Rev.Dr Joe 2013.01

40th Anniversary of Creativity + An Update

White Racialist Greetings my Brothers and Sisters,

I send greetings from the gulag on this, the fortieth anniversary of Creativity – 40 AC (2013 CE). As a Brother and Reverend with Founder Klassen’s Church of the Creator, and later a Reverend Doctor with the Church of Creativity (Creativity Alliance), I am honoured to be with you.

It’s time I gave you an update on the abuse, mistreatment and illegal actions taken against me for being a proud White Racial Loyalist. Let me start by saying that Commandment VI states: Your first loyalty belongs to the White Race; And Commandment VII states: Have social contacts only with members of your own race.

Well, here in the JOG’s Florida gulag, the White man does not stand a chance. I have been placed in Segregation (disciplinary) because of a weapon that was found under the fold of the sheet of my bed while I was at the library. The muds, race traitors and niggers of course planted the knife there. My JOG agent captors who went to my cell and packed my property also claim that in my phone book – in my locker – was a box cutter razor blade, along with White Supremacist gang materials. I was given another disciplinary report for the razor and another for the gang paraphernalia. A total of three reports with 150 days in D.C. Confinement, plus a recommendation to the secretary of Department of Corrections to be placed back in a S.H.U. – close management prison. That’s three to four years once again in isolation. They have also confiscated my Certificate of Membership of the Creativity Alliance/Church of Creativity, and my Ministerial Certificate and Doctorate of Creativity certificate.

All 206 employees were White that did this to me in an attempt to assist the nigger in ridding itself of me. That is what I have to face here in the Florida prison system on a non-stop basis.

While I was asleep in my cell on the 23rd of October (of 39 AC), a White Sergeant sprayed mace in my face through the bean flap (where the food is delivered), then I was placed in an air conditioned cell with just under shorts for ten days. Who knows what is next in stall for this White Racial Loyalist? This is to let you know the torture that Whites are put through by other so-called Whites.

I have requested support from the outside world before, and our loyal P.M. Reverend Cailen Cambeul came through for me as always. Other Creators have supported me, but only one other, Brother M. [Webmaster: Brother M. chooses to remain anonymous], has stood by me; nobody else except for Pontifex Cambeul and Brother M. (What happened to the rest of you, did you all turn belly up because the JOG poked you with it’s big Kosher stick?) So again I am requesting all Creators, or anyone reading this to send letters of support to the addresses listed at the end of this letter. Outside support is the only way to stop my abuse by the JOG.

Now, onto other issues … Creators are a strong breed of White men and women, united for the same cause: The Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. We believe our Race is our Religion, but we forget about Creators behind JOG’s walls. Our beliefs are strongly reinforced by an overwhelming mass of substantiated evidence. They are based on the Eternal Laws of Nature; The Lessons and Experience of History; Furthermore, they are based on Logic, Common Sence and Reality – NOT MYTH AND FANTASY! No other religion can make this claim, yet we don’t unite to help one another. Prison is a lonely place, and only the strong will survive – and that’s a fact! I’ve been living this penal sentence since 21 AC (that’s 1994 CE) here in Florida’s gulags. Friends and supporters have passed away or decided they out-grew the White Racialist “so-called movement” (as Pontifex Cambeul calls it). Family has died and all of a sudden, it is just you, your Church, your Religion and your Brothers and Sisters in that Church. Well, to be frank, I have not received a birthday card, or any greeting card from a Creator in years. Not even a stamp. [Webmaster: Americans, send Rev. Dr Esposito some stamps today!] The only Creator to remember my birthday was Pontifex Cambeul. He sends me photos and keeps me updated – but no-one else makes the same effort. We Creators believe in taking stock, learning from our experience and doing our best to see to it that errors are not repeated, if we can at all help it. It is an historical fact that our great founder Pontifex Maximus Ben Klassen founded the Church of the Creator in 1973 CE, and the courts have acknowledged that it did not and does not violate any trademark law or judgement to do so! The Creativity Alliance incorporating the Church of Creativity is the one and only Church of Creativity, and the Creativity Alliance that represents the Premier Church of the Creator founded by Pontifex Maximus Ben Klassen. Other faux Creator groups are making use of OUR Creator Emblem to incorporate their own idea of THE CHURCH, but being a Creator for the years that I have (1 AC/1974 CE), the only ones that have remained loyal and true to me is Pontifex Cambeul of the Creativity Alliance/Church of Creativity. Pontifex Cambeul as the loyal brother he is, has also awarded me an honorary Creativity Doctorate for my long dedication and services to Creativity, naming me a Doctor of Creativity. I understand that there are only two others who have been awarded this honour in all of the forty long years of our glorious religion. [Webmaster: One was Reverend Doctor Thomas William “Billy” Jackley – the Founder of the Creativity Alliance, and the other was Reverend Doctor Will “White Will” Williams – former Hasta Primus for Ben Klassen in the Church of the Creator.] It is an honour to have a religious leader, Brother in Creativity and friend in Pontifex Maximus, Reverend Cailen Cambeul. Creators come and go, but I will remain a Creator until death. Upon my release, I hope to join Pontifex Cambeul in Australia … if it can be arranged, but first I must continue to fight and survive my JOG captor’s abuses.

So the Church founded by late Pontifex Maximus Ben Klassen in 1973 has existed throught these 40 years and will ALWAYS continue to exist, and we of the Creativity Alliance incorporating the Church – or Churches – of Creativity must utterly reject any and all attempts to smear P.M. Ben Klassen’s Church or name. We must stand proud in the name of Creativity and unite and take care of one another. Where we are in prison or not, we all belong to the same Religion. We have the same goals and are united by Creed and by the Noble White Race. We must not go down that dark bitter road that the Christians were forced to suffer due to Protestant Reformation and other schisms, leading to so much strife and bloodshed. No! Ben Klassen wanted a unified, Loyal and Brave Church of the Creator. This was his life’s work, and we of the Church of Creativity are Ben Klassen’s monolith. His single solid block of stone. We must continue to build our Church and the Alliance in memory of our Founders. All others who are using our Church emblem and the Creativity name must be ignored. The Church of Creativity and Pontifex Cambeul are the True and Only Church of the Creator to be recognised by TRUE CREATORS, who do not want to misled, lied to, threatened with death and have money and possessions stolen from them because some false leader orders it. I know there are a few websites vying and offering all sorts of deals, but all you’ll find with the Creativity Alliance and the many Churches of Creativity around the world is is Unity, Loyalty and Honour for the Founder of our Holy Religion, Ben Klassen. I never met the man, but I have been told in quite a few letters that Reverend Doctor William Jackley felt this way, and that is why he founded the Creativity Alliance. Our Church and its Members and Supporters and of course Pontifex Cambeul all feel the same way, and I am proud. So stop, think, help and assist fellow Creators and join us in the Fight to Save and Unite Our Noble White Race before it becomes extinct.

I close now hoping to receive feedback on this post and wishing you all the best for this, our fortieth anniversary of the singularly greatest, the one and only White Racial Religion of Creativity.

RaHoWa. For a Whiter and Brighter World.

Reverend Doctor Joe Esposito.

P.S. Please help a Creator in need by sending him stamps to write letters to officials. And support me by sending emails or letters about my abuses to the people below: Assist a Creator.

Lt Gov. Jennifer Carroll
PL 04 The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.
Phone: 8504874441

Pamela Jo Bondi
Attorney General – State of Florida
PL 01 The Capital
Tallahassee, Forida, U.S.A.
Phone: 8504871963

U.S. Representative Corrine Brown
U.S. Hous of Representatives
219 Lime Avenue
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
Clerk # 850-488-1157