Rev.Dr Joe 2017.07

This morning, Reverend Cailen Cambeul of South Australia was surprised to receive a phone call from PM Joe Esposito in the Oregon Gulag. Reverend Cambeul reports that PM Joe had just been notified that he’s allowed phone calls again and had $16 remaining on his phone account. So Joe called Reverend Cambeul in Australia and they had a quick 10 minute chat.

PM Joe’s down to sixteen months to go before release.

His JOG captors have ordered both of them to cease using terminology the Gulags do not approve of – they can’t even speak of Reverend Cambeul’s dog, Nigger, without the mail being blocked. Now that they are complying with the Gulag rules, PM Joe’s captors now claim that the two Creators are talking in a code. Of course, the captors are finding it impossible to break that code because THERE IS NO CODE!

PM Joe demanded to know why his captors only block mail to White Prisoners and leave the niggers alone. His captors didn’t like that and so they searched his cell and claimed to have found a knife. They were going to put him in the Schu, but Joe pushed that he wanted the State Police involved – he wanted the knife fingerprinted. His captors dropped the charges.

When we send mail to prisoners via we pay for a sent Reply Sheet. That means the prisoner is able to reply by writing his response on a standard A4 sheet of paper, which his JOG captors then scan and forward to you. PM Joe hasn’t been getting his mail or his Reply Sheets. The (anti-White) Gang Lieutenant has assured Joe that this will no longer happen, and if any mail is blocked, he will still receive the pre-paid Reply Sheet and notification of the blocked mail. Neither PM Joe nor Reverend Cambeul believe it.

In October, PM Joe’s captors are planning to review his sentence and decide whether or not to deport him back to Florida’s Gulags. Joe told them that he’d only have fourteen months to go and they can ship him to the moon for all he cares; it’s only fourteen months!

PM Joe’s also going to need somewhere to live when he gets out. He can go anywhere in America … Any volunteers to help our PM get settled?

Write to PM Joe today: