Survives Attack By Four Black Gunmen

“The ‘robber’ is fighting for his life in hospital after his victim – who is too terrified to have his name published – shot him to defend his daughter from the gunmen shortly after four blacks attacked the girl, 22, and her boyfriend shortly after 21h00 on Sunday. The boyfriend had just dropped off the daughter at her house when the four armed black men stopped behind them in a luxury black BMW. “Three of the men went to the driver’s since and plucked my boyfriend from the car, he pleading with them to leave us alone,’ said the daughter. “Just take the car but leave us alone,’ he said while I started screaming for my dad inside to come and help. One of the thugs tried to close my mouth with his hand but I fought back’. Another thug tried to grab my handbag but I clung on and he dragged me around trying to get me back into the car. “I saw my mom rushing from our house just as the man beat me and kicked me in the mouth.’ “When I saw my mom I got the strength to flee, even though one of the thugs chased my mom and me down the road.

The father said if his daughter hadn’t screamed as loud as she could, ‘things would have been very different’. “When I heard my daughter screaming, I fetched my gun, rushed outside while my wife and daughter ran past me, back inside – but her boyfriend was still outside. I took a peek back and saw one robber running up to get into our house, and he fired his gun at me. I fired three shots and one hit him in the head. His comrades fled without him.” While the robber lay bleeding on his driveway, the man’s cellphone rang at least 20 times – “I kicked away his 9mm handgun and held my firearm on him, and while he was lying there, bleeding, he took out his cellphone and answered it. I could not believe it…’ The family feels very unsafe, fearing that the comrades will come back and kill them. SAPS spokesman said the shot robber is in a critical condition in a hospital. The police have confiscated the suspect’s firearm and two cellphones he had with him and they have not arrested the other three comrades.


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