We Are Not Atheists, We Are Creators !

We Are Not Atheists, We Are Creators !

For too long we Creators have been called atheists. For too long we have been smeared and slandered by Christian name callers, and we are getting damned sick and tired of it. It is not good enough for us to merely take a defensive posture and say, “No, we are not atheists.” We do not accept the Christian’s derogatory epithets and labels. We are Creators. It is time for us to go on the offensive and no longer tolerate such nonsense. We must attack – attack their insidious and deceitful name-calling and in turn call their bluff. We must expose their trickery and treachery for what it is. The Jews, per se, and Christianity, (an off-shoot of Judaism) have one thing in common. They are both very clever with catch-words, epithets, trigger-words, labels, slogans, smear-words and character assassination. In short, they are today what they have always been — masters of deceit. The Jew’s and Christian’s main stock in trade is lying, and their supreme accomplishment is that they can do so convincingly. In order to destroy their enemies they have built up a whole vocabulary of smear words, trigger-words, which they believe need only to be uttered in order to devastate their enemies. Among their arsenal of weapons the Jews have concocted such gems as anti-Semite, bigot, racist, fascist, Nazi and a host of others. The Christians under the tutelage of Judaism have built an odious collection of their own. Among their stable of smearwords are such choice epithets as atheist, heathen, pagan, anti-Christ and a flock of others, in the true tradition of Jewish name-calling.

The favorite epithet the Christians like to subdue us with is to call us atheists. We Creators do not accept that description, because it is phony. It is a fictitious concept. All it really means is that you do not believe in the other fellow’s spooks. What spooks ? Whose version ? It doesn’t matter. Anybody’s spooks. If you don’t believe in the Jew spook, the Christian spook, the Moslem’s spook, or the African voodoo spook, you are an atheist, and the connotation is that you are evil. Furthermore, the inference is that if you don’t believe in some brand of spook, you don’t believe in anything. According to this inverted type of Christian “logic”. even a negro is “better” (for what ?) than an “atheist” who uses his good sense. After all, the negro has his voodoo and his witchdoctor and believes in some fuzzy set of undefined spooks. What’s more, he believes in the supernatural, and therefore believes in “something.” So he is a pretty good fellow, isn’t he, and therefore should escape the horrible fate of being categorized as an atheist. As long as you believe in “something”, meaning in the spooky domain, you’re alright, buddy. Well, we Creators do not believe in anybody’s spook, but we do not accept somebody else’s smear word either, as being descriptive of us. If the Christians want to indulge in name-calling, well, two can play that game.

To a Mohammedan, a Christian is an infidel, or better still, an infidel dog. Does the Christian accept the Mohammedan label ? To a Jew, a Christian is a goy or a goyim, which means cattle, or an animal. Does a Christian accept that ? (Some Christians are such Jew-lovers they will accept any dirt handed out by the Jews.) To the Black Muslims, Christians are White devils. How do you like that ? There are, of course, any number of other smear-words in all kinds of categories other than religious. In the ethnic field we find Italians being called wops or dagos, Hispanics called spics or greasers, who in turn call Americans gringos. Germans have been called krauts or Nazis, and the English have on a number of occasions been labeled “limeys”, Anglos and even as “perfidious Albion”. We said two (or more) can play the game of name-calling. Let us do a few numbers on the Christians that readily come to mind. We could call them spook-chasers, Jesus freaks, Jew-lovers, superstitious, gullible, irrational, mind perverts, anti-Nature, no earthly good, childish, and accuse them of indulging in mass insanity. We have more on our list, but for starters let them try those on for size. But let us get back to this “atheist” bit, and explain seriously why we do not accept it and why it is a deceptive fraud.

In the first place, it is a negative and meaningless description. It merely means you don’t believe in the other fellow’s spooks without saying anything positive about what we Creators do believe in, which is plenty. It is like asking Mr. Jones what his name is and he comes back and says it isn’t Brown or Smith or Garfinkle. OK, it’s none of those. In fact on the negative side, he could list most of a Manhattan telephone directory of what it isn’t. Or if you were asked to describe a lion, but you indulged in playing games instead and said “it” isn’t a bird, or a fish, or an eel, or a hippopotamus, without ever mentioning the word “lion”. That would be pretty stupid, would it not, since you could make up a list as long as your arm of what a lion is not. Or let’s take another example. If someone asked you where you lived and you answered negatively, “Well, I don’t live in London, or Timbuktu”. Alright, that eliminates two areas you don’t live in, but on the positive side that leaves a million other places and addresses you could live at, but have not positively specified. For the same reason, we resent Christians calling us atheists, which is purely negative. All it says is we don’t believe in their set of spooks. It further implies that since you don’t believe in their pet version of spooks, that you are an “unbeliever”, and don’t have any beliefs at all. Now it so happens that their spooks at best are extremely vague, undefined and unsubstantiated by any meaningful evidence. In fact, so vague and undefined are these fictitious concepts of their spooks that the Christians can’t agree amongst themselves as to what “it” is and have argued and fought wars over their “beliefs” amongst themselves for hundreds of years.

Not only is there rank confusion amongst the Christians about their concept of “god”, but also amongst all the other spook swindlers. The Christians have a three-way “god” — father, son and holy ghost, of which the Jewish Jehovah is 331/3 percent. The Jews on the other hand claim he is their own exclusive tribal god Yahweh, not for export, and don’t “believe” in the Christians other 66 2/3 percent of the pottage. The negroes say god is black, and the women’s libbers movement says god is a she, not a he. So take your choice, but if you don’t believe in any of the above mess the Christians will call you an atheist and what can be worse than being of sound mind and body ?

We Creators throw all this mess of garbage overboard and take the position as expressed by a little jingle (courtesy Angeline Bennett) loud and clear :

“For Thou shalt have no other gods”
Came forth the jealous call.
I’ll go a little further yet.
I’ll have no gods at all.

We Creators think it is a little ridiculous for superstitious, gullible yokels to try to intimidate us with name-calling because we don’t believe in their imaginary spooks, spirits, ghosts, demons, gremlins, fairies and what have you. We have no desire to be called a non-Christian any more than a lion wants to be called a non-mouse, or a non-insect, or a non-worm. In fact we are proud to be non-Christians for the same reason that a lion is proud to be a non-worm. But why not call a lion a lion ? We consider Christians to be unfortunate victims of Jewish mind altering, whose mind has been neutered in an operation similar to what a vet does to a dog or cat. But that hardly qualifies them to hang labels on us. We are proud not to believe in the Jews’, the Christians’ or anybody else’s spooks, for the same reason we are proud of not believing in Santa Claus, Mother Goose, leprechauns or the tooth fairy; and for similar reasons. We do not believe in any of that silly nonsense because there is not a scintilla of meaningful evidence to substantiate any of it. There are a lot of other things we don’t believe in because they aren’t true. We don’t believe the earth is flat because the overwhelming evidence indicates it is round. We don’t believe 2 x 2 makes 17 because the evidence is substantial that it makes 4. We could make a whole catalogue of other nonsense we don’t believe in but it would be childish and a silly waste of time. So our point is this : Why should the Christians pick one item from said catalogue of nonsense we don’t believe in and hang a label on us for not being gullible and superstitious, not to mention stupid. Isn’t it much more rational to categorize an individual for what he positively does believe in, same as it makes more sense to give your proper name rather than list fifty others as not being your name ? And we Creators do have plenty on the positive side that we do believe in.

It is all positively spelled out in our three basic books, Nature`s Eternal Religion, The White Man`s Bible and Salubrious Living, and we are proud of our comprehensive creed and programme. Some of the highlights of these beliefs are :

1) We believe in the Eternal Laws of Nature (which has nothing to do with vague and abstract concepts of artificial spooks, ghosts, etc.)
2) We believe that the White Race is Nature’s highest and finest creation, that we are Nature’s Elite, Nature’s aristocracy.
3) We believe in the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.
4) We believe in looking at all issues first and foremost through the eyes of the White Race — not the Jews’, negroes’, or spooks’.
5) Our Golden Rule is “What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.”
6) We believe that the White Race has been programmed by its Jewish enemies to pursue an idiotic and suicidal course of self destruction and unless the White Man’s mind is soon brought back to reality, the White Race will be wiped out by the exploding dark peoples of the world.
7) We believe The Church of Creativity has the Total Programme, the Ultimate Creed and the Final Solution to overcome the horrible catastrophe that is facing us today. We are determined to pursue that programme or die in the attempt.

These are a few of the basic beliefs we Creators share, but by no means is this the end of the list. On the positive side we also believe in the Sixteen Commandments as spelled out in Nature`s Eternal Religion and The White Man`s Bible. We believe in the Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny as spelled out on p. 410 of The White Man`s Bible. We believe in Salubrious Living and especially the 14 points as a programme towards a healthier life and better living. We believe in the 13 Articles for the Defense of the White Race as spelled out in The White Man`s Bible starting on p. 404. For the first time in its history the White Race now has a racial religion of its own. We call it a four dimensional religion because it takes in all aspects of living — A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. It is comprehensive, consistent, concise and complete. We are proud of having a system of tenets and beliefs that is constructive, is based on reality and does not insult the intelligence of Nature’s Finest. Furthermore, we are in harmony with the Laws of Nature and the universe we live in and we are willing to believe anything that is logical, substantiated by meaningful evidence, and will serve the best interests of the White Race. It is all spelled out in our three sacred books, clearly, logically and positively.

So get off our backs, you Jesus freaks and spook-chasers. If you will stop calling us names for what nonsense we Don`t believe in, we will stop calling you names for the nonsense that you claim you Do believe in.

(Racial Loyalty, Issue 4)

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