Superstition And Gullibility – The Achilles Heel Of The White Race

Over the last two thousand years, two negative characteristics in the minds of the White Race have perhaps caused it more damage than any other. These two defects are its vulnerability to (a) superstition, and (b) gullibility. Not that the White Race is more susceptible to those flaws of the mind than the dark races. Not at all. It is even probably less so, but the consequences of these shortcomings for the highly advanced White Race have been a thousand times more disastrous than for the dark peoples. These two childish and stupid characteristics are especially strange and humiliating for the noble White Race, whose mental, cultural, creative and productive capabilities have proven so far superior to those of any and all the dark races, there is no comparison.

What is superstition ? What is gullibility ? Are they interrelated ?

Taking the last question first; we find that in order to be superstitious it is to be gullible per se. However, a person can be gullible in certain other areas without being superstitious. Superstition basically is believing in a supernatural “world,” that is, a world outside of Nature and its laws. Primarily these beliefs revolve around a “world” of spirits, ghosts and spooks, which mean basically the same thing, and as a term of derision we will refer to this whole mess of spirits and ghosts as “spooks.” This world of spooks is further expanded into good guys and bad guys; into “holy” ghosts, gods, goddesses, angels, seraphins; and the “bad” spooks, lucifers, witches, demons, devils, and a host. of other lesser spooks. The field of demonology is a whole subject unto itself about which whole volumes of idiotic books have been written. Needless to say, no one except perhaps a refugee from a nut-house has ever seen a “demon.” As far as the gods in this spook world are concerned, certain authors have catalogued as many as 30,000 individual gods that a superstitious and gullible mankind has concocted, worshipped, and foolishly believed in, over the milleniums. Evidently this “second world” is a world that has its own set of jumbled laws reserved for the spooks and spirits. Obviously, they contradict and defy Nature’s Laws. Nobody seems to have bothered to define under what kind of laws these spooks operate, and anything goes, it seems. Like in all fairy tales, these spooks can pull whatever “miracles”‘out of a hat that an over-active imagination can conceive. They apparently exist in a world apart from the real universe, apart from the real world.

The most incredible fact about this whole spook world of gods, demons, angels, and what have you, is that there is not, a shred of evidence to substantiate their existence, except as fantasies in the minds of the superstitious and gullible. The latter sentence pretty well explains the meaning of gullibility, as if it needed any explaining. Gullibility, essentially, is believing, having faith in something that isn’t so, and furthermore, something for which there is no evidence, or at least insufficient evidence to warrant our credibility. Yet strange as it may seem, in today’s modern and scientific world, neither gullibility nor superstition has abated much over that of the Dark Ages when these twin aberrations of the mind ran rampant. Nor are gullibility and superstition the exclusive domain of the stupid and uneducated, although there is a strong relationship to the “poor in spirit.” Christians, who will pity the “poor, deluded” Hindu for believing cows are holy, will themselves hold fast and unquestioning to their “faith.” And basically their faith consists of their belief in their own brand of spooks, “holy ghosts” and demons. They will swear on the “holy” bible and their belief in all the ludicrous stories of their favourite spooks in the sky, of “pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die,” or of how you will “fry-in-the-sky-when-you-die,” and all the rest of this silly nonsense. Strangely enough, even some otherwise intelligent men and women fall prey to this kind of superstition, even brag about how great and wonderful is their “deep and abiding faith” in this silly nonsense, when they should know better.

So let us examine the word “faith” in its inherent essentials. Webster has a number of definitions. The one most cogent to our discourse is the one that describes “Faith : a firm or unquestioning belief in something for which there is no proof.” That pretty well says it all, but we will tie it down further. Since “proof’ is really a debatable conclusion and exists (like beauty) only in the eyes of the beholder, we would say that faith is having a firm or unquestioning belief in something for which there is little or no meaningful evidence, and therefore, neither deserves or warrants our acceptance. For instance, there is good and sufficient evidence to believe that two and two makes four. There is no evidence to believe it makes seventeen. Therefore, a person coming to the conclusion that two and two makes four arrives at a rational conclusion. A person “preferring to believe” as a “matter of faith” that it makes seventeen is irrational and a person believing two and two makes seventeen because he was told to believe it by his priest is both gullible and irrational. Around these miserable flaws of the human mind – superstition and gullibility – have been built vast empires and unholy superstructures called religions that have plagued the human race since the dawn of history. It is partially understandable that the primitive savage, being dumb, ignorant and devoid of understanding and whose reasoning powers were extremely limited, would make bumbling attempts to explain the phenomena of Nature, phenomena he could not understand. Since he had neither accumulated sufficient facts, nor had the intelligence to properly interpret and correlate what little semblance of facts he had, he took short-cuts to explain the phenomena of the world around him. Through fear of the unknown, because of his lack of reason and understanding, because he was naturally superstitious, primitive man conceived of gods and spirits about him that he believed controlled events and controlled his destiny.

The primitive savage invented a god or spirit or spook for all the whims of Nature. There were rain spirits, lightning gods, sea gods, spirits in waterfalls, gods of war, gods of fertility – gods – spooks and spirits – of which at least 30,000 have been catalogued by some enterprising souls. The fertility of the human mind to conjure up spooks is almost endless and has been one of his most enduring and abiding passions over the ages. Unfortunately for mankind, the primitive savage also believed that these spooks had arbitrary, capricious and unlimited control over his welfare and destiny. Inevitably the next development was that through fear and awe of these spooks – spooks he himself had created in his own mind, he began to supplicate to these imaginary spooks. He tried to flatter them, to talk to them, to appease them, to kow-tow to them, pray to them and in general, let his obsession with them dominate his life. Some primitive societies, (and some not so primitive) became so obsessed with the fear and appeasement of their innate spooks, that they became the main preoccupation of their thoughts, time and energies. Unfortunately and inevitably, there are always those scoundrels who were shrewd enough to see through the hoax of the spooks and take advantage of the situation. As a result, organized religion developed, manned by a tightly organized priesthood who were now in a position to amplify their subjects’ fear of the mysterious spooks, perpetuate such superstitions, and thereby organize, control and fleece their hapless victims.

Basically, this is the development of the “Spooks in the Sky” swindle to this very day. It holds true not only of the savage Fiji Islanders of today, but equally so of the Christian religion. Unfortunately, the latter is the basic religion of the White Race today, fractured and splintered as that religion may be. It is especially hard to believe that the White Race, being as intelligent and advanced as it is, that it would still be enmeshed in the same superstitious belief in the spook world as are the most primitive savages of today, or as were our aborigine ancestors of past milleniums. It is even more unfortunate for the White Man that this control over his mind through belief in spooks should be foisted upon him by his mortal enemies, the treacherous Jew. Yes, it was the eternal parasite upon the back of mankind, the Jew, who wrote the White Man’s so called “Holy Book,” invented his religion for him, disseminated and propagated it first among the Romans, and now has poisoned the White Man’s mind with this primitive, poisonous superstition in order to control his mind, control his destiny, and to destroy the great White Race itself. As we have shown, the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage even brags about it. How ironic ! How tragic ! How stupid of us to succumb to this silly spooks-in-the-sky story, for the perpetuation of which the White Race is fleeced to the tune of more than 20 billion dollars a year in the United States alone. This does not include the indirect damage done to us in impairing our ability to think straight, the damage done in loss of time spent in these Jewish houses of spook worship called churches, in damage done in diverting us from our main purpose in life – the survival, expansion and advancement of our own race – and promoting our own best interests.

In keeping the Christian religion in its proper perspective, we must first of all remember that the White Race had created civilization long before Christianity ever came along. The great (White) Egyptian civilization had existed fully three thousand years before Christianity raised its ugly head. In fact by the time of the appearance of Christianity the Egyptians were well on their way to disintegration because they had allowed their gene pool to become poisoned by mixing with the black Nubians to the south. The Phoenician civilization, the Persian, the Mycenean, the Greek and the great Roman civilization, all White, all flourished long before Christianity intruded on their pagan beauty. Christianity certainly did not create civilization, but rather pulled it down and disintegrated it into that long and wretched period known as the Dark Ages. The second thing we must remember is that the White Race had established itself biologically as a racial entity not only thousands, but tens of thousands of years before it was ever civilized. And this is the crux of the matter : we, the White Race, were a biological entity – We were the White Race – long before either civilization or Christianity appeared on the face of this planet. And that, my dear White Racial Comrades, is the most important, the most precious, the most enduring fact of our existence. We have already told the story elsewhere of how the Jews invented Christianity and foisted it on the Romans in order to destroy them. It is the purpose of this chapter to show what part superstition and gullibility have played in helping the Jew bring about this disease of the mind called Christianity. It is our further purpose to make our White Racial Comrades aware of the fact that intelligent as they may be, they are not immune from this historical flaw that has plagued mankind from the primitive savage to the advanced civilization of the White Man today.

Therefore, let us realize that the “spooks-in-the-sky” story as presented by Christianity, Mormonism, or any other religion, is a vicious hoax and fraud; that it is a primitive throw-back to the superstitions of our savage ancestors; that it is a dangerous affliction of the mind. Let us get our thinking crystal clear and distinguish between reality and fantasy. Let us draw a sharp, distinct line between the real world and the world of fantasy. It is this ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy that distinguishes sane, rational people from the insane. Many inmates of insane asylums once might have been highly intelligent people. But once their rationality has broken down to where they no longer know the difference between what is real and what are daydreams, fantasies, illusions, nightmares, spirits, spooks phantoms and other figments of the imagination, then they are insane. When We speak of the insane, we must realize that there are different degrees and that some people are strangely insane only in certain areas. We must also distinguish between those people who have normal intelligence or better, and those who were born idiots or imbeciles in the first place. We are not here concerned with the latter, for whom there never was any hope or future in the first place. We are concerned about our White Racial Comrades who have an abundance of intelligence but through the Spookcraft religions (such as Christianity) have had their minds warped to where they cannot distinguish between the real world and the world of fantasy (spooks-in-the-sky).

We Creators categorically deem the “spooks-in-the-sky” story as crazy and unreal, and Christianity, per se, as mass insanity, a wholesale swindle. To this charge our Christianized victims will throw this challenge back at us : you can’t prove that there aren’t any Holy Ghosts in the sky, that there isn’t a god, or a heaven or a hell, or that Jesus Christ didn’t live on earth, was crucified, arose from the dead, was resurrected, went back to heaven, etc. To which we Creators reply : we don’t have to prove that your claims, your dream world, is pure fantasy. We don’t have to prove that the world of spooks, ghosts and demons doesn’t exist. If it exists, the burden of proof is upon you, and in five thousand years that the human race has been building civilization, you have not produced one shred of proof that any court of law would consider valid evidence for the existence of a spook world. Courts of law (and rational people) have realized the core of the argument that the burden of proof is on the party affirming (that is, making the claim) not the party denying. For example, if somebody accuses you of being a sexual deviate, it is up to the party affirming (making the claim) to show evidence, rather than you to go to great lengths to prove their claim isn’t so. Even if you did go to great lengths of character testimony, etc., you still couldn’t prove their charge was false. On their part they have presented no evidence, only made a claim. Why should you be put to the burden of trying to disprove their claim ? Isn’t it more logical that before any claim needs to be even considered, much less be disproven, that the party making the claim should first present meaningful evidence to substantiate their claim ?

Yes, every honest court in the world agrees on this self-evident premise. The burden of the proof is on the party affirming (making the claim) not the party denying. So logical and self-evident is this principle that the early Romans, who were practical, intelligent and realistic, as early as 450 B.C. imbedded this principle in their basic code of laws. The Twelve Tables, the basis of Roman law for a thousand years, said in part : the burden of proof is on the party affirming, not the party denying. That principle is still as sound today as it was over twenty-four centuries ago when the Romans laid it down as a basis of law and common sense. Applying this principle to the crowd that claims there are spooks in the skies, it is up to them to provide hard evidence, rather than make a wild claim, and challenge us to “disprove” it. When we Creators face these pie-in-the-sky Christians with the logic that it is not up to us to disprove their hocus-pocus claims about their spooks in the sky but up to them to present hard, meaningful proof, they then retreat to a new line of defense. Their argument then goes something like this : I can believe what I want to, and you can believe what you want to. True. We are not denying anybody their right to believe in anything they want to. They can indulge in any fantasy about spooks in the sky if they see fit. On the other hand, if we think they have overstepped the bounds of sanity in their obsession about the non-existent spooks in the sky, we are going to pass judgment on them, the same way we would about any other inmate in a nut-house who unfortunately can no longer distinguish between reality and his world of fantasy. And this is the real dividing line between the sane and the insane. There are any number of people in asylums who have, or had at one time, a high intelligence. The main derangement of their mind is that they can no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy. And this is exactly the case with the spook-loving Christians. They babble about their Super-Spook in the sky, implore him to grant them special favours, protect them from evil, save their souls from the (also imaginary) fiery pit, pray and hold long (one way) conversations with their imaginary spook (or spooks) in the sky when they would get equivalent response if they were talking to a hot rock.

We Creators take the position that some of the fundamental earmarks of sanity is to be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy, to be able to think logically and rationally, and to base all this thinking and logic on meaningful evidence. We furthermore take the position that we will oppose, expose and denounce those who in our good judgment are behaving and expounding about a fantasy world of spookcraft, the same as if they were insane about any other subject. The fact that they dress their insanity in the all inclusive cloak of “religion” is not going to buy them any immunity, as far as we are concerned. We deem these spook-in-the-sky stories as mass insanity whether they go under the guise of Christianity or any other pretext. We will be especially aggressive and articulate about our opposition if we see that indulgence in such nonsense is harmful to our precious White Race. We Creators believe that this world is the only one that our breed of man has ever inhabited, and for the forseeable future, ever will. We believe this world and the universe is real and that in this universe this Planet Earth is our home and our only home, and it behooves us to make the most of it. We believe all this because the evidence is real, meaningful and overwhelming that this is so. On the other hand, there is not a scintilla of evidence for the Christians’ far-fetched claims that there are spooks in the skies flitting about, lurking over our shoulders, taking notes on our every move and controlling our destiny on earth. Nor is there a shred of meaningful evidence to support the claim that these spooks in the sky will relegate our souls to a fiery pit or some vague heaven after our death. Such idiotic claims are only based on myths, lies and hearsay that would be thrown out of any court of law as meaningless and inadmissable hearsay. Nobody, least of all the Christians themselves, knows who wrote all this silly trash about the spooks-in-the-sky.

The spooks in the sky story would be ridiculously funny to us Creators, had not the consequences of this sickness of the mind been disastrously catastrophic to the welfare of the White Race, as Marcus Eli Ravage has pointed out. Whereas nobody knows who wrote the Jewish-Christian bible, we do know it was written by our deadly enemies, the treacherous Jews. How and why they used Christianity to destroy the great and noble Roman civilization we have already detailed in a previous chapter – a tragic story that makes interesting reading indeed.’sBible.pdf

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