The Curious Relationship Between Father, Son And The Devil

It should really not be necessary to spend so much time discrediting the “spooks in the sky” swindle, since even a cursory examination of the Jewish (and Christian) bible should convince even the most simple minded that the collection of weird stories contained therein are contradictory, wild, and completely unsubstantiated by the records of authentic history. They are, in short an affront to the intelligence of any thinking individual and shamefully compromise his or her intellectual integrity. Yet so deeply ingrained is this Jewish fungus in the brain of the White Man and for so long has this dry rot persisted that it is a major operation to root it out. Why is it necessary to root it out ? Well, like any other swindle, until it is exposed, its victims cannot think straight. And since the victims run into the hundreds of millions, it is extremely important if we are ever going to build something honest, constructive and beneficial to the White Race that this swindle be thoroughly exposed and rooted out. History has adequately demonstrated that as long as people can be confused, kept in ignorance and in fear of the supernatural spooks in the sky and hell (which we have already examined rather thoroughly) they, the gullible yokels, can be easily enslaved and exploited. Tyrants, and none more so than the religious tyrants, have from time immemorial vigorously suppressed any honest criticism or even questioning of their most effective weapon – the spooks in the sky swindle. Even the enlightened Greeks forced Socrates, who was an honest and highly intelligent man, to drink his cup of hemlock because he taught the youth that the gods of the Hellenes were but myths.

This suppression of logic, common sense and honest questioning of the spooks swindle is still highly powerful today. It may in some countries be more subtle, and in some of the highly Catholicised and backward countries as in South America, not so subtle. We Creators are highly concerned about this swindle because even some of our (potentially) finest White Racial Comrades are sorely afflicted with this fungus on the brain and are aiding and abetting our Jewish enemies. In order for all of us to survive we need the help of these victims as much as they need our help. Before we can build a beautiful and healthy society, we must clear the minds of our White brothers of this rubbish, just as slums, rotten material and debris must be cleared from the grounds of a building site before a sound and beautiful edifice can be built. Vermin and noxious weeds must be destroyed before fragrant flowers and nourishing fruits can be cultivated. Unfortunately, we still have a woeful lot of weeding to do, and basically it concerns the ingrained idea that somehow, somewhere there still is this spook who did it all, to whom we owe it all. Since the idea of spooks, ghosts, gods, demons etc. has been around since prehistoric times, let us confine ourselves more to where the White Christian got his idea of this apparition and examine such hocus-pocus a little more closely. The White Christian, of course, got his indoctrination from the Christian bible, which is combined with the Jewish bible, of which it is an offshoot. The Jews, who are the world’s greatest scavengers and adapters, got their ideas from the Egyptians, Babylonians and other peoples on whose backs they had climbed and whom they had exploited. In the Christian bible the original Jewish Yahweh spawned into a Trinity, a three sided god – father, son and holy ghost, yet supposedly they are all a harmonious one. What we want to show in this chapter is that they are not a harmonious unity but a strange mishmash of contradictions, incongruity and ridiculous refutations of their most cherished claims – that the Christian god is a god of love.

Let us first look at the father – the Jewish Yahweh as portrayed in the Old Testament. Here we find a strange conglomerate of a creature.

1) He is wildly infatuated with the offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, namely the Jews. This should, in anybody’s judgment, make him extremely bigoted and a fanatic racist. As we have already described in Nature`s Eternal Religion, this all-wise god could hardly have made a worse choice of characters. I doubt seriously whether there ever were any such characters as Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, and it mystifies me why the Jews would choose such despicable and repugnant reprobates, whore mongers, pimps and swindlers as they themselves portray them to be. It is strange indeed that they would choose such unheroic criminals to be the mythical progenators of their race. It is even more strange that a supposedly all-wise, all-knowing god would shower such gushy admiration and favoritism on such lice. And most strange of all is the idiotic choice of the illustrious White Race to choose such a stupid and bigoted god as their god. Which reminds me of the jingle :

How odd of God to choose the Jews.
But it is still more odd
For those who hate the Jews
To choose the Jewish God.
Yes, strange indeed. Extremely stupid, too.

2) The Jewish Yahweh is a fiery god of Wrath and Vengeance. He is (according to the Old Testament story) a tribal war-god whom Moses stumbled upon in a burning bush, who promised to deliver to his “Chosen” criminals and descendants the land of Canaan at the expense of the native population that had built the existing civilization, towns, cities and farms. That this would entail endless inhuman butcheries, treachery, deceit, misery and murder seemed of no consequence to this “righteous” Yahweh. The Jewish Old Testament is replete with all kinds of crimes, pornography, treacheries, lying, deception, murder and every other crime in the book, and practically all of them are performed by either “God’s Chosen,” or the “loving,” “righteous,” “all knowing” Yahweh himself. One of the biggest mass murders in all history is supposedly executed by this “perfect” god when, in a fit of anger, he drowned every living man, woman and child, not to mention the birds and the beasts. The only exception was the drunken sot of a Noah (again a lousy choice) and his immediate family.

3) This Yahweh was an extremely jealous god. This is confirmed again and again by supposed quotations from his own mouth and I need hardly bother repeating these.

4) He was also extremely proud, vain, glorious and conceited, the very attributes we poor mortals are admonished to abhor because they are so sinful. In fact, to read the Jewish bible it would seem the main reason he created “mankind” was so he could have a vast stable of jabbering idiots at his feet “praising God into all eternity.” How much more conceited can you get ?

5) He is a vindictive god and advocated to his “chosen people” the principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and exhorted them when capturing a city to kill every living thing that breathes.

6) There are dozens of other attributes that he was endowed with, hardly any of them admirable. For example he was extremely cruel on dozens of occasions, such as the story of Job, slaying Judah’s sons, drowning all the peoples of the world, etc. He was tricky. He had Abraham on the verge of plunging the knife into his son Isaac, and at the last second tells him it’s all a joke, I was only testing. (Some joke !) He was adulterous. He impregnated Mary, a married woman. He was pornographic. The Old Testament is just full of pornographic stories, such as David garnering foreskins from the slain Philistines as a dowery to present to King Saul for the hand of his daughter. He is treacherous, he broke any number of promises, he lied and did any number of other reprehensible things. If you would like a thorough documentation of all these attributes I have a book called “The Bible Handbook” dated 1888, which lists, quotation after quotation all these charges, crimes, idiocies and what have you. I personally don’t want to take that much space in this book to list them all.

Now we come to the son, who is repudiated by “God’s Chosen”, but is the hero of the Christians and epitomizes all that is supposedly good, great and perfect. Let us see how he compares to his “Father.”

1) In contrast to Yahweh, who is all fire and fury, blood and vengeance, we find the son preaching a totally different concept (“a new law I give you”). He says in effect the old man was all wrong. Don’t wreak vengeance on your enemies. Instead love your enemies, turn the other cheek, sell all thou hast and give it to the poor, and do good to them that despise you. This, of course, was obviously aimed at the Gentiles, to emasculate them and turn them into blithering idiots, naked and defenseless before their enemies.

2) He was half god, half man, having been born of a (Jewish, of course) woman.

3) Instead of being wild about the Jews like his father (in heaven) he cursed the Jews and told them “Ye are sons of the devil” and called them vipers and other nasty names.

4) He loved the “meek” and the “poor in spirit” and blessed them, rather than like his old man, being infatuated with powerful kings and murderers like David and Solomon.

5) He was an unemployed, wandering vagabond never holding down any constructive job, never marrying or raising a family, or doing anything constructive that a good solid citizen and family man would be expected to do.

6) In short, he was a strange contrast to his supposed father (in heaven, not Joseph) and he brashly repudiated just about everything his old man had preached in the Old Testament.

Now we come to the third peculiarity of this Jew-concocted story, namely that the father and son were really one, and the son had really existed in all eternity. Both of them had. Well, somehow the Holy Ghost is also in the picture and the three of them, really, had existed in all eternity and were all one. They were, in fact, the Holy Trinity, but they were all one at the same time, if you can follow. This raises a number of peculiar questions. Was the son the father of himself ? Or perhaps, the father the son of the son ? Or, – – ? Furthermore, since Mary appeared relatively late in the story, how could he be her son when he had already existed billions of years before she was ever born ? Don’t ask me for the answers to this silly story. I didn’t write it. All I can do is remind you that the Yahweh and son story was concocted by a gang of Jewish scribblers who found millions of gullible yokels to believe their cock-and-bull story.

Now we come to the fourth curious aspect of this peculiar cock-and-bull episode and that is the role the devil plays in this weird and wild story. He is also known as Satan, Lucifer and by a dozen other names. The Old Testament is somewhat sneaky in that it doesn’t exactly tell us when the lonesome spook created hell (as we mentioned before) nor when, or under what circumstances the devil was created. Evidently he was created quite early in the story since he appeared on the scene when Adam and Eve were let loose in the garden. He was already there to beguile and mislead them. Somewhere it mentions that god created him as a beautiful angel and that he became jealous of god and fell from grace, or so the preachers lamely try to explain. In any event, all this poses a strange set of circumstances and questions that need answering. In fact, it is this business about the devil that gets preachers most confused, tongue tied (would you believe ?) and flabbergasted when I ask them to answer some obvious questions and come up with sensible answers. Even to these glib and gullible spook peddlers, the peculiar position of the devil in this odd arrangement is too much to explain when questioned in the clear light of logic.

Some of these questions are :

1) Since god is all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing, never makes a mistake, then how is it that the devil is there in the first place to aggravate him, to oppose him, and to thwart god’s (and Christ’s) ardent desire to save us all from hell ?

2) Did god make another blooper ?

3) Didn’t he know ahead of time the devil was going to aggravate the hell out of him ?

4) Since god created everything, didn’t he also create the devil ?

5) How come the devil is overwhelmingly winning the game of cat and mouse, with us poor mortals as the pawns ?

6) If god did indeed make a mistake, why doesn’t he just simply kill the devil and end all this business of evil and billions of people going to hell ? After all he didn’t hesitate to drown all the poor humans when they aggravated him. Nor did he hesitate to have his son nailed to the cross. Why is he so tolerant of the devil ?

7) Doesn’t he have the power to do so ? If not, then he isn’t all powerful, is he ?

8) Could it be god knew exactly what he was doing ? He created the devil, he created hell, and the two are in cahoots to railroad billions and billions of human beings into eternal torture. How do you explain this ?

9) Could the devil stay alive and in business for five seconds without god’s collaboration and blessing ?

10) Is god really a super-sadist who wants all these human beings in hell to be tortured and is only using the devil as a scapegoat ?

What do you think ? Or could it be this whole Jewish episode is nothing more than a stupid cock-and-bull story designed to scare the hell out of gullible victims so they can get control of their minds, their money, manipulate them, fleece and exploit them ? If you ask me, that is what it’s all about. That is the way it was designed to be and that is the way it has worked for 2000 years. It is the goal of Creativity to expose this treacherous swindle, and extricate the White Race from it. We want to help the White Race to straighten out its thinking and come back to its senses. This, when it happens, I would call a Real Salvation and Redemption of the White Race.’sBible.pdf

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