The Magnificent White Race

To show how upside down and crazy our thinking has become in this day and age, I observed two different newspaper articles in the same Sunday paper. One related to the frenzy that had ensued in building the Tellico dam on the Little Tennessee River. In building the new dam for which 38,000 acres of farmland had been acquired and 50 million dollars spent, it was suddenly discovered by some ecomaniac that this would “endanger” some little known species of a small fish called the snail darter. This species is of no known value, is insignificant in numbers and in fact, this piddling 3 inch fish wasn’t even “discovered” until 1973. Yet when some idiot claimed the dam would “endanger” its existence, a number of court suits were instituted, and would you believe ? The 100 million dollar dam project was halted in midconstruction by a permanent injunction under the Endangered Species Act. For three years it remained delayed at a tremendous cost to the American taxpayer. It took a special act of Congress to reactivate it once more. Another article in the same paper tells the story of how the U.S. Corps of Army Engineers shut down a $281,335 project at Savage, Minnesota when during normal dredging they found one dead clam the size of a squashed tennis ball. It too was identified as an “endangered” species. On the basis of one dead clam, a Malacologist (clam expert) was flown in from Ohio State University. He failed to identify the dead carcass. Divers were nevertheless brought in, but could find no more clams at the dredging site. After continued searching and no clams, the project finally was resumed.

Such is the frenzy and the fanaticism the Jewish propaganda machine has stirred up in the minds of the public today regarding the most insignificant species of fish, fowl, clam or whatever, no matter how useless or how meaningless. But when it comes to the survival of Nature’s Finest species of all time, the White Race, why, nobody could care less, least of all the White Race itself. This is very strange, since it is the White Race on whom Nature has lavished the grandest gifts of all, whom Nature has carefully nurtured and selected to be supreme on Planet Earth. When the issue is negroes, or Indians, or Eskimos, or Fiji Islanders, the whole Jewish establishment blazes forth into stomach-wrenching compassion, large crocodile tears are shed with massive bleeding of the hearts. They not only must be saved, they must be helped, generously subsidized and wet-nursed in order that they multiply faster to proliferate and contaminate more of the precious territory on this limited Planet Earth, our one and only home. But the survival of the White Race ? Nobody gives a damn. Well, we of Creativity give a damn. We are tremendously concerned. We care about the survival of Nature’s Finest to the point of fanaticism. It is the central concern of our religion. We are determined to fight not only for the survival of the White Race, but also for its expansion and its advancement. The very heart of our creed is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. We are the White Race and the White Race is the core of our religion. Can we make it any plainer ? Let the Jews and the dark races take note and let the bastards tremble. United and organized the White Race is ten times more powerful and a thousand times more worthwhile than all the Jews, negroes and dark races in the world combined. We of Creativity mean to unite, coalesce and organize that awesome power towards a constructive and meaningful purpose, for the benefit of the White Race, and the White Race alone.

Why is the survival of the White Race so important ? To even ask the question seems ridiculous and superfluous. But since so many dumb people, especially White people have asked me that question, we will draw a picture for them and explain it as clearly as possible.

1) We have already stated that in the White Race, Nature has invested her greatest talent, her utmost benevolence, nurtured her most loving care to create the finest species of all time. No other creature has Nature endowed with as much intelligence, creativity, productivity, imagination or more awareness of the aesthetic values. No other creature that has ever existed has reached such a high level of understanding of the universe, nor such a powerful ability to reason. There are any number of other faculties in which the White Race is superb, but the above should suffice to give an inkling.

2) The second reason it is important to Creativity and every loyal member of the White Race to fight for our survival, is spelled out by Nature herself. In each creature, whether it be a mouse or a lion, Nature has implanted a strong urge – meaning instinct – for its own survival, and for the expansion of its own species. Why any member of the White Race should suppress this natural urge is hard to understand, and to do so is an abomination against Nature. In fact, to do so is a sign of mental derangement and a wish for self-destruction. Why any member of our race should be highly concerned about the survival of a snail darter, a mud clam, or a whooping crane, or the negroes, and be totally indifferent about the survival of Nature’s Finest of which he himself is a privileged member, can be nothing less than sheer madness.

3) As I shown in the first part of Nature`s Eternal Religion, it is the White Race that has produced all civilization and everything that is beautiful and worthwhile in this world. Should the White Race perish, with it would vanish all the benefits and values that our great civilization has produced and with it civilization itself would also be destroyed.

4) Your children and their offspring can only Survive, Live and Prosper in the Framework of a White Society. Were we to be engulfed in a world of billions of negroes, Chinese and other dark races, your children, grandchildren and their progeny would not only be doomed to extinction, but what mongrelized bastards did survive would be swallowed up in a horrible mass of clawing, starving humanity. You can get an excellent preview of such a hellish environment by visiting the helplessly putrid starving masses of India or in Haiti. How would you like to survive in a world that consisted of wall to wall negroes ? So why allow such a horrible fate to overtake your future progeny ?

It now behooves us to take a cursory look at the past history of the White Race, its ups and downs, its great accomplishments and its dismal failures to guard the greatest value on the face of the earth – the purity of its genes. We say a cursory look, since we neither have the space nor the intention of reviewing its full history in these limited pages. I have already done so briefly in Nature`s Eternal Religion. We have also briefly explored this subject further in the chapter on the great Roman civilization. Here we want to chart a few of the essentials in order that we can establish our identity, recognize our own value, profit from our mistakes and thereby more competently chart our future. Charting a future course for the White Race is what this is all about. It is the essence of our religion. In order to do so, we must first bring the White Race back to reality, back to the eternal Laws of Nature, back to sanity. Our first order of business is to straighten out the White Man’s thinking. We Creators will come right out and state an obvious fact : The White Race is so far superior to all the dark races of the world that there is no comparison. We recognize this fact as being obvious for the same reason we can recognize an elephant and a mouse are not equal in size and that the elephant is obviously much larger. The much touted “all men are equal” cliche is a Jew-invented fraud designed to level the White Race down to the level of the negroes and other dark races. Nature herself has decreed all species unequal as is obvious in the differences between the elephant and the mouse just cited. Not only are the species unequal, but individuals in the same species are also unequal. One elephant might be alert, strong, big and healthy. Another might be puny, sickly, weak of mind, and born a defective cripple. The same thing applies to mice, zebras, mountain goats, or walruses. Inequality is the Rule of Nature, not the Exception.

And so it is also with the human races. We clarify this further by looking at the whole primate order – starting with apes and monkeys. But getting back to “humans”, at the lowest scale of the human ladder are the blacks, the negroes and their many variants. We regard them as barely human, but more correctly subhuman or humanoid. When we take a closer look at them in we will also show what a dire threat they have become to the future survival of the White Race and how this ridiculous situation came about. In between the low end of the ladder and the White Race at the top are various other races, such as the redskin Indians, the mongrelized Hindus of India, the yellow Asiatics, the yellow Semitic Jews, the Polynesians, the semitic Arabs and a host of others. We classify them all simply as the mud races as distinguished from the White Race, only the latter occupying the very top pinnacle of the human ladder. To grasp the tremendous superiority of the White Race in all fields of endeavor throughout recorded history, all we have to do is leaf through the pages of any one of a dozen encyclopedias. When we do so, we find the long list of amazing accomplishments are almost exclusively all to the credit of the White Race. This is a fact, an accomplishment nothing short of phenomenal. When we look at the field of discovery we find the stalwart Vikings in their sturdy longboats crossing the stormy North Atlantic to Iceland, to Greenland and even the coasts of North America, as far back as 1000 A,D. But it was during the 15th to the 18th centuries, during the “Age of Discovery” that the genius and daring of the White Race flourished most prolifically. It was a White Man named Columbus who re-discovered America and opened wide the gates to White colonization of two great continents. He was followed by a number of daring heroes such as Magellan, who circumnavigated the globe; Captain Cook, who discovered Australia, New Zealand, the Hawaiian Islands and numerous other areas; by Henry Hudson; Jacques Cartier; De Soto; the great outpouring of Spanish conquests of Mexico, Cuba and Peru and most of South America; followed by British, French and Dutch conquest of North America, India, Australia, and parts too numerous to mention.

Yes, all these discoverers, explorers and conquerors were White Men. It was the White Man who created all civilizations dating back prior to even the great White Egyptian civilization over 5,000 years ago. It was the White man who built and seized the gateways of navigation at Suez and Panama and the St. Lawrence seaways. It was he who spanned the continents with railways and highways. It was the White Man who invented the telephone, the radio, television, computers, rocketry and a million other scientific marvels that make the backward dark races gasp in dumfounded amazement. But we have only scratched the surface of the White Man’s accomplishments when we mention these highlights. In any other field of endeavor whether it be building cities, producing food, producing housing, clothing or all the other accoutrements of the good life; whether we peruse the fields of language, literature, art, physics, chemistry, mathematics, invention or any of a thousand other endeavors that distinguish civilized man from animals, the White Man is so far ahead of the dark races there is no comparison. As we mentioned previously, all you have to do is peruse at random the pages of any one of dozens of encyclopedias compiled by the White Man. But, ah, the Jew liberal will argue, these encyclopedias were written by the White Man, therefore slanted. True, they were written by the White Man. If you want to compare them with encyclopedias written exclusively by and for negroes, Indians or Eskimos of their accomplishments, be my guest, if there are any such encyclopedias in existence.

If there aren’t, why aren’t there ? The answer is obvious : (a) such dark races accomplished nothing worthwhile to write about, and (b) they are too dumb to compile an encyclopedia.

So let us remember : (a) The White Man is infinitely superior to the dark races; (b) The genes of the White Race are the most precious value on the face of the earth; (c) We should be immensely proud of our racial heritage and our unique place at the summit of Nature’s scheme of things; and (d) We must learn to look at life and the world as a whole exclusively from the White Man’s point of view, as we have previously stated loud and clear.

Yet, despite its undisputed superiority, today the White Race is a rapidly dying species. It is a highly endangered species. This despite the fact that it is Nature’s most unique and successful species of all time. No other species has demonstrated such outstanding genius in terms of intelligence, creativity, and accomplishment as the White Race. No other creature has changed the face of the earth and controlled other species of birds, animals, fish, and yes, even other lower species of mankind, as has the White Race. Yet, despite all its tremendous natural endowments, the White Race is dying and it is too confused to even realize it. It keeps thinking instead of the population explosion of “mankind,” not realizing that there is a vast and unbridgeable gulf between itself and the inferior dark races of “mankind.” Nor, strangely, does it realize that it is the dark races that are exploding, while the White Race is rapidly shrinking into oblivion, voluntarily committing suicide. Why is this ? Is the White Race not capable of feeding itself ? Yes, it can handily feed itself at an affluent level of plentitude and variety never before dreamed of in any era of history, and still have enough surplus to feed a large segment of the parasitic, shiftless dark races. Can it not defend itself from the rest of the inferior races ? Can it not compete against the dark races ? The answer to both of these last two questions is an overwhelming yes, it can. But it won’t. In asking the above questions we are beginning to put our finger on the White Man’s dilemma. The White Race is highly competent to feed itself, multiply, defend itself, expand and inhabit all the good land of this Planet Earth. But for some strange reason, it won’t. It won’t follow the obvious basic course that Nature has inbred and decreed in every other creature on the face of the earth : to expand and multiply and to take care of its own.

So now we come to the Key Question. Why, when it is so extraordinarily capable of being a runaway winner in the struggle for survival, is the White Race failing to do so ? Why is it instead feeding and promoting the expansion of its enemies and quietly committing suicide ? And the answer is quite simple : the White Race is suffering from a Malignant Disease of the Brain called Jewitis. It lies on the White Man’s brain like a heavy lethargic drug, which he seems either unwilling, or unable, to shake off. It is the result of centuries of massive propaganda and brain manipulating. Those master mind-manipulators of all time, the parasitic Jews, have done their job well. With great skill, dexterity and persistence they have been manipulating the White Man’s brains and destiny for thousands of years, going back as far as the Egyptian civilization five thousand years ago. The modern and most deadly phase began nearly two thousand years ago when the Jews concocted Christianity as a means of destroying their arch enemy, the Romans. Christianity was the springboard, as we shall see. This suicidal disease of the mind is still with us today, as deadly and destructive as ever. It is the objective and sacred duty of Creativity to correct this diabolical situation. It is our holy vow to purge this malignant Jewish cancer from the brain of our precious White Race and banish it forever from the face of the earth. Just as we have the means to free the world of cancer and heart disease so we have the means of purging the Jewish cancer from the brains of our White Racial Comrades. The first and foremost weapon is the widespread dispersion of The White Man`s Bible, and Nature`s Eternal Religion.’sBible.pdf

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