The Royal Family Make The Perfect Martyrs

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Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh has walked back her controversial comments about the royal family’s race after considerable backlash

The actress was a member of British broadcaster ITV’s guest panel during their coverage of King Charles III’s coronation, which had an audience in the millions.

She shocked viewers when sharing her thoughts on the royal family’s Buckingham Palace appearance, remarking that the balcony was “terribly White”.

:-\ They did try putting a black in there but it wasn’t long until she started making trouble! Guess they are learning! Who’s gunna want a non-white to run the Commonwealth any way?!

Thanks to racially motivated anti-White abuse directed at the Royal Family, the mainstream media appear to be waking up to the truth, which is that being White – whether living or dead – is now considered by many to be a crime in and of itself. Although we’ve been telling the world that this is the way it is for decades now, we’re still denounced as the Evil neo-Nazis Under the Bed. However, mainstream media is now openly saying what we have always said.

* Governments are replacing the White population with a non-White demographic that is pandered to for the purposes of winning votes.

* Government in conjunction with mainstream media are removing White heteronormal families and faces from television and movies in favour of Black faces and Black culture, or butch-dykes, faggots and trannies.

* Meanwhile, in the slums of North America, not-so-Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, police for the most part ignore Black violent crime, while hounding the White population for not handing over their smokes when ordered by a Black, existing in what has been determined to now be a Black Safe Zone, disliking a Black footballer, or being asleep in bed at 3am when a Black person just wants to have fun and sends the cops around to kick in your door. Even just calling the police to do their job and arrest a Black criminal in the process of committing a criminal act is a crime, if you are White. THAT IS HOW IT IS.

That is how it’s been for several decades now. Simply put, this is Systemic Anti-White Racism in action by those that call themselves Anti-Racists.

Even the middle classes have had to live this anti-White bias. Not to the same degree as the poor, but whenever they’ve been forced to rub shoulders with the Black population, they’ve been at risk of being stung by the same anti-Whiteness. They or their children, or aged parents are often victims of Black criminal violence … but the middle classes have brushed it off claiming they deserved it because they are White. For the middle classes, however, this is a once in a decade, once in a lifetime type of thing. Their biggest problem is Diversity Quotas. Diversity Quotas were implemented by the middle classes upon the lower White classes to give the Black man a job. Now Affirmative Action means that rather than being promoted for merit, incompetent Blacks are taking the upper echelon jobs in order to fill those Diversity Quotas. The middle classes are not only losing their jobs, they have to put up with government mandated Diversification of their suburbs. However, the middle classes can always pursue the dream of White Flight.

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… But not the poor Whites.

In Britain and America, the upper middle classes too are becoming affected by the anti-Whiteness bug. However, their bugbear is that they, in their White Enclaves, are losing positions in higher education, losing jobs, losing their freedom of speech … and seek to set the clock back to what they see as the good old days of five or ten years ago, when there was no problem for them. These are the people that believe – due to their money and success – they are society’s natural leaders. Donate to their cause, and they – so the claim goes – will set society back on the path of righteous equality that we strayed from all those five to ten, maybe at a stretch fifteen years ago.

As I said, this has been going on for decades.

And so we come to the Royal Family. All I can say is, it’s about time. And they make good martyrs. When Blacks and other anti-Whites attack the Royals, White people sit up and take notice. And they do not like what they hear and see.

Quote from: MSM
JAN MOIR: Absurd complaints about the ‘terribly white’ Palace balcony and Camilla’s ‘staggeringly racist’ official photo reveal the rocky road that lies ahead for the Royals


Racism is increasingly a one-way street, where everyone must tread on eggshells except when it comes to White people, because you can say what the hell you like about them.

We seem to be reaching a stage in modern race relations where the very fact of being white is pejorative in itself, especially if you also happen to be a member of the sitting-duck Royal Family.

They call this the Culture Wars – but the truth is, it’s a Race War. And it is a Race War that now affects those at the top tier of society in all formerly White Nations. It’s a good thing that the Royals in Britain, and Trump and his Tea Party, and formerly Hollywood Elite in America are now on the firing line. The fact that they are targeted, and people of all classes rise in defence on their behalf, means there is a chance for even the poorest, and most humble of Whites. There is a chance that society can change without the unnecessary bloodshed of a bloody revolution; but bloody or not, a revolution is coming, and martyrs are what we need. The untouchables are now fair game. And the Royals Make the Perfect Martyrs for the White Race!

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

The war continues.


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