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25AC (1998CE): Due to a personality clash, Reverend Hale expels the leading members of the Florida arm of the Church, (all Klassen era Creators) including the popular Reverend Guy Lombardi and Reverend Fettu. Reverend Lombardi later said in the last days before his death in 39AC from a heart attack, “Hale did not like me because I did my job too damn well and that scared the hell out of him.” Other Klassen era Creators leave in support of Reverend Lombardi.

More Klassen era Creators leave having taken issue with Reverend Hale marrying a sixteen year old girl. Creators whom previously supported the marriage leave after Reverend Hale almost immediately arranges for the marriage to be annulled.

27AC (2000CE): Although P.M.E. Klassen’s Church of the Creator and its successors are not related to the Oregon based Christian group,`TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation’, TE-TA-MA adopts the name Church of the Creator for itself in the 1980’s and registers a trademark for the name in the 1990’s. In 27AC, TE-TA-MA files a lawsuit against the World Church of the Creator for breach of trademark. The group, TE-TA-MA, appear to act as a front for the Jewish supremacist organization, the Anti-Defamation League.

28AC (2001CE): September 11 – Reverend Hale declares the World Trade Center attacks to be a good thing. Creators from New York City and New Jersey working with Emergency and Recovery Services immediately disavow Reverend Hale and quit the World Church of the Creator. Most will return to Creativity again after Reverend Hale’s arrest and the demise of the World Church of the Creator.

29AC (2002CE): Reverend Deardorff and other Guardians of the Faith vote to remove Reverend Hale from office, citing reckless behavior and cultish tendencies. Reverend Hale in turn expels Reverend Deardorff and the other members of the Guardians of the Faith Committee, who go on to form the Northwest Church of the Creator. Considering them to be a threat to his personal authority, Reverend Hale also turns against other remaining members from Ben Klassen’s premier Church of the Creator within his new World Church of the Creator by refusing to acknowledge their rights and status as Creators and appoints his own people in their place. In protest, members of the Montreal Church of the Creator (Reverend Fettu’s original group and where he will return after being deported from the U.S.), abandon Reverend Hale’s group en masse. Church Members who belong to other groups such as the National Alliance, Blood & Honour and others also abandon Reverend Hale. In response, Reverend Hale appoints a sixteen year old Anglophone boy, Brother Alexander, as the Creator Head of Montreal. Although disliked by French-Canadian Creators, the boy is left alone until Reverend Hale’s skinheads later threaten him, causing him to abandon Creativity in 30AC. The boy was no longer a part of Reverend Hale’s plan.

After an initial win for the World Church of the Creator with Judge Joan Lefkow, the decision is appealed by TE-TA-MA, and in November 29AC, in a reversal of the previous ruling, a panel of three judges in the appeals court refer to the World Church of the Creator as a “Hate Group” overturning the previous decision by Judge Lefkow. On November 19, Judge Lefkow enforces the appeals court injunction in favor of TE-TA-MA. The Church is given thirty days to “deliver (…) for destruction (…) all” printed and other materials bearing the infringing marks, thereby barring the use of the name “Church of the Creator” by adherents of Creativity and forcing another name change. Judge Lefkow also denies The Church’s request to stay enforcement of the court’s order pending appeal.

30AC (2003CE): In January, while entering a Chicago court house to answer for refusal to change the name, World Church of the Creator, Reverend Hale is arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy to murder Judge Lefkow. Reverend Hale is later found guilty and sentenced to forty years in a Federal penitentiary as a Domestic Terrorist.

Later in the year, under pressure from the FBI and Reverend Hale’s skinheads, leading Church Officers resign from their positions in the World Church of the Creator, going on to form the first of many small independent groups known as the Church of Creativity. Having lasted a mere seven years, the now defunct World Church of the Creator’s formal structure collapses. Many more Creators also go their own way forming their own local Creativity based churches, social clubs and (White Man’s) Bible Reading Groups. One such group is the White Crusaders of the Church/RaHoWa (WCOTC/WCOTR) — a name originally coined by members of the Church of the Creator and later utilized by Reverend Cailen Cambeul of South Australia, which will later become the foundation of the Creativity Alliance. The various groups adapt Creativity to their own particular needs thereby revolutionizing Creativity from a centralized and heavily structured organization to an open and ever evolving religion that belongs not to a single group or entity, but to the entire White Race.

Finally in December, the Northwest Church of the Creator dissolves. The Missoula (Montana) based Northwest Church of the Creator throughout its short existence remains separate from the Illinois based World Church of the Creator (See 29AC above). At its head were Reverends Slim Deardorff, Dan Hassett as Hasta Primus and Dane Hall of California as Church Leader. Soon after, Reverend Hassett left and “Karl” John Haase took over as Hasta Primus. In an act of treachery, Haase takes the keys to a storage facility containing thousands of first print Creator Holy Books and sells them to the Montana Human Rights Network for the sum of $300 plus a bus ticket out of the state. The local sheriff’s office are complicit in the crime in that they help to facilitate the deal. Montana Human Rights Network in a sacrilegious act of hatred turns thousands of books into a so-called art exhibit called Speaking Volumes Art: Transforming Hate.

30AC through to 34AC sees an intense period when skinheads – under the explicit direction of Reverend Hale in prison – attempt to seize Creativity for themselves through the exclusion of all others, and transform Creativity into a “Prison Gang on the Street.” This leads to Reverend Hale’s appointed prison representative in California, Mike Todd, being placed in Prison Protection, as the attempt to transform Creativity into a Prison Gang was not welcomed by existing Prison Gangs. Fearing for his safety, Todd cooperates with the FBI. The consequences of Reverend Hale’s decisions will hinder Creators and Creativity into the second decade of the new millennium until 47AC when Hale’s skinhead gang finally ceases to exist. Although ultimately failing in the attempted skinhead takeover of Creativity, the actions of Reverend Hale and his skinheads only served to hasten the breakup and demise of the World Church of the Creator, bringing about an almost total loss of support for Reverend Hale, and the early foundation of the coalition of Church of Creativity groups and individuals that is to become the Creativity Alliance.

34AC (2007CE): The White Crusaders become the Creativity Alliance — In January, Reverend Doctor Thomas William Jackley (now of Utah) along with Reverend Cailen Cambeul (leader of the White Crusaders and formerly of the defunct World Church of the Creator) begin the Creativity Alliance initially as an online information resource and focal point for individual Creators and groups throughout the world. Reverend Cambeul constructs an online network of websites and a forum named Creator Forum. Members of the White Crusaders and other remaining Creator groups and individuals from around the globe now refer to themselves as members of the Creativity Alliance. Former Church Members from the two previous eras of Creativity return to the banner of Creativity. Recruiting new adherents to Creativity continues apace.

36AC (2009CE): On February 21, the Creativity Alliance is officially restructured as an organization with officers representing the many local Churches of Creativity around the globe.  A reconstituted Guardians of the Faith Committee elect Reverend Cambeul as Pontifex Maximus. The Creativity Alliance adopts the name Church of Creativity for all Church Primary Groups, while Creativity Alliance remains as the overall name for the movement.

38AC (2010CE): Reverend Hale, although in a prison cell with intermittent access to correspondence, declares himself Pontifex Maximus, and attempts to force the Creativity Alliance to merge with his preferred group, consisting primarily of skinheads who seek to have the Creativity Alliance closed down with leading Church Members expelled from Creativity. The Guardians of the Faith Committee of the Creativity Alliance vote unanimously to reject the attempted takeover and forced dissolution of the Creativity Alliance, and to cease all continued support for Matthew Hale, forthwith. Hale and his few supporters are soon disavowed, and no longer considered to be Creators.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and an inoperable brain tumor in July, Reverend Jackley is informed he has less than two months to live. Less than two weeks later and in intense pain, Reverend Jackley takes his own life on July 12 with a pistol shot through the heart.

40AC (2013CE): The 40th anniversary of the Founding of the White Man’s Religion — CREATIVITY. With over a thousand Church Members and Supporters, the Creativity Alliance incorporating the Church of Creativity continues to thrive in a world hostile to Logic, Common Sense and an Awakened White Race. Reverend Dr Joe Esposito, a Creator since 1AC and originally of New York City (currently imprisoned in Oregon – release date 50AC (2023CE)) is appointed Imperator of Prisons.

43AC (2016CE): Having led the Church in one capacity or another since 30AC, Reverend Cambeul retires as Pontifex Maximus and accepts the temporary position of Church Administrator until a new Pontifex Maximus can be appointed by the Guardians of the Faith Committee.

44AC (2017CE): Reverend Dr Esposito is appointed Pontifex Maximus Elect. PM Elect Reverend Dr Esposito will assume all duties as Pontifex Maximus in due course. In the meantime, Reverend Cambeul remains as Church Administrator.

“The Racial Holy War Continues …”


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