Adelaide Advertiser says, “Racist bosses beware”

Lauren Novak: Adelaide Advertiser | September 19, 2009,22606,26093639-5006301,00.html

RACIST bosses in South Australia are costing the state productivity and population growth because of a reluctance to hire international students, an employer group says.

Business SA chief executive Peter Vaughan said some employers had an attitude of “ignorance at the best, racism at the worst” towards international students. [more …]

The following comment was left on the Adelaide Advertiser’s article comments page: Comment #35 of 85.

The writer remembered to use a few of the appropriate keywords resulting in the expected knee-jerk reaction that the multiCULTuralists require; racist, racism and ignorance. However, lucky for you, Anglo Manager of 10:49pm has supplied you with another keyword; hater. As it would be such a shame to lose such a splendid writer for the multiCULTuralist war on logic and common sense, I thought I’d supply a few of the missing keywords to help you produce that knee-jerk reaction the multiCULTuralists love so dearly: White supremacist, Nazi and anti-Semite. Now that the required words are in place, I plead with the multiCULTI crowd to give the writer a fair go. After all, despite the omissions, she is doing a bang-up job of misinformation for the multiCULTuralist agenda.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park.