Rev.Dr Joe 2009.10

Open Letter from Reverend Joseph Esposito to all Creators

October 12, 2009


Greetings Aryan Brothers and Sisters,

This communication is made in honor of those courageous men and women, who wear our Brand with the clearest of consciousness and have reached the stage of awareness required to willingly make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in the struggle of preserving the existence of our beautiful White Race and our nation (white only, remember our golden rule).  Your loyal faith and the purity of your will, stand as monuments to our survival, expansion and advancement. 

Those of us who process pride, respect and honor for our race and nation are truly Brothers and Sisters; but we are few.  So few that we are almost totally unaware of the fact that there are others among us who are also our brethren.  This unawareness is very dangerous to our cause and religion and we bring it upon ourselves.  Petty personality conflicts that stem from misplaced pride or arrogance of one’s personal preference of life style.  By doing this we are blind to all not in our clique so we harm ourselves with a self inflicted wound that weakens us as a whole.  No matter what our personal preference of life style is, we are all White Men first and above anything else.  Certainly, we should take pride and honor in our lifestyle and Brand, but only second to the obvious fact that we are all White men.

In the JOG gulags, our first loyalty is to each other as brothers.  We are brothers in our blood, in our heritage, culture, thoughts, racial religion, and in our actions towards one another.  We are all being forced to live and exist in a mentally and morally degrading environment, among savages and muds, the lowest of the low.  As captives we witness every form of degeneracy on earth.  From the theft or swindling of a man’s last few pennies, to homosexual acts between unworthy white trash, and of course our animalistic mortal enemy – the nigger. 

In this environment where homosexual rape, assault, robbery and murders are commonplace occurrences, the White man is the first chain of prey, the number one victim.  But the true White Aryan this never happens to, niggers refuse to openly challenge the true brothers in our struggle.  Not one day passes that some unfortunate White man does not have one or more of these crimes committed against him.  Our environment breeds fear and fear is a weapon, one to be used for us or against us.  Fear is our first ingrained survival instinct; it sends a signal to our brain for us to open our eyes, be wary and on our guard.  It is what makes us fight all the harder when needed. 

By the same method we use fear as a weapon, we must also learn to use this mentally and morally degrading environment as a weapon to strengthen ourselves instead of allowing it to be used against us.  The best way to do this is to be a true and dedicated follower of Creativity, abide and live by the Sixteen Commandments, read and swear an oath to the Five Fundamental Beliefs of Creativity, and put into practice the Essence of a Creator.  Any deficiency we have mentally or morally detracts from our own worthiness, pride, honor and Racial Loyalty.  We Creators must all be strong individually as White men and be able to stand on our own two feet before we can ever expect to stand together as true brothers as Creators.  We must also have respect for ourselves first, before we are capable of having respect for each other. 

We Creators in the gulags of ZOG across this great White nation are aptly referred to as “stand up White men” and have much to be proud of.  We have not become traitors to our Race, Church, or Heritage.  We have not broken weak to the many challenges that face us daily in ZOG’s gulag.  We that possess this Pride and Racial Loyalty inherit along with it honor and respect. 

But as it now stands, we Creators are shirking from our duty to ourselves and to each other.  Our duty is outlined by Ben Klassen in our two sacred Holy Books, Nature’s Eternal Religion and the White Man’s Bible.  Our duty is to stay strong and help to steer our causes in the “right directions”, with one Church, one Banner, and one Brand – today under the Creativity Alliance.  Ben Klassen’s teachings do not say anywhere of the problems we face today, with the many different Creator groups all arguing with one another.  We are to unite under our Banner, the Simulacrum Candidus and one Church. 

Those of us in the ZOG gulags must take the time that we do have and use it to recruit and to accept new brothers.  The brothers and sisters on the outside must do the same to build the Church.  Creativity is the only religion that will save our race from the nigger hoards in the future.  Ben Klassen, our founder, stated 26 years ago in Racial Loyalty, issue 7 – December 1983, “There is a nigger President in your future, all you have to do is nothing.”  And now look who is in the White House, Bongo himself!

Creators must unite as one.  Only then can we begin to do our duty for the spirit of our people, the White Race and our Church.  We can all sit idly by, watching the years come and go, minding our own little worlds of dreams and fantasies’, ignoring what is going on around us.  Or we can band together as our Sixth Commandment states, “Your first loyalty belongs to the White Race” and move to make our Church take on an immense meaning.  We will all live and die with the awareness of the love, pride, respect and racial honor we have for each other as members of the first racial religion only for Whites.  We are descendents of the greatest most highly advanced race of people on earth. 

Well, this is all I have to say.  Now let our actions toward one another speak for us with honor, pride, respect and racial loyalty for one another as brothers and sisters of the Creativity Alliance.

I wish to thank the Creativity Alliance and Tom Metzger for all of the support, I hail you both.  I also wish to thank Brother Dennis Stanley for his help. 


For a Whiter and Brighter World,

Rev. Joe Esposito, #894750

Creativity Alliance