Rev.Dr Joe 2019.07

Rev. Cailen Cambeul, RaHoWa!

Racial Greetings and hail to you my brother! As you state, I do enjoy our phone time and now I can speak to you and Rev. Harold, which makes things a lot easier on all of us.

I do understand the buying and selling of our merchandise. We will handle this all when I’m out of ZOG’s control.

As of now, ZOG has prolonged my release pending a complete investigation by a Federal Gang Task Force. This is the Zionist controlled ADL’s doing. This morning I had a visit from the prison’s Gang Lieutenant, and I have a good chance to stay here at Oregon State Prison. He has no problem with me.

Explain to Rev. Harold, the lawyer must stamp the Legal Documents as Legal Mail – Confidential. If the Zionists tamper with legal mail, have the lawyer call the Director of ODOC. Legal Mail can be three inches thick.

I am glad to hear Nigger is okay and you are doing well. As for me, I’m great and staying in Combat Mode for my enemies of my race.

Well, I’ll call again on Sunday at 1pm Oregon time, and I’ll call Rev. Harold after.

I also received a letter tonight from Creativity’s Imperator of Prisons.

Well, I close. RaHoWa Brother!

Rev. Dr Joe, P.M., C.A.