3. Rev. Dr Billy Jackley

A Life-Long Voyage through Creativity
By Reverend Doctor Thomas William “Billy” Jackley Jr, B.S., Ph.D.
Co-Founder of the Creativity Alliance

Reverend BillyMy name is Thomas “Billy” Jackley, and I was first introduced to Creativity and what was then known as the Church of the Creator, back in 1978. The first I heard about it was when I was reading a Florida based newspaper and noticed an article about The Church. I quickly located the address in order to obtain a copy of the book Natures Eternal Religion, by the Pontifex Maximus or high priest of that religion, Ben Klassen. I patiently waited for the book to arrive in the mail and the moment I received it, I began reading. From that day on I considered myself a Creator (the name given to followers of Creativity). Before that, I had always considered myself an Atheist.

Later in the 1980’s I ordered P.M. Klassen’s second book The White Man’s Bible.

I continued to follow the religion until P.M. Klassen’s death in 1993. Later, I joined up with the World Church of the Creator under P.M. Matthew Hale, where in 1999 I was proud to assist in the creation of the first Church website. However, with P.M. Hale’s arrest in 2003, the World Church of the Creator dissolved and I retired from it.

Refusing to watch Creativity die, I later searched and discovered that surviving members had gathered together and formed independent groups of their own based on Creativity. Seeing a whole new future for Creativity, I joined one of those successor groups. Soon after I started the Creativity Alliance as central axis for the different Church groups, as well as a way to inform our people about the religion of Creativity, and that Creativity’s not all that the media and the government make it out to be.

Yes, Creators do care about our children’s future, about the future of our race; but then, what is wrong with that? After all, the majority of those of African origin care deeply about trials and tribulations of their own kind, Jews whether in Israel or elsewhere carefully guard members of their race against miscegenation and even refer to themselves as “God’s chosen people,” while openly speaking about a future when the world will be controlled from Israel. Amerindians and Australian Aboriginals – amongst others – have a never ending litany of complaints directed at White society along with endless demands for land and financial reparations, and the always present statement of “We have the right to preserve our culture and our race.”

On the one hand, as a Creator I applaud the ambitions of other races on this planet. It was P.M. Klassen that said “We believe that the highest Law of Nature is the right of any species to survival, expansion and advancement of its own kind.” On the other hand, every other race on this planet recognises itself as the enemy of the White Race, ergo, as a Creator, I recognise them as the enemies of the White Race. That does not mean we want to kill or even harm the other races, it just means that we Creators have consciously adopted the same attitude with respect to non-white races as the non-white races already have with respect to the rest of the world. As P.M. Klassen’s put it, “We deem that for the White Race, the right to survival, expansion and advancement of its own people is not only the highest Law of Nature, but also the foundation of our religious creed.”

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