Polarization And Confrontation

Polarization And Confrontation

The Jew contrives to delay it until the White Race is too weak and degenerate to fight back before closing in on the kill. From the earliest dawn of history, it has been the White Race that has written it, and achieved all the major accomplishments that were worth writing about. For thousands of years, the White Race and the White Race alone has built civilizations, built empires and reigned supreme. Not until as recently as 69 years ago, after WWII, has the White Race seriously been threatened of being overtaken and massacred by the exploding dark races. Today that threat is very real, in fact, ominously so, and only a major and drastic turnabout by the initiative of the White Race itself can save it from almost certain annihilation. How did we get into such a mess, such a horrible dilemma ? It is the objective of this analysis to trace the course of this awesome development to isolate the hand of the Jew in the degeneration of our race, and come up with a solution. We want to docket, step by step, how the Jew from earliest history has deliberately, in an assiduous and planned conspiracy, chipped away at the White Race, confused it repeatedly, mongrelized it at every opportunity, inveigled it in religious insanity, and torpedoed its numbers, power and influence at every turn. This they have done without the White Race hardly ever even daring to admit that it was being assaulted. Let us go back to the earliest of all great White civilizations and start with Egypt, where history, and even the Jewish bible, records the earliest presence of this pestilent parasite on the back of civilization. The Jews in their concocted history of themselves (that we charitably call the Old Testament, and even more foolishly have made a major portion of “our” Bible) claim that they were slaves in a proud and powerful Egypt, and that they wanted out.

As usual in their renditions, they claim they were poor, downtrodden victims and the wicked Pharaoh would not “let their people go.” It was only by the perspicacity and heroic leadership of their Moses, coached by their tribal god Yahweh, that they were able to extricate themselves from the clutches of the evil Egyptians. What authentic history we can gather confirms the presence of the Jews in early Egypt, when Egypt was still White. However, there is no historical evidence of any Moses and it is doubtful that he was anything more than another fictitious character, as undoubtedly were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What history does record, is that the Jews were then already a well established breed of parasites when a small segment of starved and miserable Jews appealed to the sympathy of an unwary Pharaoh and allowed them to enter his domain. Little did he suspect the virulence and destructive nature of the tribe to which he so foolishly offered hospitality. The Jews soon rose to high positions in the land of the Pharaohs and simultaneously the Empire began to disintegrate as this race of vampires began to show their true colors. They soon indulged in their favorite historical commerce — the trading of slaves derived from the black Nubians to the south. With slave-trading, mongrelization of the fine Egyptian gene pool was soon underway. Gangs of bandits sprang up and began to harass and plunder the ancient trade routes. They became bolder in the outposts of the Empire. With their well developed system of communication (as always) the Jews knew exactly when to strike and which towns were most poorly guarded. As time went on the population became darker, more mongrelized, and more alien. Its leadership became more disoriented and sluggish, and the nation began to disintegrate.

An ancient papyrus in Leiden, Germany, translated by Alan H. Gardner, states : “Egypt was in distress; the social system became disorganized; violence filled the land. Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their possessions. It is no mere local disturbance that is here described, but a great and overwhelming national disaster. The Pharaoh was strangely inactive”. Does this sound similar to what is happening in the world today ? It does. But let us proceed to a stage the world has not yet come to, but soon must, if the White Race is to survive. By 2100 B.C.E. a demoralized and divided Egypt was easy prey to the Hyksos invaders. As the Jews were to do later for the Moslem invaders of Spain, the Jews paved the way for the Hyksos. After 511 years, the Egyptians had had enough and finally got their act together. They ran out the Hyksos and the Jews along with them. Contrary to the Jews’ claim that the Pharaoh wouldn’t let them out, the Egyptians couldn’t get rid of them fast enough and ran them the hell out of their domain. Just as the Jews have inverted and perverted the story of the fictitious “holocaust” so even then did they concoct their treacherous history and claim they were held in bondage and we have been stuck with that story ever since. But the damage in Egypt had been done and it was irreversible. A partially mongrelized and fractured Egypt continued downhill to the abject picture as I have described in Racial Loyalty No. 11 and 12. Poverty, overpopulation and helplessness is the lot of a once proud and resourceful White Race. At every opportunity at every turn in history the Jew was on the side of our enemies, and helped to betray, confuse and sabotage the White Race.

One of the finest of all genetic examples of the White Race that we can point to existed in Ancient Greece during the Golden Age of Pericles. In their Protocols, the Jews delineate the course of the Symbolic Snake. Its first stage in Europe was at the time of Pericles in 429 B.C.E. when the snake first began gnawing at the vitals of that great and hapless civilization. Today Greece is one of the most mongrelized of all European countries, and barely on the fringe of what can be legitimately called the White Race. We move on to Rome, that greatest of all Ancient Civilizations from which today we inherit so many of our laws, so much of our language and culture. This civilization, too, the Symbolic Snake thoroughly disemboweled. The Jews were again in the forefront as slave traders and did their utmost to drag into the Empire all the scum and derelicts of the East and from Africa. But the biggest blow of all was heaped upon the Roman Empire and its rapidly degenerating gene pool when the Jews slopped that racial melting pot with a poisonous new creed – Jewish Christianity. This brought on a total breakdown of law, order, society and the whole previous culture. The Dark Ages ensued. When Europe was assaulted by the fiery sword of the aggressive new Moslem religion in the 8th century, the White Race had reached its most vulnerable and lowest ebb. When the Mohammedans crossed the Mediterranean and the Straits of Gibraltar to invade Spain in 711 C.E. the Jews betrayed and paved the way on the Spanish side. The Semitic Arabs rushed in, conquered Spain and drove all the way into the middle of France, where they were finally stopped by Kari Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732.

During their next 750 years of Moslem occupation, the White Race again suffered debilitating mongrelization. When the Moors were finally driven out in 1492 by Queen Isabella, the Jews were again very much in the midst of the fray, aiding, abetting and financing the Moors, and betraying the White Race at every opportunity. The Mohammedans made two more major attempts to assault White Europe, one, extremely successful and highly damaging, and another almost successful. This time it was the Mohammedan Turks, a Mongol race originating out of Asia. For one thousand years Constantinople had been the cultural and religious diadem of the eastern Roman Empire. Again, through racial miscegenation, a mixture of polyglot cultures and language, Constantinople degenerated into the hodge-podge of a racial Babylon. It was ripe for the plucking and in 1453, Sultan Mehmet II, then only 21, invaded and conquered the greatest of all White bastions in Eastern Europe. When he rode his horse up on the steps of the Hagia Sophia basilica, it was one of the worst defeats and the greatest setbacks the White Race had suffered in a thousand years. What did the Jews have to do with it ? Quite a bit. Again, they had confused and demoralized the Orthodox culture of this Eastern capitol for centuries in advance, bringing about its degeneracy and collapse. When the final battle was joined, they were again in the forefront aiding and
abetting the enemy and betraying the city from within. Having secured this most strategic of all major bastions in Eastern Europe, the Mohammedan Turks continued to press onward and upward into the heart of Europe, seeking to conquer that whole continent.

In this they were aided and abetted by the White Nations themselves, when the White Nations of Europe indulged themselves in a suicidal orgy and self-inflicted bloodbath. The Thirty Years War (1618-48) greatly decimated and weakened all of the White Race. It set them up for further Mohammedan invasion. This vicious and insane war, fought over Jewish Christianity, pitted Catholic Christians against Protestant Christians. All of Europe suffered greatly and the effect on the German states especially, was devastating. The Turks saw their best chance when their leader Kara Mustafa, encouraged by an alliance with France, made a major assault on Vienna in 1683. They were defeated by an alliance of John Sobieski of Poland, and Charles of Lorraine of the Habsburgs. This ended for all time the threat of the Moslem invasion of Europe. Had the Turks succeeded, as they nearly did, much, if not all, of Europe would have fallen under the sway of the Mongol Turks. Before we leave Europe let me add other fratricidal and suicidal wars and events which decimated the cream of White manhood in Europe and bled her dry. There is hardly a one in which the hidden hand of the Jew did not participate, instigate, enter and manipulate.

(1) The Hundred Year War between France and England.
(2) The French Revolution in which the Jews decapitated the French nobility, and with it, their most capable leaders.
(3) The Napoleonic wars, which lasted twenty-four years and bled France dry.
(4) The wars between Russia and Austria.
(5) The war between France and Germany, 1870-71.

There are many more, but let us now leave the continent of Europe for the time being and turn our attention to the Western Hemisphere. Let us see how, after three centuries of vigorous colonization by the White Race, those two continents, both North and South America, too, were undermined, mongrelized and taken over by the Jews. One of the most crippling moves that the White settlers practiced from their earliest beginnings was the importation of black slaves from Africa. This was practiced by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba, Mexico and South America. It was practiced by the French in San Domingo, to their subsequent annihilation. It was practiced by the White Anglo-Saxons in the British North American colonies, especially in Virginia, Georgia, North and South Carolina. It was vigorously pursued by the White colonizers in the Caribbean Islands, which today are nearly completely negroid and mulatto. In all these, the Jewish slave trader was the key mover, and through their historic experience in this ancient and nefarious trade going as far back as Ancient Egypt, the Jew knew exactly what he was doing. What he was programming was the future mongrelization and destruction of the White Race, which today is becoming overwhelmingly apparent. To help speed up the process the Jews instigated the fratricidal Civil War (1861-65), which severely decimated the cream of White American manhood, especially in the South. It also promoted the negroes into a position of “equality” with their former White masters, and, in fact, disenfranchised the White population of the South for two decades. Having dismantled both the economy and the social framework of the South, the Jewish carpetbaggers from the North rushed in and grabbed the physical possessions of the now destitute White Southerners for a mere pittance. After more than a century, the South has not even today recovered from that devastating blow.

To further decimate and enslave the White race the Jews next embroiled both America and most of the White Europeans in two devastating wars. World War I and World War II in a short period of thirty years. The result has been overwhelming in the deliberate crippling of the White Race. Not only did the Jews thereby destroy one of the key nations in Europe, (Germany) but they have now successfully placed in financial bondage every nation in the world, be they White, brown, yellow or black. At the heart of this conspiracy is the Jewish House of Rothschild. The Federal Reserve Board, and the whole Jewish cabal. This band of gangsters is successfully running a worldwide counterfeiting ring, a financial seam, by which they have stolen the wealth of the world by merely manipulating worthless paper. But their financial manipulations are only part of the game. Since World War II they have seriously undermined the White race and boosted the power of the dark races by various treacheries and devious political tricks. One of these was turning the Suez Canal, one of the two most strategic waterways in the world, over to an dark race, the Egyptians. A second treacherous move paralleling the Suez Canal caper was to turn the Panama Canal, owned by the United States, over to a tinhorn communist dictator, and paying this banana republic large sums of money to take it. This was not only a treacherous slap in the face to the American voters and taxpayers, who vigorously opposed it, but a devastating blow to the future security of the United States and the White Race itself. Treachery, lies, deceit and the strong arm of the Jewish political and financial power achieved this betrayal that 20 years ago would have been unbelievable, and even today reeks to the high heavens.

Now let us turn to the continent of Africa. We find that after World War II nearly every territory in Africa was settled, controlled and /or governed by a White European power. Through chicanery, treachery and deceit, every White power has now either evacuated those colonies, or been driven out. The only exception was the Republic of South Africa, and it too, through deceit and treachery, was delivered over to the negroe. (See Racial Loyalty No. 28, “South Africa — The Last To Go”, P. 256 BWBW.) And so with worldwide Jew power in the crescendo, the White Man is now on the run, whether in Africa, or Europe, or America. Through stupidity, through cowardice, through lack of foresight and understanding on the part of the White Race, it is now reaching the end of the line. As we can see from a review of history the Jew has assiduously whittled away at the White Man’s culture, his morale, his political and financial power. Through repeated bloodletting and mongrelization of the White gene pool, he has reduced the White Race to a cowering hulk of simpering wimps. The White Man is now denouncing and denigrating his own race, shamefully caterwauling and kowtowing to the blandishments of the Jews and negroes. But it won’t save his neck from the final reckoning for his abject cowardice and criminal idiocy. The sinister Jew is skillfully biding his time, all the while proceeding with his planned and deliberate programme of weakening, decimating, demoralizing and mongrelizing the White Race, as he has for thousands of years, going all the way back to the White Egyptians. He does not want a pitched battle, or open confrontation between the White Race and the dark races, not quite yet. At this time such open conflagration would still result in an overwhelming victory for the White Race and wipe the dark races and the Jew along with them, from the face of the earth.

The time is not yet quite ripe. But give it another ten years, perhaps fifteen, and the White Race will be so weak, confused and decimated, it will have neither the will, nor the power to defend itself. When that time comes (and the Jew will recognize that proper time) he will unleash the fury of the dark races, joined by the renegade White traitors, in the biggest bloodbath in history to massacre the White Race en masse. (Read again Creative Credo No. 30 in the White Man’s Bible “The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo”.) That is the goal and the dream of the Jewish power establishment — no more White babies — to destroy forever the power of the White Race from ever again threatening the stranglehold of the world’s foremost parasite. We, of the Church of Creativity, are struggling to avert this major tragedy from coming about. We say – rally the White Race now and polarize around the only major idea that can still arouse and save the White Race – a powerful racial religion – Creativity. Arouse and organize the mighty force that is inherent in the White Race before it is too late. We still have the numbers, the means, the wherewithal. Let us awake, let us now make hay While the sun shines, organize and utilize our awesome might and save ourselves and the future generations of our progeny. There’s no other way out. The name of the game is to polarize and build a White Racial power structure to smash the Jewish monster.

(Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 29)

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