Rev.Dr Joe 2013.07

The Torture of White Men in America by the Swine

The swine have complete control. They use petty games against White Men such as denying outside exercise, food trays, leave the lights in the cells on 19 hours a day, steal inmates’ property such as radios, watches, personal photos et cetera, et cetera. The swiine also set us up with false disciplinary reports if you complain or write grievances. They continue to house known White Racialists and White Gang members with sub-human niggers, muds, child molesters, rapists, sexual offenders and think it’s okay. So far, three White Brothers here (or that have been here), have attacked animals with weapons to earn their place in the ranks of White Warriors, who refuse to live with these animals.

Prisons in states such as New York, California, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona maintain separation in lock-down situations of prisoners who have White Racialist backgrounds or membership in White Gangs. Here in Florida, it is a melting pot of human filth and sub-human niggers and muds, and the stand-up White Man is in the middle. He has to contend with the nigger animals he lives with and the swine that control the place, who love and protect the sub-humans, promote degenerate homosexual relationships and seem to hand the stand-up White Man who is proud to be a White Racialist.

I have been in prison here in this nigger-loving state for 17 years, and every year, the Swine become more niggerised. The Whites that come to prison have no Racial Pride or White Morals at all; No Creators come to prison – which is a good sign; And most turn back to Judeo-Christinsanity in the long run, because they let the Swine break them. I am a Creator and a proud member of the Church of Creativity, and because I want to survive in the Gulags, a member of a White Prison Gang that has nothing at all to do with Creativity or the Church of Creativity, but both stand for our Race and its survival – inside prison and out. Yet, we stand-up White Men are persecuted by the Swine for our proud White beliefs and skin color, and our necessary hatred of the sub-humans and sex offenders. Do the Swine take fags, child molesters and rapists to their homes for dinner? Do they invite niggers and other muds to their homes for sunday get-togethers? I, as a White Racial Loyalist, think not.

So why do the Swine abuse stand-up White Men for doing what they themselves do? Leave them alone and remember that you were White before you became the hypocritical Swine that you are today. In order to gain respect, you must give it – no matter what your situation in life! So to all Swine, if the color of your skin is White, then show us White Racialists the respect we deserve, and save your torture for those that rightly deserve it.


This may have been short, but most will understand what I am saying. My love for my Race and the Church of Creativity and all my White Brothers and Sisters goes deep.

For a Whiter and Brighter World.

Reverend Doctor Joe Esposito.

P.S. Hail Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.