Our Friends And Our Enemies

We must learn to distinguish clearly between our Friends, our Enemies, and the Mugwumps. Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has endowed each living creature with a built-in characteristic called instinct. This characteristic embodies the collective wisdom of that particular creatures experiences in the struggle for survival throughout the millions of years when that species developed its own identity differentiating it from other nearby species. Included in this outstanding mechanism is the ability to instinctively recognize its enemies on sight, without these enemies necessarily wearing an identification card. All birds, animals and other creatures have this instinct. The human species, too, has it. If by chance of domestication, change of environment or domicile they lose it, then that species is rapidly on the down-hill slide to oblivion and extinction. It has happened to thousands of species that are now extinct.

Having been brought up on the farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, I (Ben Klassen) can recall plenty of such examples as I observed birds and animals, both wild and domesticated, in their natural habitat. I recall, for instance, how the lowly chicken, no brave bird, knew how to protect her brood. Should a chicken hawk be winging overhead in the yard, the mother hen would immediately spot it, sound a screeching alarm to her flock of little chicks, and all would scoot for cover as quickly as possible. In contrast, should a crow, or a flock of wild ducks, or any other large or small bird be flying over the yard, it would not so much as raise a chicken’s eyebrow.

Similarly with the prairie dogs, which proliferated in our pastures. If a hawk would be flying overhead, they would run for cover, their holes in the ground. But prairie dogs have a host of other enemies that consider them as fair game for a square meal, such as coyotes, badgers, and even weasels. Now a weasel is about the size and shape of a prairie dog, but slightly larger in body, and much more ferocious. However, those little prairie dogs had no problem in distinguishing a weasel from one of their own, and would run like hell if they saw or even smelled one. (Weasels do have a peculiar odour of their own.) Interestingly enough, I do remember one instance where a weasel intruded into a prairie dog town, and three brave prairie dogs pounced on it and attacked it.

We now come to that one species of animal life that we are particularly concerned about, namely Nature’s Finest. Does the White Man still have his instincts intact whereby he can distinguish between his friends, his enemies and those in between that are neither ? Giving close scrutiny to the history of the White Race over the last century, it would seem that the White Race has either completely lost its ability to recognize its enemies, or wantonly abandoned and destroyed such instinct. Undoubtedly, as the human species developed over a period of millions of years, it developed as strong an instinct for self-preservation as any other animal. Even the negroes still have it, the Japanese still have it, the Jews still have it (do they ever !), but, strangely, only the White Race, it seems, has lost it.

How could this be ? How could Nature’s most intelligent, most creative, most productive creature of all, have lost its instinct for survival, that most vital of all natural mechanisms ? Have we really lost it, or has it merely been temporarily subverted, submerged and stifled by an overwhelming dose of bad propaganda ? I am convinced that the latter is the case, and for this we can squarely lay the blame on Nature’s most deadly parasite of all – the perfidious Jew. Aiding them in this process of subverting and deadening our natural instinct for survival has been their most treacherous ally, Jewish Christianity, and its horde of spook peddlers, most of whom are White.

It is the sacred mission of the Church of Creativity to reverse this process. We are determined to revive and re-awaken the White Mans healthy instincts for survival of his own kind, to protect his women folk from the negroes, and to expose and destroy the sinister anti-White conspiracy of the treacherous Jews. It is our goal to get all those deadly enemies of the White Race from off our back and from out of our midst, thereby enabling the White Man to again regain control of his own destiny. We are morally, religiously, politically and naturally entitled to do just that. Not only are we entitled to do so, but we are morally obligated to do so. Who says so ? Nature, in her infinite wisdom, tells us we must do no less. We need no further sanction. Nature is the highest authority and total justification. It is our birthright, and Creativity has the winning formula with which to do the job. So let us carefully, deliberately and explicitly identify and designate our enemies, our friends, and the mugwumps in between.

Our Enemies

First of all, our enemies, more or less in their respective order of menace, danger and deadly viciousness :

1) Without a doubt, at the head of the list of enemies in the White Man’s fight for survival we must place Nature’s most pervasive parasite – the sinister and treacherous Jew. For thousands of years this pernicious branch of the human species has infested and infected Nature’s finest civilizations – the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the present White European civilization. Like a fungus on the brain, it has spread from the inside and destroyed them all. It is today destroying the once great American civilization, and successfully mongrelizing it into chaos and oblivion.

2) Secondly, we must identify and indict a sickness that has engulfed the brain of the White Race, namely Jewish Christianity. Without this Jewish invention (read again Marcus Eli Ravage’s article “Confessions of a Jew” on page 305 of the White Man’s Bible) the Jews would long ago have become exposed, defeated and passed into oblivion. Without a doubt, Jewish Christianity has been the most deadly and pervasive mind-scrambler in the White Man’s history. Over the last 2000 years it has been the most powerful weapon the Jews have developed in their long conspiracy of destroying the White Race.

3) The negroes and other dark people. Until the aftermath of World War II, only less than 50 years ago, the negroes and other dark races were only an insignificant threat on the far distant horizon, as far as the future survival of the White Race was concerned. Today, however, as we near the end of the 20th century, the ever swelling flood of dark peoples into the United States, into (once great) Britain, into Australia, and into most other White countries has become a rushing tide of evil that seems to be unstoppable. This anti-White dark flood is instigated by the Jews and used as their most powerful battering ram in their age-old obsession to mongrelize and destroy the great White Race. It is now a clear and present menace. Can we stop it ? Yes, if we arouse, organize and unify the White Race. This we definitely can (and must !) do. Creativity and only Creativity has the winning formula to do the job.

4) JOG – (our acronym for the Jewish Occupational Government) that sits astride the White Race and at the head of this once great country. It is, of course, a conglomerate combination of the three previously listed evils, but strangely enough the JOG has in its makeup a predominantly large number of White people cowards, race-traitors and dupes.

5) We can add a whole laundry list of subordinate offshoots of the four above named evils, such as the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the Federal Reserve, the communists, the liberals, the masons, the homosexuals, the feminists and a whole plethora of lesser evils. However, they are more the consequences, the symptoms and the tentacles of the monster, rather than the prime cause. Once we take care of those first four, all our other problems will be child’s play.

Our Friends

Let me say that at present the numbers of our enemies far exceed those of our friends. We have aligned against us, the Church of Creativity and the White Race, all the major power structures of the world. We have already enumerated those evil forces – the Jews, the Judeo Christians, the dark races and the JOG, as well as those in Category No. 5. However, we have one major ace-in-the-hole : potentially with and for us are millions of Nature’s most intelligent and valiant people – the White Race. We the White Race are the best fighters, the best producers and we are even the best organizers. Once informed, aroused and united, no force on earth can stop us. It is just that our minds have been terribly confused by the Jews’ pernicious mind-scrambler – Jewish Christianity, and we have tragically lacked control and direction.

Our tremendous ingenuity, energy and productivity has been directed to self-destructive goals against our own best interests and to the benefit of our most deadly enemies. But now we have direction, we have our own goals, we have our own battle plan. We will play the stupid patsy no more. We now have Creativity, the Beacon of Hope and Salvation for the White Race. We will now settle for no less than total control of our own destiny, and never rest until we, the precious White Race, inhabit all the benevolent lands of this Planet Earth. It is all embodied in our battle cry – Rahowa ! This planet is all ours !

The Mugwumps

Let us now take a closer look at that polyglot conglomerate that is somewhere in between our enemies and our friends. By and large, the mugwump-type individuals and groups we are talking about are racially oriented, are pro-White, but from there on out they wander off into a diversity of counter-productive directions that cannot and never will produce any effective solution. We have pretty well described them in Racial Loyalty No. 1, in the article “The Flat Tire Syndrome.” Their main stock in trade is to endlessly re-hash history, analyze and re-analyze, discuss and re-discuss the problem, but never come up with any meaningful solution. On top of that they drag along some useless, counter-productive ballast that we have also described in the article “Self-Imposed Handicap” (See Expanding Creativity, Page 89.) Their main forte is to deplore and lament, bitch and gripe about the mess we are in, but never come up with any programme or solution whereby we can solve the problems threatening our survival. In this category we can find the Identity Christians, the Klans, the Odinists, the Instaurationists, the Neo-Nazis and a host of other polyglot bitch-and-gripe exponents.

Lessons Of History

We Creators look at the lessons of history in overcoming the Jewish monster, and we see that the only movement that has made a significant challenge to the Jewish juggernaut was Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party in Germany during its sojourn between 1933 to 1945. Hitler during the 1930’s covered a significant amount of ground in his own country of Germany in eradicating the Jews from power and out of the system. It was a bold and powerful beginning and from it we could and should learn much. We, of the Church of Creativity, have learned much and taken these lessons to heart. The lessons we have learned are as follows :

1) One of the most glaring weaknesses of National Socialism was Nationalism per se. It pitted White Man against White Man, and culminated in World War II where White Men killed other White Men (the Jews’ most cherished dream) to the tune of 50 million. We White Racial Loyalists – Creators say, never again ! We reject National Socialism and replace it with Racial Socialism which embraces all the White peoples of the Planet Earth into one powerful battering ram against the Jews and dark races. This is our resolute and unwavering goal and programme.

2) Hitler never had the nerve, nor the opportunity to confront Jewish Christianity head on, and thereby ignored destroying the Jews’ most powerful and insidious weapon. We maintain that unless and until this pernicious mind-scrambler is thoroughly exposed and completely demolished we will never be able to unite all the White peoples and get the scurvy Jew off our back.

3) There are more lessons to be learned from the German Nazi experience, and we have listed them in “Fundamental Differences” (see Expanding Creativity, page 56.) But the main lesson we can learn from the German experience is that as long as there were hundreds of rival “Nationalist” parties abounding, none of them had any clout in taking over the government of Germany. It was not until the members of all these polyglot parties saw fit to join in Hitler’s Nazi party that the Germans had the clout to take over their government and drive the Jews from power. I exhort my fellow White Racial Comrades to take particular note of this lesson from history. As long as we are stupid enough to collaborate in playing the Jews’ treacherous game of Divide and Conquer, we will never be able to muster the necessary clout and power to win the racial war in the world.

Let us repeat a stark reality of the world in which we find ourselves. We are under the heel of a sinister Jewish tyranny, a conspiracy that is moving heaven and earth in order to destroy our precious White Race. They have been astoundingly successful, and unless we unite and destroy them first the White Race will be “saying goodbye forever.” One of the most effective techniques that has enabled the Jews to succeed in this anti-White campaign is their “Divide and Conquer’ trickery. As I have stated innumerable times before, the three most devastating forces dividing the White Race have been for centuries and are today – religion, nationality and language. Therefore, if we are ever to get our act together, to arouse, unify and organize the White Race into a powerful battering ram, we do not need more languages, or “greater diversity. We need to unify the White Race.

Therefore, we urge every racially minded White Man and Woman to study the situation carefully and make up their minds as to what movement is more powerful than a well-structured White Racial Religion, and what movement is more complete, clear, comprehensive and logical than Creativity. The answer is absolutely clear – NONE ! We therefore urge you, White Man and Woman, do not sit on the fence like a mugwump any longer ! Make up your mind and take action ! Join with us ! Our goals are fixed, our creed and programme are clear and complete – we have the Winning Formula ! Take action, now !

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