Marxist Family Court = Stolen Generations of White Children

In case you didn’t know it, the Family Court of Australia has an intense hatred of White people who do not follow the politically correct standards of Christian-Marxist doctrines. If a case is man vs woman, heterosexual vs homosexual, White vs Black – the politically correct will almost certainly win for that reason alone.

However, like everything in society overshadowed by Christian-Marxist doctrines. Anytime a parent appears before the Family Court of Australia with anything but politically correct views, they are invariably chastised by the court for being “Nazis” and ordered to comply with what Christian-Marxist-Jewish-Muslim-Sorry to Abo loving society has determined to be the acceptable norm.

According to the May 6, 2009 edition of the Sydney Telegraph:,22049,25435753-5005941,00.html

Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks ruled in the Family Court that the German-born woman – who like her estranged Australian partner had been a skinhead – be banned from viewing Nazi websites when the child was in her care or inciting racial hatred in front of the child.

According to the politically correct of this world, any White person who espouses pride in their culture, heritage or nation is a “Nazi,” guilty of “inciting racial hatred.” Being German-born is classed as strike two, and calling yourself a skinhead is strike three. As far as determining what are and what are not “Nazi websites” – it has already been stated at the beginning of this paragraph. If it wasn’t for the fact that both parents are “Nazi,” the child would have undoubtedly been forcibly removed from the “Nazi” parent and handed to the PC parent.

A stolen child: Even so, although there is no mention of fear for the child’s health and safety, the Family Court has prepared the road ahead for the state to seize the child from the “Nazi” parents and hand him or her over to a politically correct, speed snorting, multi-racial, same-sex, paedophile couple.

What’s more, this is not the first time the Family Court has decided a case in such a way. It happens all the time, but parents are in such fear of losing their children, they keep quiet about it. So other than getting worse, nothing really changes. Well, I don’t fear the Family Court. Never did, never will. In 2002 when trying (for the umpteenth time) to get access to my own daughter, Stephanie Campbell, t ...

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