The World Is Run By Means Of Fictitious Concepts

Most people have never heard of Fictitious Concepts, yet the power Establishment uses them so effectively and so insidiously that our everyday lives are run by them. Preachers use them. Con-artists use them. Politicians use them. The whole shabby structure of the fraudulent I.R.S. is based on Fictitious Concepts, with which to extract and extort the hard earned money of productive citizens into the coffers of the Jewish gangsters. What is a Fictitious Concept ? My basic definition of it is : a word, a phrase, or an idea that is not real, but so commonly used that it is accepted as being real. In short, a fictitious concept is a lie that has been repeated so often that it is commonly accepted by the masses as being a reality. The Jewish mind-scramblers are masters at this art and have been recognized as Masters of Deceit for centuries. Most (but not all) fictitious concepts are invented by Jews. All of them are masterfully exploited by them. A fictitious concept, like most lies, generally is so vague, nebulous, confused and undefined that it is almost impossible to pin down, but because it has generally become accepted, it can be and is, a powerful weapon with which to exploit and manipulate the gullible and unthinking. Let us start with the religious arena, which is so studded with fictitious concepts that it boggles the minds of the average yokel. I claim that in the first sentence of the Jewish bible, which has eight words, that five of those eight are fictitious concepts. The first sentence reads : “In the beginning God created heaven and earth”. I maintain that outside of in, the, and and, the other five words as used in that sentence are fictitious concepts.

Let’s take it word by word.

“Beginning” – We have no evidence whatsoever that there was a beginning. Certainly that “heaven and earth” began in 4,004 B.C. or thereabouts is an outrageous fiction. In fact, the whole idea that the universe “began” at any particular time whether a hundred billion or a hundred trillion years ago, out of nothing, is an idiotic idea. It still leaves the question : What was before that ? To which there is no answer. So we have to invent another fictitious concept – “God”.

“God” – Although there is not the slightest shred of evidence that there are now, or ever have been, any spooks in the sky (or elsewhere), here we come to probably the most used and abused fictitious concept of all time that has generally been accepted by a confused and gullible mankind. It is a favourite concept that has been exploited to the hilt in manipulating, exploiting and controlling its victims. It has been the perfect fictitious concept to be used in the hands of charlatans, con-artists and power-mad swindlers. I could say much more about this subject, but I have covered it pretty well in Nature`s Eternal Religion and The White Man`s Bible in such chapters as, ‘The Spooks in the Sky Swindle”. Suffice it to say that based on this fictitious concept a whole massive nest of new fictitious concepts, (i.e. lies) have been spawned to support the first. Among these is the concept of “heaven”.

“Heaven” – A fuzzy and nebulous concept that pre-dates the Jewish bible, but brought into prominence and foisted on the White Race along with all the other spook paraphernalia. Where is heaven ? Nobody knows. What do we do there ? Well, presumably we spend eternity flapping our lips in synchronism “praising” an intolerably egotistical monster whose desire for adulation knows no bounds. Presumably also, we play harps for background music while flapping our lips. The whole idea is more far-fetched than Mother Goose, hi-diddle-diddle and the cow jumped over the moon, and has just as much (or little) basis in reality.

This leaves the words “earth” and “created” in that first portentous and ominous sentence. The earth without the sun and as described in Genesis is certainly fictitious, and since the existence of the spook that supposedly “created” all, is without meaningful evidence, we must conclude that such non-existent spook “created” nothing, and can relegate that word also into the category of fictitious. From this shabby base, has been spawned a whole passel of other lies of fictitious concepts. There are enough of them to write a whole book, and I have devoted considerable space to them in two of my books, NER and WMB, although the term “fictitious concepts” was unknown to me at the time I wrote them. I will therefore not cover this same ground again but merely list the ensuing fictitious concepts that have been invented to explain and supposedly justify the original lies. Some of these fictitious concepts besides God and heaven mentioned in that Jewish mind scrambler are “hell” – a real biggie and undoubtedly the most cruel, vicious and sinister concept conceived by a sick mind. Along with this comes the concepts of devil, Lucifer, demons, etc., etc., and their counterparts on the other side of angels, cherubim, heavenly hosts, etc. All those are lumped together with further fictitious concepts such as spirits, ghosts, holy and otherwise. Then, we have further meaningless extensions and elaborations such as, “the immaculate conception”, “born again”, etc.

So much for religious fictitious concepts, a subject that is endless. I (Ben Klassen) first heard the phrase used a few years ago when I was attending a Tax resister class in Florida. It was given by a Dr. George Arlen, who, although not an attorney, has a keen and incisive mind and has made a much deeper study of the income tax seam than most tax attorneys who think of themselves as specialists and experts. Dr. Arlen revealed to us that the whole ponderous set of income tax laws, which are a hundred times more voluminous than the 1,400 page Jewish bible, were, in fact, based on a fictitious concept. That fictitious concept was the word “income”. It has never been defined by either the Constitution, the Congress, or the Supreme Court. Being therefore not only vague, loose, and undefined but commonly accepted by the gullible public, the idea of “income” can be bandied about and used at will. This powerful gang of unscrupulous pirates have done extremely well to exploit and control an unorganized and hapless public. (This description and the ones following are mine, not Dr. Arlen’s.) Upon this vague and undefined concept then (like the religious hoax) was built a whole lugubrious network of “laws” – a maze of laws that are punitive, contradictory and impossible of cither being understood or obeyed. This whole system, built upon a fictitious concept, hangs like a millstone around the neck of every productive taxpayer. Nor are those who refuse to pay blood money to the Jewish network home free. Those individuals are bounded, pursued and even shot as was the folk hero, Gordon Kahl. At this point it would be useful to distinguish between a fictitious concept and an abstract concept, and that difference is significant. An abstract concept such as truth, honour, and character, mathematical concepts, etc., are honest and descriptive of certain realities. They are tremendously useful in the area of developing ideas and in human communication. Fictitious concepts on the other hand, are deliberate lies invented in order to mislead and manipulate people. They are the tools of charlatans, con-men and scoundrels.

Having made this distinction, let us list a few other areas than religion and income tax where fictitious concepts are used to confuse and manipulate the White Race in particular.

The Holocaust
This Jewish lie was spawned immediately after World War II. The Jews, having perpetrated the most horrible mass slaughter in history (an estimated 50 million people killed, with the principle victims being members of the White Race) instinctively knew that this heinous crime could rebound upon their bloody hands. What to do ? With their massive worldwide propaganda apparatus, they quickly turned the tables on a confused and gullible world. Not only were they not the culprits, but lo and behold, they were the poor, innocent victims. Six million of them had been run through the gas chambers, they claimed, by the wicked, wicked Germans.

The facts of history refute this Jewish lie in toto.

1) In the first place, there were only half a million Jews in Germany when Hitler came to power. When it became evident that their bloodsucking days in Germany were coming to an end, most of them migrated (unhindered) to Jew heaven, the good old U.S.A., there to continue their nefarious trade.

2) There were never more than 3 million Jews in all the territory Hitler’s armies occupied even at their peak.

3) Whereas Germany had concentration camps (as did the United States and Canada) for its dangerous political enemies, most camps were utilized for labour and war production, and included all nationalities, of which the Jews were only a small minority.

4) There never was a Nazi programme of exterminating Jews, but there was a programme to re-settle them outside of Germany, such as Palestine and/or Madagascar. However, since most of the Jews were welcomed to the United States, and due to lack of time, these basic plans were only on paper.

5) The Jewish Almanac itself claimed (to its own crowd) that the Jewish population in 1938 on a worldwide basis was 16,588,259. In 1948, the Jew owned New York Times stated the Jewish population as being between 15,600,000 and 18,700,000 averaging out at approximately 17,100,000. Where are the supposedly six million missing ? They weren’t. But, so effectively did the Jews promote this dastardly lie, and have continued to the present day, that the world weeps crocodile tears over 6 million that weren’t, and the Germans to this very day are still condemned for a crime they did not commit, but were instead heroic leaders in a struggle to get the Jewish monster off their backs. Since the United States and other White nations helped thwart the Germans in this heroic struggle, the Jewish parasites still remain the world’s most pressing problem an issue that we, the White Race, will either have to resolve, or perish. (For further details read Creative Credo No. 37, “The Six Million Lie”, in The White Man`s Bible.)

Racial Equality
It does not exist and never has. In fact, equality of species or members of a given species exists nowhere in Nature. We Creators take the position that the White Race is Nature’s Finest, and no other race is equal to it. (See Creative Credo No. 31, in The White Man`s Bible, “The Racial Spectrum — From Primates to the White Race.”) The Jews in the Protocols sneeringly point out that they have repeatedly used the concepts of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” as sucker’s bait to start revolutions and to pull down the White Man’s society. They point out further that despite the fact that these ideas are contradictory and impossible of fulfillment, the unheeding yokels fall for the bait again and again.

The Federal Reserve Supposedly A Governmental Agency
Most Americans (and people in the world) are under the impression that the Federal Reserve System (any Reserve bank) is part of, an arm of, and controlled by, the United States government. This is the biggest lie, the biggest swindle in American history. Since I have already treated this subject at length in Creative Credo No. 40 in The White Man`s Bible, I will not recapitulate the story of the treachery here. Suffice it to say that the Federal Reserve is a powerful, worldwide Jewish counterfeit ring that enables the Jews to have the government print paper money for them (not the government). It has enabled the Jews to steal the world with worthless paper. It is the most vicious and most powerful force in the world, and because of its unlimited power to print money, it owns governments, banks, corporations, news media, and, in fact, owns and controls the goyim of the world more surely than any slave master of ancient times.

Value Of Money
A study of the preceding subject, namely the Federal Reserve will show that the worthless paper being printed (by the government) for the Jewish counterfeiters, is not backed by anything – not gold, not silver, nor any other security. It is, in fact, only worthless paper with green ink on it. Nevertheless, it is being accepted as a medium of exchange and the Jews are stealing all the real wealth of the world through this insidious swindle. The only reason they can do so is because, like the belief in the spooks in the skies, gullible people believe and accept it as being of value. This is a fictitious concept carried to its ultimate and most destructive conclusion. There are any number of other fictitious concepts that the White Race is bombarded with by the Jewish propaganda networks. They are so numerous and so insidious that this article can only broach the subject and make our White Racial Comrades aware of their deception.

A sampling of a few other (of many) fictitious concepts that we should consider as powerful and dangerous are the following :

The Jews are God’s Chosen.

The White People are the Real Israelites.

The U.S. is fighting communism. (See Creative Credo No. 38, in The White Man`s Bible, “Russia, Israel and the United States”, also exposed in Issue No. I of Racial Loyalty).

The Germans are a warlike nation.

Israel is the true and only friend of the United States in the Middle East. (Again, see Creative Credo No. 38.) The Bible is the “word of God”, despite the fact that approximately 100 changes per page, more than 100,000 changes in its entire text have been made during its Jew scripted history. There are endless numbers of fictitious concepts being slopped on the mind of the White Race today, most of them, but not all, originating from the master con-artists of all time. The lesson I want to impart to our White Racial Comrades is clear and simple, and it is this : Go Back To Basics. Use your own good common sense, and the most Basic Truths you can rely on are the Eternal Laws of Nature. Remember, Nature tells each species to take care of their own and endows each with the adequate weapons and defenses to properly do so. Nature has endowed you, her finest, with an abundance of intelligence greater than any other creature. It is your most powerful weapon and also your most powerful defense. Use it. Use your common sense and be extremely wary of all these Jewish swindles being foisted on us in order to destroy us. Racial Loyalty is the Key to our Resurrection and Redemption. Creativity is the Means. To say the success of Creativity will mean so much to so many is an understatement. Do your part. Help bring it about. A Political Party is a sometime thing. A Religion demands total allegiance, total loyalty. Our Genes are our most precious treasure – Guardianship of our White Gene pool is our highest responsibility. There is a negroe president in your future (already came about, Racial War is next). All you have to do is nothing.

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