Rev.Dr Joe 2009.10

October 23, 36AC (3rd Era)

Racial loyalist Greetings,

This letter is for all members of the Creativity Alliance, to ensure that membership in the Church grows and our members gain acceptance as the Creativity Alliance, by all Creators, as well as the entire Racial Loyalist Movement as a whole.  We must unite and build the church exactly as P.M. Ben Klassen intended it to be.  He gave us all the answers we Creators need to make sure the Church is run properly and that it is successful.  We just need to turn to our Holy Books for guidance, inspiration, and instructions.  Ben Klassen gave us the foundation upon which we were expected to build Creativity as an organic religious movement.  He expected us to help build and grow our racial religion, to use our Holy Books and make it work.  As long as the basic foundation, i.e. the Creed and Program remains the same and was never altered.  It does not matter how we pursue the program as long as we stick to the Creed and follow that Program.  Everything Ben Klassen taught us was correct and we true Creators must ensure that his teachings are set in stone as the foundation of the Creativity Alliance, never to be altered or changed.

We Creators must build and use the spirit and intentions of his teachings as we begin to build the Creativity Alliance and expand our organization as it once was.  Any violations of trust by our members or abuse of leadership positions should and will result in excommunication from the church.   

Our Church has gone through some changes, we lost our founder Ben Klassen, then Reverend Matt Hale, who took the Racialist Movement to prominence after Ben’s death.  When Rev. Hale took over, he was successful in spreading the word of Creativity and uniting the members of our Church as one, converting masses of White people to our Cause.  Then ZOG decided they had enough of him, so rather than doing a Bob Matthews on him and making him a martyr, they set him up on a trumped up charge  which they were sure to get a conviction and sent him to the gulags for 40 years.

The lost of Rev. Hale was the disintegration of the Church.  This exposed the weakness in our organizational structure, this did not come by any inherent flaw in the Creed of Creativity but rather in fact that the teachings of our beloved founder Ben Klassen were not being followed correctly.  We Creators must never betray the vision of Ben Klassen.  We are now the Creativity Alliance.

Our great founder Ben Klassen stated the following:

A Call to action from founder Ben Klassen

“Yes, whether we like it or not, we are today engulfed in a major world wide revolution that constitutes a major turning point in the history of the human race and the outcome will either be a catastrophe of gigantic proportions or it will usher in a new age of greatness and well being for the human race.  Not only will the future course of the human race be drastically affected, but the global environment as well.  It will depend on which sides wins.  If the evil forces led by the Jews are victorious, future humanity is doomed to ten thousands of years of slavery, misery, and bestiality.  A situation from which there is no reversal and from which it can never recover.  If on the other hand, the White Race wins led by the program and vision of the Church of the Creator, a bright and beautiful new world will emerge.  It will be a world of grandeur and beauty.  A world of continuing advancement, of culture, economic and genetic well being.  The outcome my dear White Racial Comrades, depends completely on how hard you struggle to bring about victory.” 

Ben Klassen, Founder and first Pontifex Maximus
Church of the Creator
55PC – 20AC

These are our founder’s words and we Creators must unite again build a world center, and put the Creativity Alliance on the front line once again working with the Creativity Alliance.  Through the years as a white racialist, I have had the great honor to meet and become friends with numerous leaders in our movement, Major Donald V. Clerkin, Pastor Richard Butler, Wyatt Kaldenburg, David Lane, Pastor R. Miles, Carles Messick III (COTC), Matt Kahl, and of course, P.M. Ben Klassen.  I have followed his teachings for over 25 years and never once forgotten our Golden Rule, “We believe that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.”  I have always put my Race before everything else.  At an early age growing up in the streets of New York, I was in an all white European gang fighting against niggers and the spic muds.  My first prison sentence was for shooting a police officer in the hand during a racial incident with niggers.  Today, I am in prison for the supposed killing of a jew, our greatest enemy, the parasites who have plotted the destruction of our Race for centuries.  We Creators are committed to bringing the message of Creativity to all of our White Racial Comrades regardless of our station in life.  We never forget about our brothers and sisters who are behind bars.  We know that Creativity improves the lives of all that embraces it.  It is little wonder Creativity is the religion of choice among or comrades in prison.  Some of our best Creators are in prison, we will not quit!  Nor will we accept defeat!  We are the loyal members of the Creativity Alliance!

Creativity has brought me love of Nature’s Finest, I strive on doing my part for the survival, expansion and advancement of our noble White Race.  I expand my mind with our Racial Religion (Our Race is or Religion) and more effective fighting for the survival of our Noble Race.   To this day I can never get enough of Creativity, all I want to do is read more and more and learn as much as I can to show other Creators where I had made mistakes.

Our enemies grow stronger everyday while the White Race stands idly by.  The nigger Nation of Islam is one of the fastest growing religion in the world.  Remember their members are sand niggers and Afro-American niggers.  Another major problem or issue that is facing White America is the growing number of muds (mestizos) flooding our nation, taking away jobs from White people.  I am speaking of the Mexican muds mostly that are crossing our borders like a swarm of locusts, with the blessings of the parasite jew, I might add.  Our cities look like scenes out of National Geographic, resembling Mexico City or Calcutta.  The armed forces are now more than 60% non-white, high tech jobs are going overseas, our universities are filling up with Asians, niggers and other muds.  The media preaches a steady stream of “minority rights”, telling our young whites they must share their country with this trash.

The same message is spread into each and every White country in the world except the eastern block nations.  As white people are mugged, burglarized, raped and hustled by niggers and muds everyday, yet white sheeple join organizations that threaten the future of  our Race.  Just look at Bongo sitting in the White House!  I am a lot older than most of the Creators today so I will tell you the loudest proponents of hatred against the Republic of South Africa were white students when have been mistreated by niggers and muds in America.  They wanted to bring the pleasures and benefits of racial integration to the RSA so the whites could be raped and murdered too.  Just look what the sub humans have done to the once white South Africa.  White People Awake!  Save the White Race!  Creators Unite!

We Creators, with the Creed and Program of Creativity,  working with the Creativity Alliance can do it.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Dying nations usually begin to act irrationally, sometimes violently, sometimes apathetic.  The once proud white nation of America seems to be in the apathetic stage of destruction.  The Creativity Alliance realizes that we cannot force the white masses to take thought for their racial future, but we Creators mean to save our own racial future – at any cost, no matter what it takes.  We refuse to accept the racial assaults that the sheeple seem to delight in receiving. 

I am going to end this, so if you want to survive as a White Racial Family, you must withdraw from the cesspool society that is swirling up around Whites who are mesmerized and unwilling to protect their racial interests and join the fight to save our Race.  Join the one and only Racial Religion for White people only, join the Creativity Alliance!  Ra Ho Wa!

For a Whiter and Brighter World,

Rev. Joe Esposito

October 23, 2009

Creativity Alliance (3rd Era)

For any feedback, contact Rev. Joe Esposito or PM Cambeul of the Creativity Alliance.