More Than a Box of Crayons …

From Creator Forum, by Brother @JohnHobb

White Crayon

I’m a divorced father of two. Nothing means more to me than my weekends with my children. Their smiling, cheery, White faces bring me much pride and a feeling of hope for this world and Our Race. The truth is, outside of reading and following the latest Creativity Alliance news, my children are my only true enjoyment. This weekend we stayed in as a cold blast blew through our city. As fate would have it, my daughter and I began coloring. As she fussed over what coloring page was mine and which one was hers, I opened a box of crayons. And that is when Our struggle, what so many of us care for and fight for, all came perfectly into light.

Right in the middle of the box was one white crayon. It stood there proudly shining, despite being surrounded by all the other useless shades. It reminded me of a beckoning sword crying to be unsheathed. As my eyes took in the other colors, I saw what must have been seven different blues. Four kinds of reds and browns. A huge range of greens and yellows. But there was my White crayon. Unblemished and unmixed. I picked it out quickly and showed my daughter. She smiled and said, “Look Dad, your favorite color!” I replied, “You’re right sweetie, but look in the box. Look at what they’ve done to all the other colors. They’ve downgraded, intertwined, and butchered all the rest!” And I think that’s exactly what this jewish controlled world wants to do to us.

They want to take our pure, untouched White blood and just add a drop of black here. A dash of yellow there. Maybe a smidgen of brown sprinkled in for good measure. I don’t want that! I want to be that White sword. Unmolested and unchanged. Who could blame me for wanting to keep our White heritage out of the current meat grinder? This world and country tolerates gay sex, encourages interracial marriages, affirmative action, has a disregard for Nature’s Law and inspires not only mistrust but actually turning our backs on other White families. Those wicked pigments of a corrupt society must never be mixed into our Holy inspired flesh tones. But I worry. I watch the news and read websites such as who report staggering, unbelievable numbers that they are indeed running over our borders and influencing our weak, Creative-free politicians.

According to their reports, which at this moment are already outdated, you and I lost over 113 billion dollars in feeding them, providing health care, and by our way too easy to sign up for welfare programs. $113 billion! Go to the website yourself and be amazed and saddened. Then get pissed off! Reaffirm your commitment to the Principles of The Creativity Alliance. And next time you’re spending quality time with your children, enjoy that moment. Hang on to it. Cherish it. But take a quick look into a box of crayons and admire how the White one stands out. How it sticks out just a little taller than the rest. How it shines and prides itself on being not just unmixed and watered-down, but as that bright, star like sword we should all aspire to be.

* * * *

Quote from: MSM

NEW YORK, NY- In wake of the worldwide outcry for increased equality, handicraft company Crayola has released a long-awaited statement admitting that white crayons have no real function and should’ve been taken out of circulation a long time ago.

“At Crayola, we are committed to inclusiveness and diversity by inspiring all kids to create and see the beauty of people in all shades,” read the company’s Twitter post. “However, we now realize that by including a white crayon in our product line, we are not actively serving that goal. Instead we are taking away space that could be given to a crayon of actual colour in favour of one that is only useful when working with construction paper and even then you’d be better off with a Sharpie.”

“Starting today, Crayola products will no longer include white crayons. We hope this will enable more colouring and less whitening, unlike American history classes.”