Creativity vs Christianity

Creativity vs Christianity

In making an analytical comparison between the new, dynamic, militant and vibrant new Creativity religion with the sick and morbid religion of Christianity, we find the philosophies of the two religions in direct opposition to each other. We Creators are tremendously proud of that difference. We are proud to be the enemies of Christianity. We are convinced that our dynamic new religion will pursue and expose Christianity for what it is, a Jewish conspiracy – until all Jewish influence, Christianity and communism are wiped from off the face of the earth. One immediate difference between Creativity and Christianity that becomes evident is that whereas Creativity is life-oriented, Christianity, from beginning to end, is death-oriented. The whole objective and purpose of our religion, Creativity, is to advance the interests of the White Race, the finest creation in Nature’s universe. Our purpose is to help promote, preserve, propagate, advance and expand the White Race and finally create a White world of law and order, of beauty and culture. We believe in leading the good life, we believe in creativity, productivity and advancement. We believe that life should be enjoyed, that every member should utilize the wonderful talents with which the White Race has been endowed. We believe in enjoying the beauties and wonders of Nature. We believe in working productively, in eating well, in living well, and in serving well the interests of our own people.

Christianity, as we have said, is death-oriented. Its whole philosophy is devoted to the morbid pursuit of death. Christ purportedly said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Christianity is only interested in the hereafter world, without offering a shred of evidence that such a world exists. In two thousand years, it has not dredged up the slightest evidence that the netherworld it makes such a fuss about, even exists. While pursuing this morbid obsession of that period after which you are dead, it viciously goes about destroying the only period that has any meaning to anybody – namely your time to live, your time to enjoy the life Nature gave you to live upon this earth. Again, the only time that has any meaning for anybody is that during which they are alive, and the only place that people have ever been known to live is upon this earth. I repeat again, there is not a shred of evidence to the contrary. Nevertheless, Christianity keeps hammering away at the pointlessness of life, at the futility of it all, at the worthlessness of life, desperately trying to convince you that you would be much better off dead. By so doing it seeks to rob you of the wonderful gift Nature has given you, namely life itself. Christianity teaches that we should “lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth” but “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” which in essence means that you should devote your life to the period when you’re dead, a most idiotic and useless pursuit, if there ever was one. Creativity opposes and denounces this kind of suicidal philosophy, and believes that Nature gave us the wonderful gift of life to live it to the fullest, and in so doing to perpetuate our own kind and advance our own race to ever-higher levels.

This is the kind of philosophy we believe in. We are completely in harmony with the laws of Nature and with Nature herself. We are in complete disagreement with the Christian attitude that Nature did a miserably poor job of creating the White Race and that our every natural instinct is bad. We are in complete disagreement and conflict with Christianity when they say that we must remodel those basic inborn instincts and according to the Christian myth become “born again” in a most unnatural and perverted fashion. We Creators believe in working in harmony with the laws of Nature. On the other hand, Christianity is in complete conflict with Nature. Its very philosophy contradicts our basic common sense, it contradicts the lessons of history, and the laws of Nature itself. The fact that Christianity is in conflict with the laws of the universe and with Nature herself, is not too hard to understand when we realize that it was the Jews who invented and concocted Christianity. Having contrived this whole false ideology, it is also no wonder that they make, and keep reiterating, the preposterous claim that they are God’s chosen people. According to these Jews they claim in Deut. 7:6 (and this supposedly is the Lord speaking): “for thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God, the Lord they God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” That any God could choose such a treacherous and despicable perfidious gang of scoundrels as the Chosen People could hardly be believed by anyone. It is doubtful if very many Jews themselves believe this monstrous hoax.

Creativity completely reject this outrageous lie. We believe firmly that the White Race is Nature’s finest handiwork and that we were endowed by Nature with the most wonderful attributes that Nature has bestowed upon any of its creatures. We not only believe this because we like to believe it, but we believe it because the evidence is overwhelming that the White Race has been given Nature’s highest endowments in intelligence, creativity and productivity. Because of these and many other outstanding attributes, the White Race has produced the finest social structures, the greatest cultures and the highest civilization throughout the history of mankind. It is therefore not wishful thinking for us to say that the White Race is the epitome of creation, but it is overwhelmingly demonstrated by a mass of incontrovertible evidence. To summarize : Christianity is Jew oriented and believes in the Jews being the Chosen People. In contrast : Creativity believes that the White Race is the Master Race because overwhelming evidence demonstrates this claim. Furthermore, we Creators believe in breeding up, that is, advancing the White Race to ever higher and finer levels of achievement, beauty and culture. In fact, this is the very heart of our religion. Christianity on the other hand, believes in breeding down, that is, mongrelizing the human species and destroying the better types. Christianity not only believes in destroying the better types of individuals, but also the better types of races. It continually keeps denouncing those that have accomplished something – “it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” It keeps promoting and blessing the worst elements of a population : “blessed are the meek,” “blessed are the poor in spirit.” Creativity rejects this philosophy.

We Creators believe in what the laws of Nature so clearly point out, that the strong and more perfect of the species should survive and propagate more of their own kind, while the misfits, the cripples and the imbeciles should not procreate, but should fall by the wayside. Without a doubt, Christian principles will, in the long run, produce a mongrelized race of misfits, imbeciles, and parasites. In fact it will produce a mass of scum humanity. We aggressively reject their kind of philosophy and their kind of programme. We are completely in harmony with the laws of Nature which speak clearly time and time again that Nature desires the survival of the fittest and not the survival and multiplication of the worst elements of its species. Not only does Creativity believe in promoting the survival and multiplication of the strong and the intelligent, the handsome and the beautiful, but we also believe in prosperity and abundance. We believe that the White Man, having reached the high level of civilization and technology that he now has, should provide his family and himself with all the abundance and wealth that bountiful Nature has bestowed upon him. When the White Man again becomes master of his own destiny and has rid himself of the parasites, the Jews and the negroes that are now riding on his back, we believe that we will have a veritable paradise here upon this earth. We believe that it is possible to have happiness, prosperity and abundance for all of our people, and given free rein, the White Race, when it again inherits the earth, can and will literally be swimming in plenty.

In contrast, the miserable Christian religion believes in depriving man of his property and having him live in austerity and poverty. For the last 2000 years the Christian religion has been exhorting the White Man to “sell all thou hast and give it to the poor,” “lay up not treasures on this earth,” and similar nonsense. At the same time it tells him to give, give and give to the Church. While the Church was amassing huge fortunes of gold and silver and everything that was valuable unto itself, it had no compunction whatsoever about the poor miserable people from whom it had stolen the necessities of life. Whereas Christianity teaches “lay not up treasures on earth, lay up treasures in heaven,” Creativity reject this idiotic teaching, and propose exactly the opposite. We believe the White Man should do his best to create, produce and lay up treasures on earth for himself, his family and his race. We do not believe in deferring our wealth, efforts and energies to some nebulous hereafter, or some imaginary Jewish heaven. Despite the 5000 years that the shadowy idea of “life after death” had been floating around, it is significant that not a shred of substantiated evidence has been produced to substantiate it. On the other hand, the evidence is overwhelming that man’s life on earth is real, that Nature is real and that Nature’s laws are real. Furthermore, this planet earth is the only place man has ever been known to exist and live. It makes a lot more sense to us to direct our energies toward building a better life in the real world, than forfeiting all for some unknown dreamer’s figment of the imagination. We therefore believe that we should enjoy to the fullest the time that Nature has given us to live. We believe we should make the most of it for ourselves and, at the same time, meet our responsibilities for our future generations. We reject the Jewish suggestion that we should forfeit all for a nebulous, non-existent nether land.

Not only does Christianity, with a great amount of success, beat down a man’s desire for worldly goods and deprive him of as many of them as possible, but it also sets about to destroy his confidence in himself and undermine his feeling of worthiness. It keeps telling him again and again that he is no good, that he is born in sin, that he is a miserable sinner, that he should be humble and meek. It tells him that he should be tolerant and let himself be pushed around. It tells him to “turn the other cheek” and “not resist evil.” In so doing, it tears to shreds his self-confidence and plants within his consciousness a tremendous guilt complex, one that frustrates and destroys his ability and his confidence. No wonder the once proud Roman nation rapidly disintegrated when it embraced this poisonous and destructive “new” creed, which conditioned them into submissiveness. Creativity reject this miserable and vicious philosophy, this sick and morbid outlook on life, and propose just the opposite. We believe that it is healthy and constructive to have confidence in one’s self, in his race and in his future. We do not at all believe that it is a virtue to be tolerant when an outrage is being committed against one’s family, or nation, or race. We do not at all go along with the philosophy of “resist not evil” but believe strongly that evil should be resisted with superior force, and that an outrage should not be tolerated, but destroyed. We believe that when there is a threat to ourselves, to our family, or to our race, that we should fight, and that such a threat should be destroyed. Nature tells us instinctively that this is the correct reaction to a threat. We do not believe in tolerating any menace that threatens us. We are thoroughly convinced that this Jewish advice of being humble, meek and submissive in the face of a clear and present danger to our existence is sheer lunacy, and we replace such a philosophy with confidence in ourselves, with an aggressive fighting spirit to attack, pursue, and destroy any danger that threatens us.

Continuing along this same philosophy, we reject the Christian concept of loving our enemies. Nowhere in Nature is this concept demonstrated and plain common sense tells us that any one silly enough to fall for this kind of stupidity would most certainly be destroyed by his enemies. It certainly places him at a terrible disadvantage. We believe in hating our enemies and we believe that love and hate go together. We believe that if you love your own kind, your own family, your own people, you must automatically hate those that threaten and are a danger to the existence of your loved ones. This again is completely in harmony with the laws of Nature. Even a mother hen will fight to defend her young chicks, and certainly a chicken cannot be considered as one of Nature’s most stouthearted creatures. We repeat, we do not love our enemies. We hate them. It is our purpose to destroy our enemies. In arriving at these philosophies we have not invented anything new. We are faithfully following Nature’s laws, and only by following Nature’s laws can we survive. Christianity teaches that you should flaunt Nature’s laws, that Nature botched her job and completely made us all wrong. Christianity teaches us that all our basic instincts are evil and sinful, that we must completely thwart our endowments and instincts and be remodeled, be “born again” so that we’ll act in contradiction and in conflict with Nature’s laws. This is, of course, suicidal, and the Jew threw these poisonous teachings into the midst of the White Race in order to destroy us.

Creativity rejects these Jewish-Christian teachings, and, on the contrary, it believes in obeying Nature’s laws and obeying our natural instincts. Only a fool can argue that our instincts were given to us by Nature to destroy ourselves. On the contrary. Nature gave us our wonderful instincts for our own self-preservation. Like every other creature, we must follow our instincts or else we will most surely perish. Creativity thereof firmly believe in being in harmony with Nature’s laws, in being in harmony with our natural instincts. We believe in the survival, advancement and expansion of our race. Furthermore, we believe that one of the basic instincts for the survival of our great White Race is to give our first loyalty to our race and to our family. We believe that birth is one of Nature’s greatest wonders and we believe that the sanctity of the family should be venerated and protected. In contrast, Christianity openly preaches the breakdown of the family and your race. In Matt. 19:29 Christ purportedly said “And everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” What this circumcised Jew is saying is that we should be disloyal to the beloved members of our family and we should forsake them, as well as any land, or houses, or goods that we might have. Instead, we should follow this Jew, who has given us nothing but suicidal advice. All I can say is that anyone stupid enough to fall for this kind of garbage deserves all he gets. How anyone can rate such distorted and ugly advice as being so fantastically wonderful is completely beyond comprehension.

Not only does Christianity teach disloyalty to our loved ones, and to those that are close and dear to us, but Christianity also has a perverted and sordid attitude towards sex, one of the strongest and most beautiful drives in Nature. Throughout the New Testament Christ keeps denouncing sex as being sinful. In fact he denounces even the very thought of it as being an abominable crime. In Matt. 5:28 he says “But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” He is hereby denouncing the natural attraction between the sexes with which Nature has endowed almost every higher living creature. Creativity on the other hand, believes that love, and the attraction between man and woman, is the most natural thing in the world, that it is a lovely and beautiful emotion. We believe that it is one of the great mainsprings of life and Nature’s reward for living. We believe that it is a creative force that Nature has bestowed upon mankind, as every other living creature, to promote the propagation of the species. Certainly without the attraction between man and woman, our race would soon die out if it were eliminated from any other male and female creature, that species would soon become extinct. We deplore the sinister and sordid Christian attitude towards sex, and on the contrary, take a healthy, positive attitude towards this, the noblest of all passions, that Nature has given to all of its higher creatures. We believe that love, sex and marriage are healthy and noble emotions, that these go together to form a creative force in the uplifting and advancement of the species and the furtherance of Nature’s plan. Here again we see Christianity taking a negative and destructive view of the good things in life; a view that would promote the destruction of a race of people; a view that would deny them the enjoyment of the good things in life. Both of these attitudes are typical of the miserable Christian teaching.

Whereas Christianity stifles productivity, destroys creativity and concentrates on “laying up treasures in heaven,” in other words concentrating on the death wish, Creativity believe in a vibrant, positive, healthy, wholesome programme. We believe in enjoying life. We believe in creating more life. We believe in advancing life to better and finer horizons. Our programme is alive and positive and vibrant. It is not death-oriented like Christianity. Furthermore, whereas Christianity is vague and contradictory and meanders forever in the land of fantasy and gropes around in an unreal dream world, our philosophy is clear and simple. Our creed is founded on this basic tenet : what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. Not only that, but our whole approach to life is based on common sense, the lessons of history and an overwhelming mass of evidence. When we speak about the laws of heredity, we have a mass of positive evidence to back it up. When we speak of the laws of Nature, there is the evidence of the eternal ages to back up our conclusions. When we speak of the values of race and breeding, we have the eternal lessons of history accumulated over thousands of years to verify that which we claim. Christianity on the other hand flies in the face of reason and common sense. The destructive, suicidal, and moth-eaten advice that the Bible tries to foist upon us, such as “love your enemies,” etc., is completely contrary to all reason, contrary to all experience, and contrary to all the lessons of history. Not only that, but it is completely contrary to the laws of Nature and is in complete conflict with Nature.

Furthermore, there is not one shred of evidence to verify most of the long and tortured chapters of both the Old and the New Testament. There is absolutely no historical evidence that the Jews marched through the Red Sea and that it parted its waters in courtesy and accommodation to these abominable parasites. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever in history that “the sun stood still” in order that these desert tribesmen could kill more of some other desert tribe. There is absolutely no geologic, or historic evidence, that the whole world was flooded in 2348 B.C. How ridiculous ! There is not one single shred of evidence that the Jews were descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is no evidence whatsoever that they had a special God who made them all kinds of sweetheart promises and assured them that they were the Chosen. There is not a single shred of evidence even that Christ ever lived. He left no letters, no writings, no statues, in fact, no evidence whatsoever. There is no evidence that men such as Methuselah or Noah, lived to be 900 and some years of age. In fact there isn’t even any evidence that they ever lived at all. Not only is there not a single shred of evidence to back up all their lying claims, but they are so outlandish and fantastic and so contrary to the laws of Nature themselves that only a fool with a deranged mind could be persuaded to swallow such trash. The whole impact of this deceptive literature as set forth in the Old and New Testament is to scream at their followers just believe ! believe ! believe ! Just believe because we say so ! Never mind the evidence, never mind the credibility, just believe. And actually there is no more reason for me to believe in this collection of lies, threats, and unfulfilled promises, than there is for me to believe a Hindu’s claim that cows are holy. It is the same kind of disgusting deception.

We have therefore swept all this garbage overboard and are starting out anew with a fresh, vibrant, positive and creative religion for the White Race. We call our religion Creativity. We believe it to be worthy of the noble and creative White Race.’sEternalReligion.pdf

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