Rev.Dr Joe 2011.05

Sorry fellow Creators for the 10 month delay in a new article. By no means was it my fault. My Zionist captors had their foot on my neck. Hopefully there will be no further delays. I wish to thank P.M. Reverend Cailen Cambeul and Brother Mikey for all their support while I was in lockdown. The Race Traitors and nigger lovers tried to break me, but I won and was never broken.

Now I will concentrate on my religion – Creativity. As Natures Eternal Religion states, “In studying the creatures of nature we have observed with increasing clarity that each creature has its own peculiar means of survival, of propagation, of gather food, defence and of ushering in the next generation.” An example I use in my lessons to new Creators are: Does a brown bear mate with a black bear? Does a catfish mate with a bass? No! Nature shows the separation of the species – do not interbreed.

The Christians teach we are all created equal in the eyes of the Lord. Well, the highly developed Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are a mongrelized, extinct people for listening to this trash. To interbred with another race is a crime against nature and is going to make the White Race extinct as the final civilizations of Egypt, Rome and Greece. We must secure the existence of our White people and a future for White childrend at all costs, or we will vanish from the face of the Earth. Creativity is the religious movement to bring this about. All you have to do is read Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s bible and you will see what a real racial religion is about. No Games. No lies. No myths. Just logic, common sense, history and facts. None of that Jew bible pornography or lies that they are the Chosen Ones. Nor is our major problem overcoming the Jews, the niggers and the colored scum of the world. No. We must apply our Golden Rule: “Is it good for the White Race?” The program of mongrelization and extermination is taking place before our eyes in America and Europe today! The Jews’ and niggers’ objective is to pump the black blood of Africa into the White Race’s veins. Let’s look at how many movie stars and rock stars adopt little niglets instead of White children. We Creators must make members of our Great White Race come to their senses and discard such self destructive actions and crimes against nature.

White people must awake and realize that we Creators and other good White folk do not need niggers or muds. In this age of modern technology, the nigger and the mud is completely obsolete. As our founder PME Ben Klassen stated, the nigger is even more obsolete today than is the horse and buggy. The Jew parasite is continuing to drag the niggers and muds into our midst, into our schools, affecting our innocent White children. The mixed breeds, the interbreeding of the races or homosexuality – all affects of the Jew parasite in our midst. The Jews, niggers and muds are a cancer the White man’s racial body, and White people must operate and remove these cancers or we as a Noble Race will perish.

In Racial Loyalty #7, December 1983, Ben Klassen stated, “There is a nigger president in your future White man. All you have to do is nothing.” Now we have Obongo as a president. The Jews planned this stating it was our Christian duty to vote for Obongo and bring the nigger to our level. Now what is the Jew and nigger going to complain about? The nigger hold every position in our government. They have been given the chance by the Christians, Liberals and plain olf nigger loving Trace Traitors and failed. All Obongo and Mrs Obongo are promoting is race mixing and doing everything to favor the god-damn niggers and muds.

I am 58 years old and I only voted once, and my vote didn’t count because I was too young. George Wallace was the man in the 60’s and 70’s. The way the world is today is why I remain living the teachings of Creativity. Years ago, our Founder, Ben Klassen, predicted all that is happening today to our Race. Creativity has been around since 1973. Our numbers should be in the millions world wide. It disappoints me that My Race, the White Race can be so ignorant and blind to see what happens.

I have been in the Florida Concentration Camps since 1994. I only get support from a very chosen few: Reverend Cailen Cambeul, Brother Mikey Cook, Mike Todd, April Gaede, Ron McVan, Carol Smith and Kat Ballinger. Most of these people are not even Creators. They’re in different groups or organizations for our Race. No one is assisting Creators in prison with reading materials, stamps, paper, envelopes, pictures or money. But the low life muds and niggers receive their welfare even in here. Creators, you must start supporting your brothers and sisters in prison. We all need a little help from time to time.

There is a Race Traitor from Jersey, Frank Taylor, who has stolen from Creators by becoming a Contact Point. He was also discharged as an undesirable; but, my fellow Creators, despite all of this, I am and shall remain a Creator. I will not let some scummy parasites stop me from being what I love and cherish: A Proud White Man and a dedicated member of the Church of the Creator/Church of Creativity. Our Founder, Ben Klassen ordained me himself as a minster. He and Carles Messick III, and I cherish the day we met in Otto, NC for the first time after all the years of writing and phone calls. I will be a Creator till the day I die. I love My Race. I love My church and I love Creativity. Nothing will ever make me change. I live for Creativity and I hope Creators and non-Creators alike read this and start supporting the Church of Creativity and all Creators in prison. We do like contact with the outside world. Also, any members of other groups on the outside who wish to contact me, please do.

In closing, I wish all a Very White and Bright World, and I hope to hear from more Proud White people soon. Keep living Creativity.

For a Whiter and Brighter World.

Reverend Doctor Joe Esposito.