Personal: I Remember When My Mother Was Threatened Because I Am a CREATOR

Some years ago, my mother was threatened by some form of government appointed housing overseer. Her tenancy conflicted in this way or that or whatever … As it turned out, all the government appointed landlord wanted to talk about was how her son was a RACIST! A NAZI! A WHITE SUPREMACIST! Of course, it had all erupted from a nosey neighbour adding two and two, getting five and becoming needlessly aggressive. It was a quite typical situation with the typical fool believing that once the accusation of “NAZIS!” was thrown out for all to hear, the accuser automatically wins all arguments as the accused – the “NAZI!” loses their right to exist.

Personal: I Remember When My Mother Was Threatened Because I Am a CREATOR

How to deal with it? The first thing my mother did was handle it on her own and try to explain that the CHURCH OF CREATIVITY is (in words to the effect) a Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion. We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism. We do not promote, tolerate nor incite illegal activity. According to the government overseer, that had settled it; she had proven by her own words that she was … whatever her landlords wanted to believe, and therefore, she was automatically guilty of any false accusations that her neighbours chose to fling in her direction. In other words, as an accused “NAZI!” she immediately lost her right to exist.

So, being the nice person I am, I booked an appointment with my mother’s landlords. And as my mother is Mrs Campbell and I am Mr (Reverend) Cambeul, the connection wasn’t immediately obvious until I was sitting in the chair adjusting my red tie with a CREATOR pin (kindly sent from an English Brother) and discussing my mother, CREATIVITY and how we are a world wide CHURCH organisation with members coming and going from Australia all the time. Although I am not responsible for the actions of every CREATOR, I assured him that they are all very nice people and would be very keen to learn the outcome of our meeting. I also encouraged a little internet research, and once he had researched my name and my CHURCH, he thanked me and assured me my mother would have no further problems. Obviously, he understood that we are a 100% legal organisation.

I stood, adjusted my tie again, shook the gentileman’s hand, thanked him for his time and left.

Sometimes, all it takes is being polite and honest and your problem is solved.


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