Rev.Dr Joe 2009.09

September 8, 36 AC

Dear Brothers And Sisters, Racialist Greetings!

My name is Rev. Joseph Esposito and I am an original member of the Church of the Creator, friend of our Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen, since 1974, when the church was still located at Light House Point, Florida.  I first learned of the Church of the Creator in an ad in the November 1974 issue of Outdoor Life.  The ad said, “Are you proud to be a noble White Man?  If so, contact the Church of the Creator.”

My friend, Bobby Way, and I wrote to the address in the ad.  Well, Bobby and I both received six copies each of Nature’s Eternal Religion to distribute to our White Brothers.  We were also the first Creators in the New York prison system and we changed many of the prisoners over to Creativity over the years.  My main contact was Carles Messick III and for years both he and Ben sent me Holy Books, Racial Loyalty newspapers, Creator buttons, pens, flags, t-shirts; all while I was in prison.  I was released in 1977 and stayed in constant contact with Ben.  In 1979, I violated parole and was sent back to the New York prisons.

In 1982, I was ordained a minister by Ben Klassen.  By this time Ben, Carles Messick and I were close friends.  Moved to the Church of the Creator Head Quarters in North Carolina in 1985 (address COTC, PO Box 400, Otto NC —- Telephone (904) 369-6587).  My role, with Carles Messick was security, ground maintenance, and answering all of the prison mail.   My primary job was to keep the School for Gifted White Children clean and ready for students.  I lived over the church with Carles and we each had our own rooms.   The second floor of the church consisted of two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and a large kitchen.  Our lower floor was the church meeting hall, Ben’s office and other offices.  The church was a wonderful sight to behold.

Built Western style with a balcony going around the whole top floor.  In front the huge logo of our church, the “Simulacrum Candidus” which had bullett holes in it from the Christian who shot at us one night.  I had a riot pump and Carles a M16, we were ready for War, RaHoWa!.  The lower level of the church (the under garage) was for storage of books, etc., etc., and copying machines and printing press.

I was on the run from a parole warrant at the time and forced to leave the headquarters when ZOG started asking questions.  But on a night after me and Carles drove Ben and Heather to the Atlanta airport for his trip to Germany, we seen people on the Church property.  The church had a fence around it and also sensors – they were down.  By the Creator School, Carles Messick and I armed ourselves, him once again with a M16 and I with a riot pump and tried to catch the violaters.  But they got away and there was no damage.

Within the week, I was captured and sent back to New York prison.  Months later Carles was arrested in a raid on the church for possession of weapons, M16, shotgun, 357, a carbine and hundreds of rounds of amunition.  He wrote me the whole time and then just vanished.  I have tried to find my good friend, Brother Carles Messick.  Tried others who have known him – Ron McVan, April Gaede, Rev. G. Loeb and some others to no avail.

The loss of our first church and all that land breaks my heart.  I never found out why Dr. William Pierce bought the property or whatever happened to it.

The passing of Ben was one of the worse things to happen in my life.  At the time I was in the hospital at St. Vincent’s with a compound fracture of my tibia, a cracked hip, and numerous other injuries.  Three niggers tried to rob me at a hotel in New York City.  I was a 228lb power lifter from prison and fought the black animals.  During the fight, two of us went through the third floor window.   I received the news about Ben from Ron McVan calling my sister in New Jersey.

Ben Klassen built the Church of the Creator because he loved his race and seen it dying.  He funded everything with his own money and never asked a prisoner for a dime.  All of the Holy Books and subscriptions to Racial Loyalty were free – just write, act White and stay White, and Ben supported you.  There are many out there using our name, Church of the Creator, and our logo, but none are even close to doing what Ben Klassen did.  There is only one who made a great effort and that was Matt Hale.  It was not Ben’s wish that there would be different sects of Our Church under different names.  We are all Creators, all under the Church of the Creator and should not be separated.  Our Race is Our Religion, so how can we be bickering over who’s who and who’s what, we should take pride and honor in our being a part of Ben Klassen’s dreams and reality.  We are courageous men and women of the Church of the Creator and have reached a stage of awareness required to willingly make the ultimate sacrifice of our lives.  The struggle of preserving the existence of our beautiful White Race and our Church.  Our loyalty to our Church and to all the brothers and sisters, we are all one in blood and should never forget it.  It seems we need to stop, think, and read once again, the teaching of Ben Klassen and use his foundation and build the Church of the Creator what it was, once again.  RaHoWa!

For a Whiter and Brighter World,
Rev. Joe Esposito
Church of the Creator “74”
August 30, 36 AC (2009 CE)
Florida Gulags

P.S.  If anyone has pictures of our first church, Ben Klassen, and Rev. Matt Hale, please send me copies.  Thankyou (also religious materials needed)

Rev. Joe