Only the CA Can Stay True!

By Brother James Lewis

No other ideology can save the White Race but Creativity! Creativity is the total creed and program for the protection, salvation and advancement of the greatest species to ever live upon the Earth. Any group that compromises White Racial Loyalty to gain ‘acceptance’ with the sheeple is NOT a group worthy of support. Any group that holds ANY man who screwed up as a ‘god’ is NOT worthy of support. Only the Creativity Alliance can spread the true faith correctly. Only the Creativity Alliance stands against the kosher CONservatives and their right-wing fakery. Let us give 110% to this cause and this Church. Let us give no compromise to the enemies of truth. Let us fight as the Ancient Europeans of old did.

Today we see compromise everywhere. Trump has caused the right-wing scum to come out of the woodwork. And many WRL’s are supporting these twits. Never forget, my comrades, that these are the same people who bombed Dresden and later passed laws to strip the White Race of its rights. Stop supporting these bastards! Stand true, stand tall, and stand for the White Race…

When I see groups that change their logos so they can ‘fit into the main stream’, it makes me sick! These cowards are not true WRL’s. They are the lemmings who believe that voting ‘works’. These are the morons who support kosher CONservatives who attack science, women’s rights and logic with right-wing Christ-insanity, run away capitalism and nationalist division. These are the filth that perpetuate the MYTH of nordacism!

These are bad times. Dangerous and sick times. But our faith, the true faith, shall give us the strength to continue to stand up to the sideways thinking of the modern befuddled mind… That is why I continue to stand up against the fakers, even though it has harmed my activism efforts. It may harm my activism, but at least I ain’t a sellout! Never have been and I never will be. And that you can bank on, my comrades.


Brother James Lewis,
Church of Creativity Pennsylvania.

2 Augustus 44 AC (2017 CE)

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