Racial Socialism

In his frantic, unending endeavor to blunt and stifle the healthy, natural instincts of the White Man, the Jew has worked feverishly to confuse us on those prime issues that are vital for our survival. In this category I have already mentioned the havoc he has wrought relative to our ideas about racial loyalty and also our religious orientation. One other basic idea that the White Man is hopelessly confused about is socialism or collectivism, and I use these words interchangeably. Since this idea has been so terribly abused and confused by the Jews, the Communists and the Kosher Konservatives to the point where they could mean anything, I am going to set forth the position and meaning that Creativity gives to the term socialism. To us socialism means Organized Society, period. It does not at all imply state ownership of the means of production, nor does it, in our definition, imply confiscation of private property. On the contrary. Let us make it crystal clear, Creativity are opposed to state ownership of the basic means of production, such as farms, factories, stores, etc. We are for the ownership of private property by individuals. We believe that there is a category of functions that are best performed by organized society as a whole. In this category we place highways, airports, harbours, national defense, law enforcement and many others. We are in fact not particularly interested in all the dogmatic political terms with which the White Race has been tearing itself apart in arguing the theoretical aspects of each. We are not interested in making a holy cow out of “private enterprise” or “capitalism.” Nor are we dogmatically concerned about defending to our dying breath, the much-ballyhooed idea of a “republican” form of government that the Kosher Konservatives are so enchanted about.

All these terms are, at best, theoretical. What we are really concerned about is : what is the most practical and viable type of organized society for the White Man to live in ? We come back to that foundation of our religious creed : What is best for the White Race ? In examining the hackneyed political ideas held so dear by the Kosher Konservatives, we find they do not hold up under this basic guide : What is best for the White Race? The idea of a “republic” has broken down before our very eyes in the last centuries. It was already discarded by the Romans before the first century A.D. It has been an excellent vehicle which the Jews have used to fleece, rob and destroy the White Race. The Kosher Konservatives will argue that it has been converted to “democracy” and it is democracy that is our overwhelming problem. This is, at most, a half-truth. The difference between “democracy” and “republic” is only a matter of semantics. In practical application they both lead to mob rule, to a type of government where the scum elements govern the better elements of the people, with the parasites multiplying and destroying the productive elements. The essence of democracy (or republicanism) is the two (or more) party system, parties which are always in opposition to each other. This is the Jewish tool of divide and conquer. In practice this means that no matter how clear and urgent the problems, the approach is : division and opposition. Then, after prolonged hassle, no matter what compromised decision is “voted” on, there is an opposing group, hampering, blocking and scuttling the course of action.

The average participant in a democracy has no more understanding of the thousands of complex problems of the affairs of state that the average passenger has in the intricacies of flying the huge jumbo jet which is being piloted by a trained professional. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the problems he is voting on his vote is less than useless, it is dangerous. We Creators believe, not in democracy, but in Racial Socialism, which is teamwork elevated to its highest perfection for the welfare of the whole race, led by its ablest leaders. It combines the best elements of both teamwork and competition. If “team spirit” and rooting for the “home team” are such noble attributes (and they are) then, certainly, having a whole race united in a team effort for their common good is the highest goal we can strive for. That is what we mean by Racial Socialism as the ultimate in organized society for the White Race. Let us now also take a look at the term “individual enterprise.” It, too, is a theoretical myth and a deceptive fraud. Anyone who has ever played the parlor game “Monopoly” knows what the end result of wide open free enterprise is : before the game is over, one party gains a powerful stranglehold over all the rest, and from then on out, no matter which way the dice roll, when the game is over, he owns everything – houses, land, factories, banks.

This, too, happens in real life. It is easily discernable that, say Standard Oil, left free to play the rules of the game proudly known as “free enterprise” could from the beginning, have driven every other company out of the oil business and acquired the oil business in totality. It could easily have acquired a total monopoly in worldwide oil. It could have owned every service station and gas station in the world through squeeze play and financial strength. It could have then moved into the banking business until it acquired every bank in the country. Left unchecked, it then could have started acquiring manufacturing businesses such as the electrical industries, etc. As its financial powers snowballed, it could then easily have taken over the railroads, real estate, etc., until, in fact, one company owned everything and held every individual at their mercy. This is “free enterprise” in clear essence, the same “free enterprise” that the Kosher Konservatives just love to prattle about. Basically this is what has happened on a worldwide basis. Only instead of Standard Oil, it is the Jewish House of Rothschild and the worldwide Jewish banking conspiracy that has a stranglehold on the world. They not only own practically all the physical and financial wealth of the world, but they also own all the governments of the world. Throughout this book we have referred to this clique as the Jewish conspiracy. Actually it encompasses the whole Jewish race, practicing their religious creed, the Talmud.

It is therefore our conclusion from the lessons of history that neither a “republican” form of government, nor “free enterprise” nor our much-vaunted Constitution is going to save the White Race from mongrelization and destruction. In order to survive and expand, the White Race must (a) unite, (b) organize, (c) practice racial loyalty, (d) have a religious creed encompassing these same aspects. Since I have already defined socialism as organized society, it is obvious that to be organized at all the White Man must have a socialist government, which every government has been from time immemorial, in any case. What the White Man must further have is Racial Socialism, that is a government organized with the prime goal of promoting the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone. It must be based on a racial foundation. In essence, Creativity believes in a harmonized blending of our Church and our State. We believe our White Society is best served by that combination whereby a race’s government and religion blend together in perfect harmony to promote the best interests of our White Race. We believe that “separation of church and state,” that much vaunted holy cow in our constitution, is a deceptive fraud and a hoax. One might well ask – how can the same people that go to church and preach “resist not evil,” and “turn the other cheek” support a government with huge tax contributions for national defense, and for an ever increasing police forces ? It just doesn’t make sense. Either you believe in defending yourself, or you don’t. How can the same people that spend over a hundred billion dollars a year to presumably have the government defend them from their enemies then go to church and preach “love your enemies ?” It is utterly ridiculous. It requires a split personality, a schizophrenic personality to ride on both sides of the fence.

Nor is there any great virtue in having the White people split up and fragmented into a thousand divergent religious camps, each in disagreement with each other, often culminating in religious wars and fratricide, as in Ireland today, and hundreds of religious wars in previous centuries. Creators are pursuing the goal of uniting the White Race on the obvious ground that is basic to all, namely – what is best for the White Race – as our cardinal dogma. We are further bent on harmonizing the goals, objectives and the philosophy of our government with that of our religious thinking. To have these two major forces of our society pulling in opposite directions is sheer idiocy. We believe in an organized social structure; we believe in a religion that has as its basic foundation the best interests of the White Race; we believe in the total White Race being united in such a religion, rather than fragmented into a thousand conflicting and suicidal Christian creeds; we believe that the government should harmonize with our religious creed and also be based on the same racial foundation. We furthermore believe that such government and such organized society functions best if it is further based on the Leadership Principle. We call this Racial Socialism. In order to understand the term socialism we must first of all brush away all the deceptive ideas about this word that have been flooded upon us by the Jews, the Communists and the Kosher Konservatives.

Socialism is not an evil concept as the Kosher Konservatives would have us believe. In essence it means organized society, striving to promote its own best interests collectively. Not only is there nothing wrong with this, but it is the only way civilized man has been able to survive and advance. Outside of an organized socialist framework, we would not be able to own or protect our property, have highways, form a government, have schools, churches, defense organizations and a hundred other basic requirements. We are all dependent on each other’s contributions towards the social structure. We are dependent on thousands of different industries for our existence – railroads, power companies, manufacturing plants, farming, etc. We need the accumulative help of millions of other people to live in today’s highly specialized society. This is what has produced our great civilization, and let me emphasize that Creators are not anti-civilization. We are for civilization, the White Man’s civilization. The fact of the matter is that man is a social creature and like many other species in Nature, he owes his very existence, and in fact his tremendous progress, to the fact that he has been able to organize collectively, that he has been able to so effectively organize a workable society. Socialism is organized society. He has been doing this for so long that it has become deeply ingrained in his instinct by now and he does it intuitively. If it were not for this characteristic of man, he would still be back in the caveman stage of a million years ago where each individual would hump and scrounge for food on his own and live like the present aborigines of central Australia. Even these lowly people have some semblance of social organization.

It was as man began to form and organize a social structure, and organize, divide and specialize in the work and labour that had to be done, that he began his long climb upwards into the higher civilized levels. It was when one man became a shoemaker, another man a tailor, another a farmer, another a schoolteacher, etc., that man began to pull himself up by the bootstraps and become part of the tremendously productive “socialized” society that he is today. Without this division of labour and specialization he would be back at the level of the aborigines we mentioned earlier. Not only that, but man has a definite spiritual need to belong to his tribe or his group or to identify with his own kind of people, which for the White Man is his own White Race. When the naïve conservatives tell you that Collectivism or Socialism is a terrible evil, and that Russia is in the grip of Socialism, they are lying through their teeth. Russia is not at all a Collectivist nation as such. Russia is a vast super slave state under the heel of a tyrannical Jewish dictatorship, the most cruel and hideous that the world has ever seen. A collectivist society is a natural society whereby the natural leaders of the people are just that – natural leaders, leading their people in an organized fashion for their own constructive improvement, not alien slave-masters who have subjugated another race in order to disintegrate and destroy them. A true and outstanding example of natural leadership and a natural order was the wonderful society in Nazi Germany during the 30’s under their natural leader, namely Adolf Hitler. There we had an example of a true German leading his own people, the Germans, and being admired and obeyed by millions of devoted followers.

This was one of the finest examples of a people operating under the natural order that Nature has instinctively imbedded in their innermost being, and thereby achieving their full potential in productivity, creativity and racial unity. It is this natural order that brings out the best in a race, and promotes its well-being and eternal urge to advance towards a higher level of existence. It was a fine and wonderful renaissance of the White Race at its best. It is one of the great tragedies of history that the Jew in control of the overwhelming majority of the rest of the White world was able to smash this outburst of its own realization by the White Race. In Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the individual German owned more private property than he ever did under the democracy of the Weimar Republic. He had more hope, more individual freedom, more opportunities, a higher standard of living. He lived a much happier and a much more constructive life than he did under the Jewish “democracy” of the 1920’s, or any other period. We have already noted earlier in this book particularly in the first chapter, that many species in Nature are social creatures, that is, they live in an organized society. We have observed especially how the bees have a tightly knit and highly organized social structure within which they live. Every bee knows exactly what his function is, they do their job instinctively and their every act helps the colony as a whole. By building the colony and living within it, the bee is able to survive and perpetuate his species. The same honeybee that lives in this type of social structure is by Nature committed to that kind of existence. He cannot do otherwise. If he tried to live as an individual he would die and his species would perish with him.

At this stage of the White Man’s evolution, he is in the same position as the organized social-living honeybee. The White Man’s natural mode of living is as a member of the tribe, as a member of his larger social group. Were he to live outside of it and live as an individual, again, his society would break down and undoubtedly his race would perish. I repeat, the White Race, having reached the height of excellence that it has, is a highly complex socialized creature whose very inner soul is intertwined in his social structure, in community with the other members of his race. Like the honeybee, Nature has programmed into his very instinct a certain type of society that he fits into and that he must naturally have in order to survive. Basically this developed from the earlier tribes and grew from there towards higher levels of society which perhaps reached its highest point and culmination in Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It is our purpose to advance further from this high point in the White Man’s development. This natural order has certain inherent characteristics. The first characteristic is racial loyalty – loyalty towards your own people. Nature has endowed each of us with this characteristic instinctively – the urge to keep our race pure. This means that we have a love for our own kind and we have a fierce hostility towards those that would intrude amongst us and endanger our race. Instinctively built into such a social structure, is a high respect for womanhood and the protection of its women. The natural instinct for keeping the race pure incites a fighting hatred in the male to prevent his women from being polluted by males of another race. Not too long ago, if a black negroes raped a White woman, justice was swift and final. He was usually hanged from the nearest tree.

Creators firmly believe in the concept of private property and believe that the finest example of a Socialistic White society up to this time was demonstrated by Hitler’s National Socialist Germany (which protected private property). Nevertheless, we can demonstrate that even in a society where all property is communally owned, if free from Jewish pollution, it not only can survive very nicely, but can do very well in terms of taking care of its own people and expanding the White Race. We have an example of such demonstrated by a people called the Hutterites. The Hutterites live in “colonies” of about 70 to 130 souls. There is no private property. All their property is communally owned. These people have a rather interesting and colourful history. Originating in Moravia in 1528, its members took their name from Jacob Hutter, an early leader, who was burned at the stake by the kind and loving Christian church in 1536. By the end of the 16th century the Hutterites numbered about 20,000 souls. They had certain weaknesses which they still have to this day and it was their weakness of pacifism and disinterest in politics that soon threatened their existence. As pacifists and non-combatants, the Hutterites were victimized by the armies of both sides in the war between Austria and Turkey in 1593. They were plundered, taken captive and many were executed. By 1622 all Hutterites had been driven from Moravia. After several other wanderings they received an invitation from the government of Russia in 1770. This was accepted by 123 members, who then moved to that undeveloped area to pioneer the farmlands of the Ukraine. This group prospered beautifully for 100 years, until in 1874 they were deprived of military exemption. Once again they felt forced to pack up and leave. This time the entire population, about 800 souls, decided to try again. This time they left for America.

They moved to South Dakota. There, due to the difficulties in obtaining the large tracts of land that they needed, and the easy availability of homesteading for individuals, about half of them abandoned colony life and took up homesteads. The remaining faithful founded three colonies between 1874 and 1877. These three colonies carved civilization from out of the frontier lands, spawned the some 200 colonies that exist today in some of the Western states and western provinces of Canada. Today these 200 colonies constitute approximately 20,000 members of the Hutterite people. It is most remarkable to note that the original three colonies, numbering only 400 souls, has now expanded and multiplied to over 20,000 members. This despite the fact that the Hutterites practically never recruit new members from the outside. This 20,000 figure is completely due to natural reproduction of their own kind. This means that this fine group of White people have multiplied 50 times their own number within one century. In studying the life of the Hutterites we find that they live in communal colonies. Each colony grows to a number of about 130 before they divide and form a new colony, a process not dissimilar to the swarming beehive colonies. Since they do not believe in private property as such, all property is owned by the colony itself. They solely engage in agriculture. This usually comprises a large tract of land which might be either farming or ranching property. They have communal buildings and they all eat together in one large dining room. They are quite religious and each colony has their own preacher.

Each colony also has their own natural leader who supervises and directs the labour and the business of the group as a whole. Each man is assigned his special job and he performs it quite well. Regardless of what kind of job he has, his job is regarded with equal respect and of equal importance to any other. Nobody is paid any wages, but everyone is properly taken care of in all respects. Anyone is free to leave and divest himself from the colony at any time, but hardly anyone ever does. The members seem happy, healthy and prosperous. Undoubtedly they are as happy, and probably better adjusted to their group and fellow members, and have a better sense of belonging, than does the average White Man. Although I would personally not like to live in such a colony, probably because I wasn’t brought up that way, and also because I believe in private property, nevertheless, here we have overwhelming evidence that not only can a society that practices communal property ownership survive, but it can flourish and prosper, provided it is not contaminated by Jewish control or interference. This should refute the claim of Kosher Konservatives, once and for all, that it is “socialism” that is the culprit. The other most interesting aspect of the Hutterite way of living is the observation that in less than a century they have multiplied to 50 times their original numbers. This is most remarkable indeed and it is due, of course, to the fact that they are prolific and raise large families. It is also most noteworthy that despite the fact that they often raise families of twelve, they are quite capable of feeding, clothing and maintaining this prolific rate of expansion from one generation to the next without having lowered their living standards or the quality of their fine race. The Hutterites do remarkably well that which Nature has ordained us all to do, to raise a beautiful family of children. They have been most successful in expanding the White Race and populating the land with their own kind. I might add that “their own kind” exemplifies some of the best characteristics of the White Race, intellectually, morally, physically and aesthetically. They prove that the White Race, too, can be as fruitful and prolific as any other.

Our conclusions on Racial Socialism are summed up with the following observations :

1) The White Race thrives best in an organized society which is socialism.

2) The White Race cannot survive otherwise.

3) The White Man has an inborn natural order that he fits into.

4) The key to such a society is the Leadership Principle.

5) Private property rights are not in conflict with Racial Socialism but an integral part of it.

6) Only through an organized society can an individual adequately protect his property.

7) The White Man thrives ideally under a socialist government, provided he maintains control of his own destiny and protects himself from the destructive intrusion of the Jew.

8) The ideal situation is that combination whereby the religion and the government of a race blend together in perfect harmony to promote the best interests of the race.

9) Keeping the Jew out and keeping the race pure can best be accomplished by having a social structure whose foundation is race.

In the next chapter we will examine the basic underlying concepts of the Leadership Principle.


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