Miss America Pageant

As some of you may know the 2013 Miss America Pageant was held a few days ago.  What I want to know is, why we need a Miss Black America Pageant. There are black women in the Miss America Pageant, but White women CANNOT enter the Miss Black America Pageant.  So why don’t we have a Miss White America Pageant and call it even? There’s a simple answer to that question:  It’s because a Miss White America Pageant would be called RACIST – yes RACIST.  An all Black pageant is not racist and an all Latina pageant is not racist either because I guess only White people can be racist.  All other races are just proud or have pride in who they are … so we we are told.  And that is the reason why they don’t allow the White race to stand and hold its head up with PRIDE.

From Wikipedia

In the last 51 years of Miss America (through 2008), 27 winners have been blonde, 12 were brown-haired, 9 had black-hair, and 4 were redheads.

During the 1970s, the pageant began admitting blacks …. Since the 1980s, seven black women have been crowned Miss America.


Miss America Pageant Miss America Pageant
(Left) Miss America 2004 is black and bitter, claims “Pageant Racist.”
(Right) Miss America 2013 is a sweet girl originally from Alabama.

Miss America Pageant
(Above) Former Miss Black America contestant, Oprah Winfrey.

Miss Black America
Miss Black USA
Miss Black America USA
Miss America Latina
Miss USA Latina
Where is Miss White America???

As a race, we White people must begin to speak out more.  We must begin to do more for our people, or in less then a 100 years the White Race will be no more. White people will just be a chapter in the history books. That is what Creativity is doing. We are helping to educate the White people so that they understand what is going on, and what we all, as White racial activists, should be doing. Creativity also teaches that the White race are Nature’s Finest – and that we are. So if you are reading this and you agree with what you see, you may want to begin by reading Nature’s Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen, the Father of Creativity.

Thank You

Brother Jim


Miss America Pageant

…Do all European look the same?