The Spooks In The Sky Swindle

In Nature`s Eternal Religion I have already stated that basically five Jewish books have had widespread effects on the history of the White Race and those effects have been devastating. The five books in their historical order are : The Old Testament; the New Testament; the Talmud; Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital; and lastly The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The opening wedge of this psychological warfare was the Old Testament, a relatively dull book of myths and fairy tales, dealing in the biggest part about the adventures of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their serpent’s seed. That, and endless wars, wars, wars that never happened except in the Jewish scribblers’ overactive imagination. In fact there is no evidence much of any of it ever happening. When we examine the Jewish story as depicted by this gang of unidentified Jewish scribblers, we are told that in the beginning there was once a lonely ghost who floated around in a dark, vacant nothingness. The world had not been “created” as yet, neither had the sun, nor the “stars,” nor light, nor any part of the vast universe that we can now observe with or without the aid of powerful telescopes. This floating around in a dark nothingness evidently had been going on for billions and billions of years since the lone ghost had existed “eternally.” Such existence must have been unbearably boring, since it was completely dark, there was nothing to think about, because there was absolutely nothing in existence. Then suddenly after billions and billions of years this lonely ghost (only about 6000 years ago) got a brilliant idea. He (we are told it was a he-ghost, with no counterpart she-ghosts) decided to “create” “heaven and earth.” He also decided to create “man in his own image.”

Now we must remember that this is not for real, but only a Jewish concocted story. Anybody in their right mind can see mountains of evidence that the earth and the sun have existed for billions of years, and they are only a tiny speck of the total universe. Nevertheless – to continue the story – evidently this lonely ghost in contemplating the future disposition of mankind, also created a hell at the time he created “heaven and earth,” but strangely the bible never says so. It unobtrusively slips in the idea of hell later, as if in an afterthought. But since everything was “created” in 6 days, we must assume that “hell” was one of those projects. Since in the long run 99% of all people will presumably end up there, it must have been the largest and most important project. Since we are also told that “heaven and earth will pass away,” (but not hell) it is evidently the only permanent project. We are also told this lonely ghost who had been floating around in eternal darkness was a loving god who had a passionate and all consuming love for mankind. His main preoccupation, it seems, was to love, guide and watch over mankind and see to it they didn’t go to hell. In fact, he loved mankind so dearly that he begot himself a son through a Jewish “virgin” (who was nevertheless married to Joseph) and had his son walk the earth for some 33 years. Then according to plan, he had him nailed to a cross and killed. Why did he do all this ? So he and his son would “save” mankind from hell because they both (or are there three ?) loved us so dearly. However, the idea didn’t work out too well since most people didn’t believe this cock-and-bull story. So mostly everybody is going to hell anyway.

Fantastic ? Yes, not only fantastic, but ridiculous. But that still isn’t the end of the story. We are told that the son, who was called Jesus Christ, wasn’t really born in the year 1 A.D. but had also existed eternally, from the beginning, and was really “one” with the father himself. Well, to complicate it a little more, there are really three. There is the father, son and the holy ghost, but they are really one. Would this make the son his own father, or the father his own son ? If you can’t understand this contradictory hocus-pocus, its your own fault, because you are presumably too stupid, is the implication you will get from preachers. Anyway, to pursue this Jewish story further, Christ evidently was there in the beginning, and he too must have had a hand in the creation of “hell” since he was “one” with his father. (How could he be born of the Virgin Mary, who didn’t appear in the story until billions of years later?) So we have a situation where the father and the son (who was father of whom ?) created this huge ghastly torture chamber. They created “mankind” whom they so dearly loved, and then supposedly put on a last ditch campaign to save mankind from the eternal torture chamber they themselves created. At this, presumably, they have failed miserably. A ridiculious story indeed. The question that screams to high heaven and remains unanswered to this day is this : if they, (either singularly or in triplicate) are so all powerful, if not a sparrow falls from the roof, and not a hair from your head, but god “wills it,” why would they deliberately create such a monstrous torture chamber with hot coals and sulphur, and then send all those billions of human victims in there to be brutally and eternally tortured ? Especially when we are told over and over and over about how much he/they love us ? When examined in cold logic, the idea is so ridiculous and so stupid, it is just too absurd to even contemplate.

Even if you used only a modicum of common sense, there are two obvious conclusions from the above that cannot be brushed aside : (a) any god, ghost or spook that would “create” such a horrendous torture chamber and then “create” human beings and/or souls to torture in it for all eternity is not a “loving god” but a ghastly monster. (b) Fortunately, it is only a ridiculous cock-and-bull story and has no basis in fact whatsoever. Since somebody did dream it up and kept this hideous monstrosity alive to torment the minds of billions of human beings for nearly 2000 years, there still remain the questions : (a) who concocted this ghastly story ? and (b) why did they do it ? The answer to the first question is answered by historical evidence. The Jews, who have been a parasite on the backs of civilized mankind for five thousand years concocted this monstrous cock-and-bull story. We have already had something to say about this in other chapters, especially the chapter on the Romans and the chapter on the Jews. We will have more in future chapters. The answer to the second question is fairly obvious from the study of history – they did it to revenge themselves on the Romans, who destroyed Jerusalem in the years 70 A.D. and again in 135 A.D. The Jews decided to use their ultimate weapon at which they were unparalleled masters – mind manipulation. History tells us they were extremely successful and did sell Christianity, the ideas of heaven, and especially hell, to the Romans. They were successful beyond their wildest dreams. They converted the once all-powerful and invincible Romans into emasculated, whimpering peaceniks, their minds preoccupied with fear of the imaginary spooks in the skies.

And let us remember – the most powerful tool the Jews had at their disposal with which to convince and destroy their enemies was a psychological club, an imaginary concept – the ultimate concept of horror – hell, as we have already described in a previous chapter. It is one of the major goals of Creativity to banish this ugly Jewish idea from the face of the earth and purge it forever from the minds of our White Racial Comrades. We want to give the White Race another freedom they so richly deserve, namely – freedom from fear of hell.’sBible.pdf

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