Observations About The Devil And Hell

The opening verse of the Jewish bible flatly states, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” Not mentioned in this garbled story of creation are two other factors that this lonesome ghost must also have created at the very beginning, two elements that loom disastrously large in the fate of mankind. We must presume that before the first day there was nothing – no “heaven,” no earth, no light, no sun, no universe – just a lonesome spook floating aimlessly in a dark void, as he evidently had been from time eternal. But within a space of six days all hell broke loose and everything that exists was created by this lonesome ghost, and evidently according to this Jewish version this big event happened very recently – 4004 B.C. Not mentioned at the beginning but sneaked into the story much later in the book are the devil and a monstrous place called hell. We must presume that since “creation” was limited to those six days that these two monstrosities were also created in those same six days. The “serpent,” which is a cover name for satan, the devil, lucifer, or any one of a dozen other names for the same concept, is already mentioned in the beginning of Chapter 3 of Genesis, in which the story about the seduction of Adam and Eve by the serpent is told. So we are to presume that on the first day Adam and Eve were placed in the garden, the lonesome spook had already created the devil, and presumably also hell.

This raises a number of interesting questions that have never been satisfactorily answered in the Pollyanna version of the creation. No preacher has ever even attempted to give me a satisfactory explanation. Since we are told that this lonesome spook created all, since he was, is, and always will be in complete control, since his power is supreme, unlimited and unchallenged, since he never makes mistakes, since he knows everything forwards and backward, future present and past, since his “creation” therefore is merely a robot operating at his will, including us poor pawns, “his children,” then how is it that so many inconsistencies and contradictions pop up in this wild and garbled story ?

1) Why did he create the Devil and Hell in the first place even before he created people ? Isn’t it obvious that he planned from the very beginning to create billions of people so that he could send them into a fiery torture chamber and torture them endlessly for his own sadistic gratification ? Since he is all-wise, all-powerful, knows all, he must have known what he wanted, what the end results would be long before he ever started this whole miserable torture programme. Therefore we can come to only one conclusion : He planned it that way. He wanted it that way. He and the devil (his own creation) are playing a sadistic game of cat and mouse with us poor pawns as the victims, 99% of which are doomed to eternal torture in hell-fire.

If you ask any preacher to explain this obvious but major flaw in the whole ludicrous story of creation, he will usually give you an endless lecture of garbled doubletalk. Finally, you get so tired and bored that you soon begin to wish he would just plain shut up at any price, and let him off the hook.

2) How can poor Adam and Eve be blamed for this mess, when they were no more and no less than what their “creator” had made them, with no backlog of experience and little or no understanding of what this whole stupid programme was all about ?

3) Didn’t the lonesome spook send the serpent there deliberately to con them ?

4) Didn’t the serpent’s suggestion of gaining knowledge, of becoming wise, of knowing the difference between good and evil make a lot more sense than just a straight directive of not eating said fruit ?

5) Why did the lonesome spook put that tree out there in the first place, if not to entrap a poor, naive couple, who were only a day old as simple-minded as a new-born babe, who had no possible chance of knowing what it was all about ?

6) Didn’t the lonesome ghost plan to drive them out and vindictively punish them in the first place ? Didn’t he merely use the lame pretext of the tree as an excuse ?

7) Why should eating an attractive fruit that supposedly opened their eyes and gave them knowledge be such a heinous crime that would drastically change the course of events from the very first day Adam and Eve were created ?

8) Isn’t it a grotesque miscarriage of justice to punish all succeeding generations, billions of people, for a silly, simple act of eating such fruit, especially when you consider they were conned into it by a very persuasive collaborator of the ghost in charge ?

The obvious conclusions to all the above are that it was a rigged deal from beginning to end, that the human beings, hell and the devil were all created for the sport of sadistically watching people (created by a supposedly loving God) suffer in the agonies of eternal torture in hell fire. This last item, hell, is of such overwhelming magnitude in the Christian religion, that we have already devoted two whole chapters to it, and the part it played in clubbing its gullible victims into panic and submission for the church. It is strange indeed, that so important a subject as hell is not even mentioned in the story of creation. There is a peculiar, even bizarre parallel in the God and the Devil relationship on the one hand and the relationship between the United States and Communism on the other. This latter relationship we have already gone into considerably in more detail in a previous chapter on “Russia, Israel and the United States.”

If we read the Book of Job in the Old Testament, an extraordinarily curious story presents itself that sheds light on the God and the Devil relationship. In Job 1:6 it says : “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them.” From this verse we can gather the following observations : (a) That God had a number of sons (b) Satan was one of his favorite sons (c) They had regular conferences, “Board of Directors” type of meetings (d) That their meetings were on a cordial basis. As the story unfolds we find further that (e) Satan was the star of the show, with the identity and activities of the other sons not-even mentioned (f) The existence of Jesus Christ (who in the New Testament “always was”) as being a son is not mentioned (g) but if Satan and Christ are both sons of God, then they must be brothers, or at least half-brothers. As the story of the meeting unfolds we find the Lord cordially asking Satan to the effect, “What have you been doing, my boy ? to which Satan replies, “Oh, the usual, making my rounds on earth.” Then they banter back and forth and decide to have a little sport between the two of them. The Lord brags to Satan, “Have you noticed what a perfect fellow is my servant Job ? You would have a hard time corrupting him.” Satan takes up the challenge. For those who are not familiar with the story of Job, let me explain that Job at the start of this story was an extremely fortunate fellow. He had an excellent family of seven sons and three daughters. He had seven thousand sheep three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, five hundred she-asses and a very great household, much land and “was the greatest of all men in the east.” In short, he had it made and what’s more he also loved the Lord.

Continuing with the sporting conversation, Satan challenged the Lord with, “Let’s see how faithful Job would be if we stripped him of all his possessions and tortured him with plagues to the point of insanity.” To which the Lord replied – “Good show, I’ll give you a free hand to do your damnedest as you see fit.” Which Satan did, in a most gruelling way. Without recapping the whole pointless story, I want to make these further observations (a) God and Satan evidently get together regularly on a cordial basis, and (b) they make a great sport out of torturing us earthlings.

Now for the parallel of the United States relationship with Russia and Communism that I mentioned earlier.

1) Instead of trying to do away with Satan and all evil, God evidently fathered Satan and makes it possible for Satan to carry on his nefarious activities. God, however, takes none of the blame, but puts all the blame on Satan. Similarly as I have already shown in the chapter on “Russia, Israel and the United States,” Communism was financed, planned and programmed right here in the United States especially by the Jewish financial giants in New York. It has been continously supported and financed by the United States in the meantime.

2) Whereas God is supposed to be the epitome of virtue in opposition to the Satan being the epitome of evil, they are really working hand in glove. Similarly, whereas the United States is supposedly the greatest Democracy on earth, the bastion of freedom, etc., and desperately trying to stem the tide of evil emanating from Moscow and its communist satellites, actually they are working hand in glove, with the main direction and financing of communism stemming from the powerhouse of the United States itself.

3) Despite God supposedly being the supreme creator and in total charge, he seems to be continuously losing to Satan’s wily ways with us poor mortals being the pawns that pay the supreme penalty – torture by hell fire. So, too, the United States, although (at least in 1945) being all powerful and supreme, is continuously losing throughout the world.

4) Like God and Satan, who should be fiercely hostile to each other, but actually are on the best of terms, so too, the United States and Russia are continuously carrying on friendly conferences with each other, toasting vodkas, and the United States repeatedly offering more and more aid and unwarranted concessions to its so-called enemy.

There are half a dozen more similarities I could point out, but will decline in the interest of brevity. In conclusion let me make this vital observation : real enemies do not consort with each other, they seek to confront and wipe each other out. God has had ample opportunity to do so, but on the contrary has furnished his “son” the hell, the wherewithal, and the playground with which to indulge his satanic games. The United States at the end of World War II certainly had the wherewithal and every opportunity to destroy Communism and forever erase that threat from the face of the earth. Instead it supported, financed and pampered the Communist movement repeatedly as I have amply demonstrated in the chapter I mentioned. In short, God’s opposition to the Devil and the United States opposition to Communism are both phoney as hell. And there is a good explanation for this strange coincidence : both are authored and/or manipulated by the worldwide Jewish network.

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