether mammal, grass, insect or bacteria, all are aggressive – all want to expand their own kind. Modern (White) science has made tremendous strides in recent years in unlocking the secret of the cell – the building block of all life and like the atom, a very complicated entity in itself. Each cell is like a small factory unto itself. It is extremely complex and very busy. It manufactures proteins, enzymes, fuels and other complicated chemical products. At the same time, it disposes of the burned up wastes and gets rid of the garbage. It must also repel and destroy foreign invaders – germs, bacteria, virus, etc., for which the body has an “immune system”, an alert and highly mobile army, that takes on all comers. We will have more to say about this later.

There is much, much more to a cell, but we don’t have the space to get into all the technicalities. Each cell is a tiny universe unto itself. Undoubtedly, the most fantastic feature of each cell are the chromosomes, the packages of heredity-carrying genes. As scientists probe into the secrets of the genes, a whole new wonderful and fantastic life science opens up. Each of the 100 trillion cells carries the chromosomes with its 100,000 or so genes. Miraculously, in the genes of each cell is carried in molecular language all the information inherently necessary to build another body with its 100 trillion cells. Scientists estimate that to compile a similar amount of instructions on pages of a book, it would require a thousand books of six hundred pages each to impart the same amount of information that is inherent in the molecular code of our genes in one cell. Yet each cell in our body – all 100 trillion of them – carry this same complete information in duplication. The chromosomes take the shape of a ladder with rungs across wound into a long twisted helical shape. When we consider how extremely minute is a single cell, we get some idea of how infinitely thin are the tiny hair-like fibers that make up the sides of the ladder, between which the rungs carry this tremendous amount of information in genetic code. Yet these “ladders” or fibers are more than a total of six feet long in each cell, and the combined fibers in all the chromosomes in one body, if connected end to end, would reach all the way to the sun and back four hundred times over. Fantastic, isn’t it ?

We would love to go into more detail about this marvelous manifestation of Nature. But we want to press on to the next almost incredible (and largely still not understood) process. This is the means by which a sperm and an egg in a human being unite to form one cell and start the process of building the whole complicated structure of the completed body, which, as we stated before, finally builds up to the fantastic figure of one hundred trillion cells. As soon as the egg is fertilized by the sperm – each of which supplies half of the hereditary characteristics of the new organism, the new cell begins its process of division. As the egg and sperm unite, thousands of decisions are being made in compromising or favoring the characteristics of one parent or the other in the new life that is being created. Remember, the genes from each parent carry an inventory of all the characteristics of all the preceding ancestors of each parent. As the egg divides, its chromosomes double and pull apart to provide identical genes for two cells, faithfully carrying all this information, and each of which, in turn, divides again and again, ad infinitum.

As the fetus builds up, a strange phenomenon occurs. Built into the genes, in molecular code, are instructions for the cells to begin specializing. Whereas the genetic information in the dividing and rapidly increasing number of cells remains identical, the cells begin to form into different types. Some become nerve cells, some brain cells, some bone cells, liver cells, lung cells, heart cells, muscle cells, hair cells and a thousand other variations. A tremendously complicated and intricate triggering system in the genes tells each cell how to evolve at the right time and at the right place, taking care that the evolving body is built in strict conformance with the instructions inherent in our genes. How the genes carry out these tremendously intricate instructions, triggering the action of the cells at exactly the right time and place is still very little understood and is one of the most fantastic marvels of Mother Nature. Remember, each cell, regardless of whether it is a brain cell, heart cell, toe cell, or whatever, contains in duplicate the complete set of instructions. When the baby is born, you would think the process would be completed, but not so. The genes and their instructions keep on instructing the collective society of cells in its development throughout its entire lifespan – through childhood, through puberty, through adulthood, to the very end of life – the body is changing, evolving, developing, aging, dying, in accordance with the inherent genetic instructions.

Now we come to the crux of our observation – how the full-fledged body is a very intricate set of organized systems not unlike the human White society on the face of the planet. The heart of our observation is that the cells of the body work in cooperation with each other like a collectivist society, in harmonious teamwork, each working for the best interests of all, each performing its own microscopic housekeeping duties, yet each working together for the best interests of the whole body. This is the same idea as we have already described in Nature`s Eternal Religion as Racial Socialism, and it is a very important concept in any organization. Let us remember the key word – teamwork. Since we don’t want to get too technical in this limited dissertation here, we shall mention only some of the systems the body employs, but not all, due to lack of space. As we all know, a well-developed human society has to have a government to make decisions, to control, to govern the society as a whole, presumably for its best interest. (Whereas, theoretically, this is true, very few present governments of the world do conform to the best interests of their subjects. We have a long way to go before we reach the perfection of social organization in human society that the body cells have.) It is the objective of Creativity to strive for this perfection. This function of government as we know, is partially performed by the brain, both the conscious and the subconscious. The communication network of the country is performed for the body by the body’s nervous system.

There are a number of “systems” in the body, each performing specific functions for the whole group, each coordinated efficiently with the other systems, just as well-organized human society should do. There is the Skeletal System, giving the body shape, structure, strength and mobility. Attached to the bones of the skeleton are muscles, providing the power for movement. These muscles are part of the Muscular System. Some muscles, like the heart are not attached to bones, but function as part of the Circulatory System, the Respiratory System and many other systems. Also as part of the “whole” there is the Digestive System, processing our foods. There is the Urinary System, to carry off the wastes. Thus, the skin, the digestive system and certain other organs function as the excretory system and this function is extremely important. Let us remember any organism that fails to excrete its wastes soon dies. There is the Cutaneous System, the skin, covering and protecting the body, also excreting wastes through the sweat glands and controlling body temperature. There is the Lymphatic System which drains tissue fluids back towards the heart. This system also contains lymph nodes which filter and destroy bacteria. The Endocrine System consists of a number of glands in different stations of the body. Some of these glands are the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, the ovaries, the testes and several others. These produce highly complicated hormones and other chemicals that have far-reaching effects in controlling body functions, such as growth, over- or under-activity, temperature, heart beat, fertility and a host of other functions.

Significantly, there is the Reproductive System, which is designed to reproduce more life of its own kind. This is what Nature’s programme seems to be all about. Nature has built into each species an aggressive urge to reproduce more of its own kind, whether it is a cell, or whether it is a fish, or a bird, or members of the White Race. Every species automatically, intuitively, instinctively knows this and does this. Even the weed in the field, which does not even possess a brain, aggressively pursues the course set forth by Nature – to promote the increase of its own kind to the utmost limit of its ability. At the same time, each form of life uses all the means at its disposal to protect itself from its enemies. In this respect, we have much to learn about the wonderful system our own body has developed in fighting internal infections, bacteria, virus, germs, diseases, cuts, bruises, wounds and foreign bodies in general. To fight disease or infection the body has a Defense System. This is a highly complicated system, that corresponds to the Army, Navy and Air Force of our society, combined with the police department, the FBI and the CIA. This system is extremely efficient and is still not fully understood. It has an Early Warning group of cells that have receptor antennas. Their function is to roam about and detect, to analyze the nature of any alien enemy bodies that have invaded. One of the amazing features about these cells is that they recognize their own kind of cells as friendly, and not only recognize any others as hostile but also identify what kind of hostile invader has entered the body. Having detected and identified the invader, they immediately flash the Early Warning signal to the rest of the system.

The defenders rush into action. The battle cry is on to search and destroy the millions of bacteria that have invaded the body. A crash programme is instituted to rapidly produce an abundance of specialized soldiers to effectively fight the particular kind of invaders that are threatening. For example, special kinds of troops are produced for mumps, another kind for smallpox, another for measles, another for infections, another for colds, etc. How the body rapidly identifies the type of invader and immediately begins to manufacture the right kind of troops to effectively counter-attack, is a marvel indeed. The programme then calls for complete destruction of the invader down to the last bacteria. The heart of the body’s attack force headquarters is in the bone marrow. One of the primal needs of any organism is to recognize its own cells – in other words, fight for the protection of its own, destroy the alien organisms. Recognize and protect the friendlies, identify and destroy the hostiles. This, the body seems to do magnificently. This is no easy job. In the first place, the body has hundreds of different cells of its own, liver cells, blood cells, brain cells, etc. Then there are thousands of kinds of hostile invaders that it must not only recognize, but identify so it can immediately start manufacturing the right antibodies for that particular invader. For instance, if invaded by smallpox, it does no good to treat it as malaria, or vice versa. The cells not only recognize out and out hostile bacteria, but even reject implants or transplants, such as bone tissue, etc. from another person, as being a foreign body.

Sometimes, due to disorders, this recognition system malfunctions, and the body’s attack force fails to recognize its own and turns on its own cells. This is what cancer is all about. Unless the imbalance is corrected, death usually results. This underscores how important it is to recognize your own. Let me also observe here how criminally negligent or insane the White Society is today in this respect. In building a better White Society for the future, we must learn much from Nature and how its laws operate in our own body as a unit organism. Some of these fundamental lessons are :

1) Nature urges each living organism to multiply its own kind, from the unit cell on up to the highest form of life.

2) In the higher forms of life, trillions of cells band together to form a “collectivist society”, all working together harmoniously as a team in extremely specialized functions for the best interests of the whole unit. They are, in fact, a collectivist society as we describe under Racial Socialism in Nature`s Eternal Religion. This is teamwork at its best.

3) Such organisms, whether they are a single cell or an organized unit of trillions of cells, make a vital distinction between their own kind and a foreign invader. This is a matter of life and death. It is a lesson the White Race especially must learn, and learn well.

4) The total organism realizes they cannot have a healthy “society” if its cells are infected by foreign organisms. In short, a multi-racial society spells death.

5) The organism has a continuous system of detectors that are on the alert for hostile invaders. They roam the body in its entirety and, if invaders are discovered, they immediately identify the invaders and sound the alarm.

6) The body then rushes the right kind of troops to the proper areas to search out and destroy the alien bodies.

7) The body immediately increases the number of troops for that emergency, and usually, in many diseases, will never be caught off guard again for that kind of invader. (There are several diseases you usually only have once.)

8) The body has a network of systems that function cooperatively in harmony with each other for the best interests of all the 100 trillion cells that the organism services.

The most important lesson we can learn from the above is : living creatures have a natural urge to aggressively multiply their own kind, protect their own kind and perpetuate their own kind. They recognize and distinguish their own kind from alien organisms. If such alien organisms are harmful to the collective society, the whole organism immediately goes on alert, wages war, seeks out and destroys the alien invader. In building the kind of White Society Creativity has in mind, we can utilize practically every principle that Nature, in her wisdom, has developed for living organisms, either as a single cell or as a “collectivist society”. Much of this, such as specializing, developing, communicating networks, etc. we have already been doing in the past. What we have been woefully negligent about is recognizing our own kind, identifying the alien enemy in our midst, and either expelling and/or destroying our enemies.

Let us therefore be crystal clear as to where we stand : Our own kind is the White Race, regardless of geography. The alien enemies are the Jews, the negroes and the dark races in general. The healthy White Society, like the society of human cells, cannot survive if it tolerates an infestation of foreign aliens in its midst. In surviving, in protecting ourselves, in providing sustenance for ourselves, in multiplying and advancing our own kind, the White human individual functions best in a well organized collectivist society, where each individual takes care of his specialized duties toward himself and the best interests of the society as a whole, just as does the individual cell in its relationship to the body as a whole. We, Creators call this Racial Socialism as we have already described in a chapter of that name in Nature`s Eternal Religion. In summary let us learn our lesson from Nature’s Master Planner and learn it well.

1) A healthy organism seeks to reproduce and expand its own kind.

2) A healthy organism distinguishes between its own kind and alien organisms, and makes it a matter of life and death.

3) A healthy organism is well organized with the component cells each performing their specialized functions, cooperating for the welfare of the whole society.

4) A healthy organism seeks to keep out alien invaders from entering its society, and should they enter, recognizes them as hostile, identifies them, seeks them out and destroys them.

5) Individual cells die and new ones are produced to replace them. Life and death are an integral part of any living society.

6) The dying cells are waste product and must be excreted. Any organism that fails to excrete its wastes soon dies.

7) The living cells must be constantly nourished.

8) Overall is a central governing system whose chief concern is the harmonious control and functioning of all the cells for the mutual benefit of all.

9) Even Nature, with all her ingenuity, can only govern a body whose component cells are homogenous, that is, of its own kind only, and fiercely rejects the intrusion of foreign and alien organisms.

(Credo 16 – The White Man`s Bible)

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