Christianity Peculiarly Vulnerable

Christianity Peculiarly VulnerableIf we are ever to successfully rescue the White Race from the insane dilemma it now unwittingly finds itself in, there are two basic questions we must properly assess : (a) What is the average White attitude towards Christianity today ? (b) After 2000 years of Christianity, can the White Man’s thinking ever again be brought back to sanity and reason ?

Let us explore the initial question first. We all know that Christianity swept the Roman Empire, and in so doing, destroyed it. The downfall of the Roman Empire was then followed by a thousand years of the Dark Ages during which all science and progress was stifled and stagnated, but the Jew-promoted hysteria of “saving souls for Christ” at the same time reached its all time peak. During the Renaissance the White Race began to somewhat regain its senses again and began to look more closely towards Nature and her laws. We find during this time a rekindling of interest in science and an unprecedented flowering in the arts. In fact, the Renaissance period may be regarded as the dawning of a new era in which the White Man again began to partially find his identity. Ever since that time, Christianity, with various fluctuations, up and down, has lost ground. With the dramatic breakthroughs and the fantastic surge in scientific knowledge in the last hundred years, Christianity has lost credulity in the eyes of most White people. Nevertheless, although most people don’t really believe in the teachings of Christianity, the influence still lingers on, and most people think of it as a “good” religion, which, although they don’t practice it, they think of it as based on high ideals, and they believe is good for “mankind. When we analyze more closely just who thinks what about Christianity, we find that to probably eight people out of ten it is not too important. Whereas they don’t really believe in it, neither do they really understand it, nor do they openly repudiate it. This most obvious fact emerges : the average White individual is just simply terribly confused about Christianity.

There is no phenomenon in history that has so confused, confounded and raised havoc with the White Man’s normal reasoning processes as has Christianity. It is as if a student starting out in mathematics first had a garbled multiplication table drilled into him – two times three equaled seventeen, three times five equaled nine, etc. Until his mind was again straightened out on such fundamentals, any progress such individual could expect to make in mathematics would be forever hopeless – hopeless until such time as his thinking was again brought back in line with realities. So it is with the Christian indoctrinated White Man. Until he can be delivered from such suicidal idiocies as “love your enemies,” “judge not,” “sell all thou hast,” etc., he is hopelessly enmeshed and in the toil of his enemies. Even the members of organized churches and those who go to church regularly or irregularly, are confused as to what it is that they believe in. Few people when asked, “Do you really believe in the teachings as expounded by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount ?” would not know what Christ purportedly said in the Sermon on the Mount. When their memories are then refreshed and they are asked do you believe in “turning the other cheek;” do you believe in “loving your enemies;” do you believe in “selling all thou hast and giving it to the poor;” do you believe in “resist not evil;” do you believe in “judge not,” most of them sheepishly admit that they do not, but, at the same time fail to realize that this is the very crux and essence of Christianity and the so-called “New Teaching.” If they don’t believe in that, then they don’t really believe in Christianity at all.

Many people have rejected church going altogether, but nevertheless, still feel that this is a Christian nation, and rightfully so. Many people who do go to church are tremendously bored by the insipid, repetitious sermons that recite an endless mess of meaningless platitudes over and over again, ad nauseum. However, they will come back and listen to the same nonsense again Sunday after Sunday, dressed in their Sunday best. They feel that when it’s all over they’ve done their duty for the week, and give very little further thought to the subject matter. Few really ever stop to question what it is that they really believe in, what is the meaning of the Christian teachings and what have these teachings done for them, or for the White Race in general. Most people don’t seem to care one way or the other, and going to church is just a formal obligation that they are fulfilling, thinking they have done their good deed thereby. It can be said categorically that really none of the so-called Christians believe in the teachings that Christ supposedly set forth. If they did, they would in short order destroy themselves, their family and their nation. So, whereas hypocritically most of these church-goers play their part and pretend that they are believers in Christianity, in fact they are not. Even the preachers themselves neither believe in, nor practice, the suicidal teachings embodied in the Sermon on the Mount. In fact, it can be said about preachers in general that they are probably the most hypocritical of all human beings. Certainly, whereas they are drawing a salary and freeloading on their flock, they would be the last to sell all they have and give it to the poor. Whereas they preach “it is more blessed to give than to receive” they are the first to have their hand out and persistently urge you to give, give, give and give some more.

Whereas the Jew has, by his persistency, foisted these suicidal ideas upon the White Race over the last 2000 years, it is amazing how easy it is, when these beliefs are probed and examined, to bring such deluded and indoctrinated people back to life and reality. What took thousands of hours of brain pollution and indoctrination to achieve, can be undone in a few hours, or sometimes in a few weeks. It is, therefore, the duty of each loyal member of the White Race to reason with his fellow brothers and sisters and bring them back to sanity and reality, to bring them back to their senses, and to free them from the rehash of the Jewish shibboleths to which they have been subjected to so endlessly. In this matter the spoken word is the most powerful influence. It is in this way, as well as with every other means of propaganda and enlightenment, that the White Race can again be set properly on its course, devoted to the propagation, advancement and expansion of its own kind. Thus can the White Race again be reoriented for the duty, obligation and purpose for which Nature in its infinite wisdom created it in the first place. Let us now examine the second question, namely after 2000 years of Christianity, can the White Man’s thinking again be brought back to sanity and reason ? If we look at recent history and examine the sick and dying state of Christianity today, the answer is an overwhelming yes, we can straighten out the White Man’s thinking. Actually, this is our main battle – straightening out the thinking of the White Man.

In reasoning with our White Brothers in the need to unite and make common front against the Jews and the coloured races, the most persistent argument that always comes up is – “What you say is true, but can you ever get the White people to listen to this kind of an idea ?” It is discouraging and frustrating to have this continually come up, time after time, and it is no accident that this argument is used. It is another of these fallacious arguments that is promoted by Jewish propaganda. The Jew’s objective is : that if you can get people to think that whereas your idea has merit, but it is hopeless to pursue (because nobody will listen to you), then you will become discouraged and quit the battle. In combating this idea we must, first of all, label it for what it is. It is Jewish defeatist propaganda. Secondly, certainly people will listen to our dynamic new religion. It is a matter of persistence, a matter of organization and propaganda. When Hitler took on the massive job of reorienting the thinking of the German people in the early twenties, the problems he faced were very similar to what the fighter for White survival faces in today. The German people at that time were completely befuddled with Jewish propaganda. They were in a defeatist frame of mind. They were completely deluged with communist, liberal and Jewish ideas of Marxism and self-destruction. Nevertheless, once the persuasive power of propaganda was aggressively pushed and promoted and finally organized into a political party with solid aims and programmes, the German people listened. They not only listened, but they flocked to the colours of their country and of their race and were united as they never had been before.

Once the Germans realized the value of their race, and once the enemy had been clearly identified, they were more firmly united than any segment of the White race, or White nation, ever before in history. When the crucial test came, they fought like tigers. They fought more energetically and more valiantly than any race or nation has ever fought before or since in history. The fact that the Jew through deceitful propaganda was able to organize the overwhelming masses of White nations in a concerted effort to crush Germany, does not detract from that valiant display of courage and bravery. The fact remains : it was possible to rally and unite the White Race in Germany, it was possible to change their philosophy from the Jewish Marxist dogma to one of racial unity and racial survival. It is also possible to do this today. We should remember that it has been done before, that in less than a dozen years the thinking of the German people extricated itself from the morass of Jewish-Marxist philosophy of despair and suicide to one of vibrant self-confidence, heroism, determination and a constructive programme of action for survival. The lesson we have to learn is : persistence and dedication. When we think of what an incredibly difficult problem the Jews had facing them 2000 years ago in combating the all-powerful Roman Empire and selling them such unattractive and ridiculous self-destructive ideas as are embraced in Christianity, we should certainly have more confidence in our ability to reeducate our own people to ways of reason and self-preservation. Certainly the Jews faced a long uphill struggle in order to sell such unattractive trash to the Romans. But by persistence, by aggressiveness, by ingenuity, and devilishly skillful propaganda, they did get the Romans to accept their poisonous ideas. It took them over 500 years to do so. We all know that this spelled the downfall of the Roman Empire.

How much easier it is today if we used anywhere near similar persistence, dedication and aggressiveness in talking to our White Brothers about a genuine White programme for the survival of the White Race. All we have to do is point out the obvious idiocies of the ideas that are being foisted upon us by the conniving Jewish conspiracy. Practically our total problem is straightening out the White Man’s thinking. It is simply a matter of pointing out the obvious. It is all a matter of persistence, a matter of conviction, a matter of how much do you care, a matter of dedication. The time will come when we, the White Race, will have our backs to the wall and will be fighting openly for our very survival. Undoubtedly, the White people will then be eagerly receptive to a programme that will save them from destruction. But how much better and how much easier it would be if we became actively motivated to straighten out the White Man’s thinking now, to actively engage in a political and philosophical programme to reorient the White Man’s thinking, to promote our own interests, to promote our own race and promote and assure our survival and well-being, now ! Frankly, the main problem we face is not so much overcoming the Jews and the negroes. That will be easy, as soon as we accomplish the number one problem, and that is straightening out the White Man’s thinking. This is our foremost task and this is what this book is devoted towards accomplishing. As soon as this book becomes the common property of the people, the power of the Jewish conspiracy can be considered as broken for all time. “All men are created equal” is a dangerous myth. Our people must be firmly rooted in the philosophy of racial survival and advancement. Socialism is organized society. If the White Race isn’t worth saving, what is ? The work of Creativity is to restore the natural instincts Nature gave to the White Race.’sEternalReligion.pdf

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