White Man’s Criminal Negligence In Protecting The Survival Of His Own Kind

Consider the following situation : A man, his wife and three children live on the fifth floor of an apartment building. A raging fire is in progress on the second floor of the same apartment building, but not immediately underneath his section of the building. Dense smoke is oozing throughout the building, even into their own apartment. Other tenants are screaming and running to get out. The facts of the fire are plainly visible to the man and his family. Although the elevators are already blocked by the fire there is a fire excape at his end of the building by means of which he and his family could still escape. At this time he could still rescue himself and his family. But the man just sits there nonchalantly like a mesmerized idiot and watches the scene as if he were a mere spectator without any personal stake whatsoever in the tragedy unfolding before his eyes. Wouldn’t you wonder what in the hell was the matter with such an irresponsible clown ? Wouldn’t you say that he was criminally negligent in not lifting a finger to save his family and himself from almost certain death and destruction in a horrible holocaust ? Well, my dear White Racial Comrade, take another look at yourself and the world around you. Your family, yourself and your future progeny are doomed to almost certain destruction in a rising tide of hostile dark races that are bent on our extinction unless we wake up, change our idiotic attitude about race, and spring into action ! Now ! Not in the next generation, not in 20 years, not in 10 years. Now ! The evidence around us is so abundant, so clear, so convincing, that only a mesmerized moron could ignore it.

Creativity are totally and irrevocably concerned with the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. At this juncture in history, let us first of all consider the survival of the White Race, for if the White Race is not going to be around any more in another generation or two, all other considerations of expansion, advancement, genetic improvement, are meaningless. Survival comes first. Without survival any future plans are an exercise in futility. What are the prospects of our survival in a world exploding in a flood tide of degenerate but aggressive, hostile dark races ? When we ponder this question in the face of reality, in the face of today’s events, a terribly horrifying, frustrating realization must grip the soul of every thinking, informed White Man or Woman. The irrefutable facts of 20th century history are these : Whereas in 1920 the White Race not only constituted approximately 33% of the population on this planet, today that percentage has shrunk to an alarmingly small minority of less than 8%. The White Man’s control has been broken and he has ignominiously (and voluntarily) retreated from the sub-continent of India. As the British retreated from India, so the Belgians retreated from the African Congo, so the Portuguese retreated from Angola, so the French retreated from Algeria, and what was formerly French Indo-China. This by no means completes the White Man’s retreat from his colonial possessions built up over the many centuries. But it tells an alarming story, the end of which is not even yet in sight.

Even more alarming is the shameful retreat the White Man is condoning on his own home territory. That once proud citadel of the British Empire, England, (once called Great Britain) is being invaded by Haitians, Pakastanis, Hindus, and several other diverse miscreants of the dark races. Holland is invaded by Moluccans who repeatedly stage outbursts of mass kidnappings, killings and multiple other crimes. Germany is heavily infested with dark-coloured Turks and other base creatures from outside. France is experiencing a reverse colonization of brown Algerians. Even Canadian cities like Toronto are experiencing a heavy influx of blacks from the United States itself, the last bastion of White power, the last hope for the salvation of the White Race. Haitians, Porto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Chinese – all are flooding into formerly White countries. It is because it is the last and most significant power base of the White Race that the United States is under especially heavy attack by the Jews. It is here that the Jewish drive for integration is at its most ferocious peak of intensity. The Jew full well realizes that it is here that he must break the back of White resistance to his programme of mongrelization. If he does not, he also knows full well that it is in the United States that his whole precarious conspiracy might well blow up in his face. The Jew knows also that it is in the United States that the movement will spawn like a hurricane and come to the rescue of the White Race in the rest of the world. Therefore it is here in this welfare state that the negroes is breeding most rapidly, that the Mexican half-caste Indians are invading and breeding by the millions without resistance and that has now become the open magnet of all the scum races of the world.

Let us search our innermost souls and ask ourselves, why does the White Man of today react in a completely unnatural way to a mortal threat to his survival ? The fact screams to high heaven that he is reacting in a completely suicidal manner. All living things, from the lowest creature to the highest, instinctively and invariably react in a way to defend themselves and their kind. They always kill, disable, or retreat from, if at all possible, the source of any threat to their existence (known as the fight or flight reaction). Herd or gregarious creatures, of which the White Man is one, fight and die, or retreat in mass, to defend or protect themselves from danger. The present White Man is doing none of these. He not only doesn’t fight, he doesn’t even try to retreat or separate himself from mortal danger. Instead he embraces and tries to love and subsidize that which means his own destruction. He unconsciously practises the Christian doctrine of “love your enemy” to an extent that his more fanatic religious forebears of the Middle Ages never even dreamed of. The theme song of every living creature is survival of its kind at all costs. What is the present White Man’s theme song ? It is the very reverse of every healthy instinct inbred in every one of Nature’s other creatures. The White Race, the ultimate flower in Nature’s evolutionary scale, in Nature’s whole creation, has strangely foresaken Nature’s cardinal law of survival at all costs for an insane feeling of guilt, for an unconscious death wish. Why ? In the next few pages we are going to see why. We will find they all add up to one major poison in our midst – the Jewish influence. We will take a look at some of the Jewish propaganda that this diabolical alien network slops daily on the White Man’s brain. It all started with Jewish Christianity.

The White Man’s destruction is being accomplished by the following ways. Keep in mind, the Jews want to reduce, adulterate and finally destroy the White Man’s genes.

1) Fratricidal wars between White Nations. This, as we know, has been going on relentlessly and with a vengeance since the Jews brought about the collapse of the great (White) Roman civilization. To cite a few : The Hundred Years War between the English and the French; the Thirty Years War (1618-48) involving most of the leading White nations of Europe, but particularly devastating to the rising German peoples; The Napoleonic Wars (20 years); The (American) Civil War; Wars between Germany and Austria; World War I; World War II; and countless others too numerous to mention. All these wars drastically reduced the size of the gene pool of the White Race in relation to the dark races of the rest of the world. They did more : by killing off the best, it lowered the quality or the gene pool that remained.

2) By instigating high-casualty no-win wars against non-Whites, such as the Korean War and the Vietnam War the Jews achieved high losses to the White Race at a cheap price to the dark races. There were many further secondary losses to the White Race such as delayed marriages; a disruption of the White Man in his education or the establishment of his career at a critical stage in his young life; crippling and disabling of probably seven times as many as were killed outright; wrecking the lives of many of the young men by having contracted the dope habit while in the army; meanwhile many others contracted venereal disease, or jungle viruses while in Asia; some service men contracted marriages with Asiatics, thereby poisoning the genes of their future offspring.

3) By the same token, the Jewish propaganda promotion of mixed marriages is achieving even more devastating results in the world itself. Relentlessly, by sheer force of massive, overwhelming propaganda the Jew is bending the White Man’s thinking towards accepting, condoning and entering into mixed marriages. It is the Jews’ fanatic and unswerving goal to poison the White Man’s genes by not only pumping the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, but committing similar atrocities in all other White countries, whether they be England, Sweden, France, Holland or whatever. Not only out and out negroes are being utilized for this heinous purpose, but all available dark races that can be transported, be they Moluccans (in Holland), Turks (in Germany), Pakastanis, Hindus, Jamaicans and every other variety of miscreant (in England). Everywhere the Jew is pushing the poison of alien hordes not only into the White Man’s breeding grounds but promoting mixed marriages as well.

4) The Suicidal Propaganda of Z.P.G. (Zero Population Growth). It is alarmingly true there is now a population explosion such as the world has never before seen. But tragically the White Race is not participating in it, although this is never pointed out. On the contrary, the White Man’s numbers are shrinking, but he is not aware of it. Thanks to Jewish propaganda he is, on the contrary, imbued with a guilt complex about the “world’s population explosion.” This leaves the thinking of White couples highly vulnerable to Jewish propaganda. As a result of this unfounded guilt complex, many White couples decide to have one, or two, or no children. On the other hand, such propaganda about Z.P.G. has absolutely no effect on the negroes and the dark races. As long as the White Man provides the food and welfare, these darks will breed like rats, without a worry in the world regarding the “population explosion.” Ironically it is only the White Race who is smitten by pangs of conscience, and the treacherous Jew, in pouring on the propaganda, is only too well aware of this fact.

5) This brings us to the economic strategy employed by the Jews in shrinking the White population and rapid expansion of the dark races. Whereas only the White Race is proficient in producing food, the dark races in Africa, India, and elsewhere, in the past were stymied in their population growth by just simple outright starvation – the inability to produce enough food. But now by means of the White Man’s ability to produce huge quantities of food and the White Man’s generous (read stupid) largesse of supplying the scum of the world, we not only have a population explosion of negroes in the U.S., but a population explosion of all the other dark races of the world. All this, as we said, thanks to the White Man’s ability and suicidal generosity (the latter cleverly directed by the impetus of Jewish propaganda and manipulation).

6) The White Man’s Suicidal Religion. If there is one eroneous idea that set in motion all the other suicidal ideas the White Man now nurtures, it is the “spooks in the sky” swindle that the Jew foisted on the White Man, 2,000 years ago.

What is the solution to the White Man’s rapidly accelerating slide into extinction and oblivion ? The remedy is really simple as hell. We must enlist every White Racial Comrade to become an activist for the survival, expansion and advancement of our race. We must make it crystal clear that they are either for the White Race or against it. We must make it clear that anyone who refuses to participate in the crucial fight for survival will be regarded as a traitor to his or her race. By doing absolutely nothing they are an accomplice and an accessory to the crime the Jews are perpetrating on the White Race. I didn’t say it was easy. But I said it was simple, and it is as simple as that. The White Race must resurrect its powerful instinctive will to live and back it up with all the strength and courage at its disposal. This means you must become totally involved in this battle.

It is the goal and purpose of Creativity to resurrect the will of the great White Race, to unite and polarize the awesome might of our unique and glorious race for its own survival, expansion and advancement. For this sacred cause we need you and millions more like you to become involved, to become an activist now ! Help build the mighty White racial movement until it engulfs the world ! The first step you can take is to become a zealous distributor of the White Man’s Bible and wake up your fellow racial kinsmen. Become a miniature distribution center.

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