Civilization Without A Racial Religion – A Self-Destructive Process

Lets today examine the past, present and future genetic development of the White Race. We want to look at the heights reached in the past, where we are today, and what we aim to accomplish in the future. We also want to study the destructive influences of civilization itself on the genetic changes regarding the White Race. We also want to make sure that in the future civilization will become a tool for the genetic betterment of the White Race, rather than an implement for the erosion and downbreeding of our race. We all assume that because of our extremely advanced technology of today, that naturally, the White Race (or mankind) today is mentally, spiritually and intellectually more advanced than were the White creators of civilizations of say a few thousand years ago, and that we have advanced genetically. This is a serious fallacy. That the genetic characteristics of our race are continuously evolving and changing is certain. So are those of every other species of Nature. One difference is that our own characteristics have been changing much more rapidly in the short evolutionary period known as civilization. Changes can be for the better, or they can be for the worse. Unfortunately, the genetic quality of the White Race has not changed for the better in the last two thousand years. It has changed for the worse. Today the White Race is not as intelligent, nor as strong of character, nor as robust, as say were the Romans at the time of Cicero and Julius Caesar over two thousand years ago.

An even more striking example of dazzling genetic heights attained by some of our illustrious White Racial Comrades of the past is that of the early Athenians in ancient Greece. They, more than any other group, illustrate the profound effect which a numerically insignificant intellectual elite can have on the progress of civilization. Conversely, when and if such elite die out, and/or their genes are adulterated with inferiors, it also illustrates the dramatic consequences such racial pollution can have in the retrogression of civilization and on the quality of the genetic pool. The noted geneticist, Edwin Conklin writes about the ancient Greeks : “In the two centuries between 500 and 300 B.C., the small and relatively barren country of Attica with an area and total population about equal to that of Rhode Island, but with less than one-fifth as many free persons, produced at least 25 illustrious men. Among statesmen and commanders there were : Miltiades, Themistocles, Aristides, Cimon, Pericles, Phocion; among poets, Aeschylus, Eutipides, Sophocles, Aristophanes; among philosophers and men of science, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Demetrius, Theophrastus; among architects and artists, Ictinus, Phidias, Praxiteles, Polygnotus; among historians, Thucydides and Xenophon; among orators, Aeschines, Demothenes, Isocrates, Lysias. “In this small country,”said Conklin, “in the space of two centuries there appeared such a galaxy of illustrious men as has never been found on the whole earth in any two centuries since that time. Galton concludes that the average ability of the Athenian race of that period was, on the lowest estimate, as much greater than that of the English race of the present day as the latter is above that of the African Negro.”

Civilized man has been extolling the virtues of civilization ever since he first climbed out of the trees and pulled himself up by the bootstraps. This process, with a number of setbacks and advances, has jogged along until it has reached the high state of technical advancement we find ourselves in today. Man is proud of the civilization he has produced, and rightfully so. Overwhelmingly, it has been the White Man’s civilization throughout the long milleniums of history. The dark races at certain times, like the horse, have served a temporary usefulness. But the dark races, unlike the horse, most of the time have impeded and stymied the White Man’s progress. Whereas the White Man has made simply astounding progress in the field of technology and science in the last century, that advancement is today accelerating at a runaway rate that leaves us breathless. Unfortunately, the sociological progress has not kept up with it. On the contrary, thanks to the Jews, in the last 2,000 years the White Race has made no progress at all in government, religion, language and social organization as such. In fact, we have retrogressed. We are not even as advanced in these areas as the Ancient Romans were in the days of Caesar. Science and technology has far out-stripped social progress, as we have just pointed out, while the White Race itself has not genetically progressed, but retrogressed. For this we can thank International Jewry and the suicidal Christian religion they have foisted on the White Race.

In Nature`s Eternal Religion we have already explored the devastating havoc on the White Race wrought by Jewish influences such as Christianity, race mixing, mongrelization and hundreds of other programmes being promoted by our deadly enemies. There is one other influence that is also undermining the genetic health of the White Race for which the Jew is not entirely responsible. That cause, strangely enough, is civilization itself. Let us first make our position regarding civilization unmistakably clear, however. Creativity is not against civilization. We are proud of the marvelous civilization the White Race has produced over the ages and we want to make it clear we are for civilization – the White Man’s civilization. The main point of this discussion is that civilization – any civilization – has inherently the seeds of its own destruction built into the very process of civilization. In fact, eugenically, civilization has been a catastrophe to the race which created it. In short, it has been a dysgenic influence, downbreeding our White Race. It is our objective to explore these seeds of destruction and how they can be overcome so that in the future the White Race can survive, expand and progress genetically for the next million years. Before we even explore the seeds of destruction we can categorically say that in Creativity we already have the solution to the problem. But more about this later. Basically, civilization is a “humanizing” process in which the weak, the misfits, the helpless, yes, even the morons and the idiots, are sustained and subsidized by those who are more capable of carrying the burden. In other words, those who in a primitive state of mankind would have been culled out by the ruthless but cleansing Laws of Nature, are now saved to reproduce. A more “humane” civilized society fails to cull them out, and instead carries the misfits along on the backs of those who are stronger. Furthermore, they are proliferated into our racial gene pool. Those who can cope subsidize those who cannot cope, and strangely enough. it is the latter who breed more prolifically.

In this whole treatise we are talking only about the White Race, since we are unique in Nature’s realm. We are the only species which has shown the capability of advancing our mental capacities over the ages to where a viable civilization is possible. Whereas the culling process of survival of the fittest also goes on in the case of birds, animals, insects, baboons and negroes, there is no indication that this culling process necessarily has increased the intellectual capacities of the latter at all. It may have sharpened their instincts for survival, perhaps, but not necessarily advanced their mental abilities. A good example of this is the shark species. This remarkable species survived over the last 200 million years and is one of the most tenacious and persistent species on the face of the earth. But brain power ? No. The shark has a relatively small brain and its intellectual powers are still practically nil. It is only the White Race that has shown the capacity for intellectual advancement and has demonstrated it over the ages. Why then, hasn’t this progress been a steady straight uphill line of progress ? If we study the various civilizations of the past, we find that the White Man, much more so than Nature’s other species, lives by his wits. He uses implements, instruments, cultivates agriculture for food, builds his own shelter and does much more. He uses his hands and his wits. In primitive society, by the very laws of survival of the fittest, those most capable of using their wits, had the energy, and were able to cope, survived and lived to procreate. As a result, the intelligence of our ancestors slowly progressed to higher levels over the hundreds of thousands of years. Soon it reached a level where our ancestors were capable of starting a civilization, and this they did.

The forces that encouraged the evolution to a higher intelligence now became reversed. Whereas the slow-witted and those unable to cope in a primitive society were formerly culled out by Nature, “civilization” now came to their rescue. Civilization, per se, is organized to help “save” all members of society, including the dumb, the misfits, the weaklings, the lazy and the shiftless. As a result, these genetical defectives now too survived along with the more capable and more intelligent. They, too, survived to procreate and perpetuate their own kind, and thereby pulling down the genetic norm. But more significantly, another negative factor also comes into play. Extensive research has shown that even among our own kind, i.e., the White Race, the “dumb bunnies” (i.e., those of lower intelligence) on the average have more offspring than those of superior intelligence. The obvious consequence of this is that those of lower intelligence are expanding in numbers while those of higher intelligence are shrinking. Again the obvious conclusion from this train of events is that without Nature’s “culling” influence, as in a primitive society, civilization breeds itself down, genetically, physically and in the realm of intelligence – a very, very deleterious consequence. It is this tragic chain of events that has doomed every civilization that has ever existed. It is driving our White civilization to disaster and suicide at this time. As the deterioration of the intelligence level begins to set in, for a while civilization keeps advancing upward from the sheer momentum of the previous inventions, systems and benefits. After a while, however, as the intelligence level drops still lower and lower, the succeeding generations are no longer able to advance civilization and it levels off. As the intelligence level drops still further, the race is no longer able to even sustain that high level their superior forefathers had built for them. As a consequence civilization, too, along with a dropping intelligence level, begins its downhill slide, until after another few centuries, the race that built it and the civilization they created, both slide into decadence and oblivion. It would do this even without the Jew on our back. The Jew is, of course, deliberately accelerating the process of disintegration at a frightening pace. This has been the fate of any number of civilizations that have come and gone and have paraded across the scenes of history.

Let us now analyze and summarize why genetically we have degenerated rather than progressed, why the magnificent Greeks lasted only a few centuries, and why we are today genetically inferior to both the ancient Greeks and the robust Romans of two millenia ago.

1) In the succeeding chapter on the Romans we demonstrate as to how their magnificent genetic stock degenerated in a flood tide of inferior slaves. We observe that the great Romans themselves, as prosperity beckoned, did not reproduce themselves at maintenance level, while the slaves swarmed in from the outlying provinces, rapidly multiplied and supplanted the original Roman stock. In short, the Romans died out without reproducing their noble race and left the Empire to crumble in a flood tide of degenerate slaves.

2) The Ancient Greeks, undoubtedly the finest racial specimens of all time, committed suicide in killing each other off in fratricidal, internecine wars. The Peloppenesian Wars between Sparta and Athens which lasted for years, is a typical example. But there were hundreds of other wars between the city-states, large and small, that were in the same suicidal vein.

3) Both Rome and Greece failed to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers to maintain their unexcelled racial genes.

4) In ancient times as in modern times, the “Law of the Dumb Bunnies” worked to pull down the genetic quality.

5) Civilization with its humanizing influence of protecting the misfits, the genetically diseased and the morons inevitably pulls down the genetic fabric.

6) Civilization, in short, subverts Nature’s “culling process” without which any species soon degenerates into a state of where it can no longer survive the fierce competition of superior species.

7) The Jew was already present in Ancient Athens (see the chapter on the Protocols in Nature`s Eternal Religion) as he was in Ancient Rome, as he was in Medieval Europe, as he is throughout the White world today, working feverishly to mongrelize and destroy the White Race.

8) The Prime Essential that was missing in each and every White civilization was a powerful Racial Religion. Had the Egyptians had one, or the Greeks, or the Romans, or any other White civilization, the Jews would never have had a chance. In Creativity the White Race finally has such a religion. With a strong racial consciousness, a strong flourishing civilization need not destroy itself, but can advance and live forever.

Is our present civilization and our precious White Race doomed to the same fate as overtook the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans ? No, it is not at all necessary. The solution is clear and simple. A deliberate programme of upbreeding in our race is the clear-cut answer. By having inculcated into our very religion the aim of encouraging the finer specimen of our race to have more children, by influencing the poorer specimen to have fewer or none, and finally, by sterilizing the morons, the idiots, the genetically diseased and the misfits, we can, in very short order, eliminate much of the misery in the world. We can do much more than that. We can set our race on an upward climb of intelligence and well-being such as the world has never seen before. We can march towards the higher levels of the Superman, and beyond. It is that simple. It is Racial Eugenics in practice. It is the very heart of our religion, Creativity. The benefits of a more capable, more intelligent, healthy White Race are incalculable. In the next discussion we will make a study of the virile and resourceful Romans, how they rose to dazzling heights and then fell miserably, never to rise again. In the meantime, let us keep in mind : For the White Race it is either upbreeding and a glorious future, or miserably drowning in a horrible flood of dark races. Let us see what we can learn from the once great Romans.

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