The Royal Family Make The Perfect Martyrs

Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on 11 May 2023


Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh has walked back her controversial comments about the royal family’s race after considerable backlash

The actress was a member of British broadcaster ITV’s guest panel during their coverage of King Charles III’s coronation, which had an audience in the millions.

She shocked viewers when sharing her thoughts on the royal family’s Buckingham Palace appearance, remarking that the balcony was “terribly White”.

:-\ They did try putting a black in there but it wasn’t long until she started making trouble! Guess they are learning! Who’s gunna want a non-white to run the Commonwealth any way?!

Thanks to racially motivated anti-White abuse directed at the Royal Family, the mainstream media appear to be waking up to the truth, which is that being White – whether living or dead – is now considered by many to be a crime in and of itself. Although we’ve been telling the world that this is the way it is for decades now, we’re still denounced as the Evil neo-Nazis Under the Bed. However, mainstream media is now openly saying what we have always said.

* Governments are replacing the White population with a non-White demographic that is pandered to for the purposes of winning votes.

* Government in conjunction with mainstream media are removing White heteronormal families and faces from television and movies in favour of Black faces and Black culture, or butch-dykes, faggots and trannies.

* Meanwhile, in the slums of North America, not-so-Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, police for the most part ignore Black violent crime, while hounding the White population for not handing over their smokes when ordered by a Black, existing in what has been determined to now be a Black Safe Zone, disliking a  ...

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