Fear And Terror As Christianity’s Ultimate Weapon

There are certain human emotions that stir men into action. Among these are love, hate and anger. There are certain emotions that paralyze and incapacitate. The foremost among these are fear, panic and confusion. In this chapter we want to focus on the phenomenon of fear and how the diabolical Jewish mind-manipulators have utilized this treacherous weapon to the hilt, have capitalized on this human frailty and used it as a powerful weapon to intimidate, to paralyze, to whip their victims into line in order to enslave them. Fears can be real, or they can be imaginary. A real fear is one that is based on a real and imminent threat of danger. For example, if a criminal who has broken into your house is holding a gun at your head threatening to kill you, your fear is based on reality. On the other hand, if you have a fear of a spook in the sky that no one has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt, then such fear in all likelihood is based on fantasy and is unreal.

Real fears are a helpful protective device that Nature has built into most creatures as an aid in the eternal struggle for survival. Unreal fears are a form of psychosomatic sickness and are detrimental to the physical and mental health of its victims. They do more than unnecessarily make such people sick. They warp their personalities, paralyze their activities, and make them easy prey in submitting to the will of even weaker and inferior enemies. In short, fear can be and is a perfect tool with which a weaker adversary can enslave a stronger. Most people’s fears are imaginary. Most fears are unreal and unreasonable. The latter can be termed as phobias. There are any number of unreal and unreasionable phobias with which different people are afflicted – fear of heights; claustrophobia; fear of snakes; fear of failure; fear of success; fear of rejection; fear of love; fear of disease (hypochondria); fear of going insane; fear of the future; and a thousand other fears, most of which are in part, or wholly, imaginary.

One of the oldest and most universal phobias that has afflicted mankind through the tens of thousands of years going back to the Stone Age is the fear of imaginary ghosts, fear of the Unseen. In his ignorant attempt to explain the Unknown, man invented ghosts, spirits, demons and spooks by the thousands. All of them were attributed with supernatural powers, and most of them were deemed as hostile and malevolent. They were insanely feared, catered to, and endless attempts were made to placate them. It is this phobia, this fear of spooks in the sky (and elsewhere) that is the basis of practically all of history’s endless religions. Into this murky picture of fears, phobias and superstitions stepped the wily Jew, to aggravate and amplify existing fears and to capitalize on them to the hilt. These master mind-manipulators of all time harnessed the full potential of all such inherent fears and exploited those fears and phobias of other peoples in order to enslave them. As their ultimate weapon they invented the ultimate horror concept of all time – the concept of hell – the concept of torturing and burning people’s “souls” in a fiery pit in all eternity. In the next chapter we want to examine this horrible concept further and if possible measure the misery and havoc it has wreaked on the gullible White Race, and, in fact, drastically altered the course of our once illustrious history.


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