Rev.Dr Joe 2017.02

Reverend Cailen Cambeul,

Racialist Greetings and Hail to you and all my Brothers.

Fuck the ADL, SPLC and all Zionist swine. They can investigate us all they want because of Gibbs!

The JOG here read me my rights today and are trying to arrest me for a deadly weapon I did not have. I couldn’t care less and will force the JOG agents to take me to trial.

I am going back to SHU at IMU at Snake River. Don’t know when, but I will. They gave me 120 days and a fine of $100. I had saved $63 for new boots and it will all be taken the last days of this month. So when you or any other brother send me money, send it on the 3rd of each month so I can get to spend it.

I am glad to hear Nigger’s okay (Rev. Cailen’s dog).

I need a few more pictures for my wall: One of you, one of Founder Klassen and one of Reverend Dr Billy. That should do it for now.

Also keep your anger in check when dopes like Gibbs give us a bad spot light.

As for any fakes that claim to be Creators, they are no better than Zionists themselves and not worth the ink to quote.

Any news from Reverend John Barletta in New Mexico? Send him my love and respect.

Well, I am doing well and you know the JOG can never ever break me. I am a White Warrior of the C.A. and will keep up the fight to save our race from the Zionists until my last breath. I am in combat mode. WBW.


Reverend Dr Joe, P.M. (Elect), C.A.