Lessons From The Laboratory Of India

Whereas the Egyptian civilization started off with a relatively pure White Race that was slowly mongrelized over a period of 3000 years by the White Egyptians of themselves voluntarily dragging in the black barbarians, India, on the other hand, has a different history. Emerging from the hill country of Afghanistan and the slopes of the Hindu Kush, the White Warriors by conquest took possession of that extremely desirable portion of India known as the Punjab. A look at the map will show that the Punjab is a well-watered northern province and that it comprises but a small portion of the present Indian Empire. This took place approximately 4000 years ago and the height of the White Man’s civilization held sway approximately between the years 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C. From their base in the Punjab these blond, tall, heroic White warriors expanded their conquests and imposed themselves by force and influence of superior culture upon the mixed-breeds who infested the country in countless numbers then as they do now. The natives they conquered were mixed-breeds of ancient Negroid stock and black, yellow and other Asiatic mixtures. The conquerors made no attempt to expel or exterminate their inferiors, but on the contrary brought to them culture and civilization which they then imposed upon their subjects. They set themselves up strictly as aristocrats and rulers and utilized the slave labour of the subjugated people they ruled.

It is noteworthy that throughout the history of his conquests the White Man has not expelled a subjugated people whom he could profitably enslave. The modern White conquerors of North America did expel the red man, but they imported the black. The former would not work, the latter could be made to work. The ancient literature of the White Man in India is embodied in the Rig-Veda and the Epics. The Veda times cover approximately 600 years between 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C., the high noon of White culture in India. From these writings we get a fairly good picture of White Society of the times and they reveal a vigorous White conquering people, well organized, respecting their women, already in possession of ancient laws, glorying in agriculture, passionately religious, imposing their faith and culture upon the surrounding coloured populations to whom they refer in terms of contempt. They refer to themselves as a people of fair complexion and term those whom they have subdued as “coloured,” and ridicule them, calling them monkeys. Similarly, the White Man 4000 years later has gone into Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, and has boasted of his White complexion and vigorous mentality, and has accredited the dark races of these lands with close relationship to chimpanzees and gorillas.

As we look backward over a span of 40 centuries and take a closer look at these White invaders of northern India we find from their records that they were of fair complexion, with straight well bridged noses. This latter feature, as well as the complexion, marks them as a separate people. They so impressed their social ideas in the conquered territory that even to the present day, a man’s social position varies in inverse ratio to the width of his nose : that is to say the nasal index, as it is called, is a safe guide to the amount of White blood, as distinguished from aboriginal blood, in his veins. Being constantly outnumbered by his black and mongrel inferiors, the White conquerors realized in short order their problems of maintaining their racial purity. It is highly interesting to observe and study the ingenious methods and means they used to try to preserve their racial bloodlines. The White conquerors by reason of race and culture, came as aristocrats. They looked upon the mongrel and black multitudes as inferiors and treated them as such. Nevertheless, how to preserve their own race, and at the same time utilize inferior peoples to do their labour, was the problem confronting the Whites. Their answer to the problem was, “Caste, enforced by law and religion.”

The priests were the scientists and philosophers, and they devised a system of social control designed to meet the requirements of the native problem. This extraordinary scheme has been classed among the greatest expressions of human ingenuity. Caste, as originally instituted, divided the population into four divisions – (a) warriors, (b) priests, (c) agriculturists and merchants, and (d) labourers. The first group was composed of those of the purest White blood, while the last was made up mainly of the subjugated mix-breeds with whom the White Man was in immediate contact. There were also large groups of the subjugated population whom the Whites did not honour with cast at all. These were referred to collectively as outcasts and considered as barely human. The superior White Race, realizing the problem, and intent upon retaining their racial purity, were yet unable to restrain men of their race from unions with coloured women. In most instances, unable to discover the guilty White, they turned with a terrible wrath upon the helpless mix-breed. The half-castes were not permitted to reside within the limits of the city. They were reviled by all, both black and White, and finally the Aryan laws provided that under certain conditions the soldiers may slay them without mercy.

Nevertheless, the caste system, with all the severe laws, with all the religious taboos barring the mixing of the races, what with legal statutes preventing inter-racial marriages, was incapable of preventing illegitimate unions. It failed in the end to prevent the amalgamation of the races primarily because of the fact that all these means could not be permanently enforced. In spite of legal and religious restrictions, the mix-breeds increased. Whereas caste prolonged race purity, it did not preserve it. The modern “Aryan” in India is just such a mixture as the ancient Aryan was authorized to kill. We should heed well the lessons of this tragic experiment. The White people of the world, unlike their early kinsmen in India, are not nearly as well fortified against this situation as were the ancient White Men of India, who supplemented legal prohibition of marriage with non-Whites by his religious teaching and by caste, which was perfect in ideal and enforceable by law. Whereas, in days of old, White countries had laws prohibiting inter-racial marriages, these have now been completely destroyed by the Jewish controlled Supreme Court. Whereas the ancient Indian religion prohibited and opposed inter-breeding with the coloured races, we have a so-called Christian religion, which is interpreted in such manner as to minimize or abolish the colour line. Add to this the fanatical propaganda barrage, the heavy hand of government pushing integration, and we find ourselves in a headlong rush to bring about that tragic catastrophe as soon as possible, instead of later, as history would lead us to expect.

We find in India, as in Egypt, amalgamation and mongrelization destroyed the White Race, and with it the beautiful culture and civilization that it had wrought. Whereas the Egyptian civilization survived some 3000 years, the Hindu civilization survived barely more than 600 years, despite the ingenious and valiant efforts of the White conquerors to prevent that mongrelization. Nevertheless, the odds were against them, and being out-numbered amongst the coloured races, mongrelization came about much faster than among the Egyptians, who started out with a relatively pure White Race. We have many valuable lessons to learn from the history of White civilization in India. The story of civilization is in the main the story of the White Race and its culture. History tells us that White conquerors coming in and dominating a coloured race will not, over a period of time, be saved from being conquered by their coloured subjects. This is well illustrated in India. Nor do we find that as in Egypt, where the blacks and Nubians were brought in as slaves, was it possible to save the masters from being destroyed by their subjects. As in India, as in Egypt, as in White countries today, the lesson is quite plain that laws and religion cannot stop inter-breeding. The problem is not so much legal inter-breeding of the races. Today, as it was in ancient times, it is, and was, the illegitimate mix-breed who threatens the purity of the White Race. There has been always a deplorable freedom between the White and non-White races, which has resulted in an increasing number of mix-breeds.

No, indeed, the answer is not legal separation nor even religious taboo, nor is segregation the answer. On this point history speaks loud and clear. The only answer is expulsion and geographic separation. Yes, the lesson is overwhelmingly clear to even the most naive student of history and that is : if White countries are to be saved from mongrelization and destruction by the black cancer that is within our midst the only answer is to ship the negroes back to Africa from whence they were dragged by their Jewish slave traders.


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