The Purpose of Life

From Nature’s Eternal Religion, by Ben Klassen

Book II – Chapter 3

23 Words
What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

For millennia mankind in general, and philosophers in particular, have been pondering the meaning of life. This question has undoubtedly troubled and concerned practically every thoughtful human being. Few have arrived at any conclusion during their lifetime, leaving the question unanswered at the time of their demise. Certainly this question has concerned me, more or less, during many phases of my life, beginning with early adolescence. Although I searched the scriptures, the religions, the philosophies of various notables throughout history, none of these seemed to give me a satisfactory answer. Finally I concluded that there was no meaning to life, that there was no purpose to it, that our stay here was a meaningless, useless pursuit which might well have been left better undone. In fact, ten years ago I was so convinced of the futility of our existence here on earth that I began to write a book on the subject called The Rat Race to Oblivion. But the fact kept persisting that we are here, and we are going to be here, and our offspring are going to be here for generations and centuries and millenniums to come. Obviously, the kind of people that were going to be living here in the centuries and millenniums to come would be largely determined by each generation as to what they did, what their outlook on life was, what their mating habits were, and what their philosophies and religions were. Also it was obvious that the conditions under which our future offspring were going to be living would largely be determined by what we now did, just as the conditions under which we are now living had been determined by what our forefathers had done, or had not done.

The more I studied history the more it became obvious that throughout the threads of history was woven the interminable and overriding factor of race. The most obvious of all factors began to emerge – that one race and one race along had built and blossomed and  ...

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