Rev. Ken Molyneaux

My Awakening
By Reverend Kenneth Molyneaux

During my high school days, I became racially aware as I noticed the vast differences between Whites and niggers. I realized that I preferred my own Race while abhorring the obnoxious behavior and stupidity of the inferior blacks. My high school was mostly White but there was a large population of blacks so that I could see first hand that the notion of equality was simply a fairy tale. Being in honor and AP classes, I saw first hand the superiority of the White Race as my classes were overwhelmingly White.

During this time, I became extremely interested in National Socialism and considered myself a Nazi although I wasn’t a part of any group. Since I only saw the problem of the nigger beasts, I thought that the White Race’s only problem was the blacks. I was totally oblivious to the Jewish problem as I didn’t know any Jews during my high school days nor did I read anything critical of them.

After I graduated high school, I proceeded to go to a local college where I was instantly barraged with multiculturalism and forced to read books sympathizing with the Jews in the “Holocaust.” I still wasn’t aware of the Jewish influence behind such propaganda though. College life came to bore me and I ceased going after almost a year.

The years in high school and college were somewhat gloomy for me as I was extremely pessimistic about life and didn’t see anything positive happening to the world. I wasn’t motivated to accomplish much of anything and generally stagnated for several years after college. I was unproductive and generally just drifting along until I managed to get online.

Getting on the internet was a breath of fresh air as I found a lot of information and many comrades who believed how I did. I learned of the Jews and much more about Race than I had ever known before. The most informative site I found, of course, was the World Church of the Creator site.

While I had some friends who were racist, they weren’t as racist as I was and would never act upon their instincts. Due to this, it was comforting finding White Racial Comrades online that felt as strongly as I did. I felt as though I wasn’t alone in the world and part of something bigger.

I decided that I had to contribute to the White Race in some way so I researched various organizations. For years I had had a disdain for Christianity, so the Klan and other Christian groups were marked off my list. I narrowed it down to two groups that seemed pretty similar to me at the time–the World Church of the Creator and the National Alliance. I initially chose the Church simply because dues were far cheaper but I realized later that I had made the right choice.

Even after joining the Church, I was still not productive and was as pessimistic as ever even though I had found others like me and was contributing in some way to our people. All this changed, however, when I finally decided to purchase the Holy Books of Creativity.

The reading of the Holy Books was the most important event in my life and completely turned my life around. After reading the inspiring, uplifting, and informative words of the great Ben Klassen, I was a totally new person. Pessimism turned to optimism, stagnation to upward mobility, and apprehension to boldness. I knew, after I finished reading, that I would become something great in life because Creativity unlocked the supreme potential inside me as a member of the grand and noble White Race.

I finally adopted the positive, dynamic, and healthy creed of Creativity while changing my diet dramatically to eliminate the poisons which so harms our bodies. All these changes transformed me into a crusader and I knew that I had to become a Minister within the Church to spread the message of the greatness of Creativity. I truly wish I could have thanked Ben Klassen but I know that by spreading the creed, I am honoring him and the White Race.

I am extremely interested in eugenics and the coming of the Superman so I drastically altered my lifestyle after Creativity. Since physical and mental health are interrelated, I realized that I must emphasize both. In addition to embracing the positive optimism of Creativity, I now read around one to three books a week to keep my mind sharp and to continue my education. Physically, I lift weights regularly and play sports like tennis for my aerobic health.

In essence, Creativity replaced my dismal and gloomy outlook of death and destruction with a vibrant brilliance of light and hope. I now have many things I wish to accomplish and I know that I will. By injecting such energy into my blood, I have already contributed by writing, spreading literature, making a TV show, talking with comrades, and, in general, spreading the word of Creativity. I have been attacked, arrested, and harassed for spreading the word of Creativity yet still the fire for my people burns intensely.

At the time of this writing, I am working on a book for the Church that will surely inspire our White Racial Comrades to contribute more for our people and hasten the realization of a Whiter, Brighter World. If Creativity affects someone half as much as it affected me, then that person will be truly improved and become a far better person. RAHOWA!

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