Rev.Dr Joe 2012.08

Racial Greetings and hail to you Comrades,

I hope you are all in the very best of Salubrious health, and the highest of Creative spirits.

I have been informed that Michelle Jordan of the Central Office in Tallahassee is claiming that our Religious Emblem is a “Security Threat” and we are part of the Ku Klux Klan. Ms Jordan has ordered that nothing with our Church Emblem will be allowed into the prison. She has also denied my right to receive a Religious Medallion sent by Pontifex Cambeul.

The Deputy Warden of the prison here, has confirmed that it is definitely Michelle Jordan of the Central Office and not the prison that is responsible for the denial of my religious freedom.

A World Wide Call for Assistance!

Australian and European Creators have done a superb job defending my religious rights via email, but it is not enough. Creators in the US must take a stand and send more emails. Email, Fax or write this Michelle Jordan about her discrimination against our religion. All the outside pressure we can give her will bring about our win, Comrades.

Michelle Jordan
Florida Department of Corrections
Correctional Programs Administrator
Office of the Inspector General/Security Threat Group Unit
Office – 850-410-4582/Fax – 850-410-4137/Cell – 850-228-9355

More information on Michelle Jordan can be found here.

I have never had a racial problem in Florida’s Department of Corrections because of my religious preference being Creativity, or because of any of my tattoos, or because of my being a White Racialist. I am being singled out by this lady solely because I am White and a member of the Church of Creativity. Also, Florida Department of Corrections does recognise the Church of Creativity as a religious body. The refusal to allow me to wear an Emblem or ANYTHING with our Church Emblem is a Constitutional Violation. Odinists and Wotanists are an ST6 group and are allowed to wear a talisman of their faith; Black savage Muslims are allowed to wear religious items of their faith; Hebrew Israelites are also ST6; and the street gang Folk Nations emblem is the Star of David or six point star and numerous member of different faiths wear this emblem. No street gangs, no Klan and no other group, organization or Religious Body except for Creators make use of the Sacred Emblem our Faith; but I, as a member of the Church of Creativity Worldwide am being discriminated against because of my Religious Beliefs in Creativity and because I am White.

I will be filing a Notice of Intent to Sue, and I will need the following from Creators: (Each letter can only contain fifteen pages of materials, or my Zionist Captors will reject it.) I need copies of all emails sent on my behalf to anyone pertaining to this matter. I need any case laws available on the internet pertaining to religious freedom, “White Supremacist” materials and racial discrimination; I am attacking all of these issues. Everyone that is persecuting me is either a mud or a Southern Baptist, and this will be addressed in court. When I do receive my Religious Medal, I will let you all know, but in the meantime, keep this issue going, no matter what!

We of the Church of Creativity have a Very good case of Religious Discrimination. Believe me, I am doing plenty of research and it all points in the right direction. I also have assistance from some lawyers in New York City, who are sending me more materials.

Brothers and Sisters, I also need a donation of stamps so that I can write to other prisoner legal groups and to mail my legal motions to court. I can receive twenty stamps per letter, but they must be stamps issued in the United States of America.

I have began making arrangements for civil litigation. The defendants in my law suit are:

• Audrey Dickson: Warehouse Worker.
• Michelle Jordan: Security Threat Group Coordinator.
• Chaplain Augustine: Century Correctional Institution, Senior Chaplain.

I have found a good, previous ruling that has bearing on my case: “… if the person is sincere in his beliefs” and all my time with our Church since 1974 will show my dedication and loyalty to our Church, its beliefs and practices.

Another thing: So-called “White Supremacist” materials are allowed to be sent to the prison, if they do not teach to kill, or overthrow the government, or preach violence. That my Brothers and Sisters, is proof that I have been singled out!

I think that I have covered everything, except for letting you all know that I am in good health and doing okay. That’s all for now, so I will close. Take care Comrades. Stay Strong. RaHoWa!

Delenda est Juaica!
Aut Vincere Aut Mori!
Pro Unitas Creatorum Omnium!

Your Brother in Creativity
For a Whiter and Brighter World

Rev. Doctor Joe
Church of Creativity

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