Zuma : If ANC Goes Gown, So Will SA

Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday admitted that the ANC had been shaken and was in trouble. “The youth league has been shaken but also the mother body has been shaken,” he told delegates at the ANC Youth League consultative conference in Soweto, Johannesburg. “We admit that the organisation is in trouble.” Zuma was referring to discussions held by the African National Congress’s combined national working committee and national executive committee meeting on Tuesday. “I can guarantee you that if everything goes wrong with the ANC, everything will go wrong in this country. There is no doubt about it.” Zuma urged youth league members to defend the African National Congress. Before Zuma arrived, delegates sang songs praising the president, “lead us Zuma”, they sang in isiZulu. When he entered the hall the ANC Youth League delegates cheered and started to sing “Umshini wam” (bring me my machine gun).


Finally the end of the “rainbow nation” is in sight, and they are admitting it. As a matter of fact, there never was a “rainbow nation”. Zuma`s words come as no surprise to White Racialists who have been preparing for this collapse for over a decade, but we do not agree that we`ll go down with your communist scum movement, as a matter of fact, we need the current regime to collapse in order to survive. With over 13 000 “delivery strikes” this year and Eskom on the verge of collapse, Zuma will soon be hiding in his Nkandla, but any soldier knows that a cave is a death-trap. From the ashes of the communist who have slaughtered thousands of farmers, the white traitors who have stabbed White Racialists in the back and still do, and the ANC-paid agent provocateurs who still cause division by arguing about who is Boer and who is Afrikaner, and who still adhere to their Dark Age religious fanaticism believing the jew is white, the chosen, etc. To all these moron tools we say the following – you cannot stop our coming, and on your ashes we`ll built a Brighter and Whiter World – RaHoWa !

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