Farmers Thwart Farm Attack – Black Suspect Shot Dead

Amersfoort, Rolfontein farm, Newcastle — Thwarted farm-attack. One of the black male suspects who ambushed the Amersfoort farm-family upon their return home, were shot dead. Report by Kyle Cowan, 22 Dec 2014 Six black male suspects got far more than they bargained for when they descended on a farm approximately 18 kilometers from Amersfoort late on Sunday afternoon. According to reports, six men, some of who were armed, attacked Rolfontein Farm just after 5.30pm. The exact circumstances surrounding the attack are unclear at this stage. It is believed a shootout ensued between the attackers and local farmers who came to the aid of the victims. It is further believed the suspects were waiting at the home when the farmer, his wife their teenage daughter and her friend arrived home. One suspect was fatally wounded and another injured during the incident.

Jan van Loggerenberg, a paramedic with Life Care Rescue, was one of the first on scene. “The female victim sustained a laceration to her face, beneath her eye,” he said. “She was treated on scene.” Reportedly the injured suspect was handed over to police on scene, as his injuries did not warrant any further treatment. Captain Braam Robberts of the Amersfoort Police confirmed the arrest of one suspect, and the death of another. “We are currently investigating a case of house robbery and murder,” he said. “We have arrested one suspect who will appear in the Amersfoort Magistrate’s Court on Monday.” He also confirmed that one suspect was shot and killed, but the identity of the shooter had not yet been made clear. “The farmer was not armed. We are currently investigating the incident to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the man’s death.”

Newcastle Advertiser

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